Chapter 202: Technique Imparting Hall

After a month of seclusion, Ling Xiao had thoroughly remolded himself.

His cultivation had completely consolidated at Late Rank Seven Martial Vein, and his <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> had reached the perfection realm, a complete success in cultivation.

Now, he would put all his efforts in <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body>.

As for cultivating <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> to the sublimity realm, it wouldn’t be that meaningful since it would only strengthen his defenses, which was not much different from cultivating <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body>.

<Snow Lotus True Solution> was similarly consolidated to the sixth layer.

<Divine Prison King Fist>’s first style was completely mastered. Coordinating it with <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art>’s ninth transformation, it could create unimaginable and miraculous effects.

At the same time, his Ghost Ship Incomplete Soul, Giant Sword Incomplete Soul, Blood Blade Incomplete Soul, and Black Bear Incomplete Soul reached 80% completion, gradually approaching being complete martial souls.

That day when killing Li Xinghui, because of Li Yunsheng’s sudden attack, he had been unable to swallow Li Xinghui’s White Tiger Incomplete Soul.

But that didn’t matter.

Martial Souls were valued for their quality rather than their quantity. At present, he had four incomplete souls and three complete souls, which were enough.

After leaving seclusion, Ling Xiao discovered that the cultivation bases of Leng Mei and Ling Yixue had also risen.

Leng Mei had broken through to Rank Seven, becoming a Martial Master.

Before entering seclusion, Ling Xiao had tested Leng Mei’s potential and found that her body potential had already reached seven stars.

Although it was somewhat inferior compared to himself and Ling Yixue, this potential was already on par with Zuo Leng and Ming Tian. It would absolutely not be a problem for her to breakthrough to the Transcendent Realm.

Becoming a Martial Master was even simpler. In the past, Leng Mei’s cultivation had stagnated purely because she had lacked good martial arts and resources. Otherwise, her current cultivation base might have been higher than Ling Xiao’s.

As for Ling Yixue, she had received personal guidance from White Cloud Great Master. Nowadays, her cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, and she had already reached Peak Rank Seven Martial Vein, which was a level higher than Ling Xiao.

Moreover, Ling Xiao felt that Ling Yixue had learned a soul refining martial art even more powerful than <Soul Burning Formula>, but it was still only a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art.

This puzzled Ling Xiao. Reasonably, White Cloud Great Master should teach her a Transcendent Martial Art with her potential, but Ling Xiao couldn’t understand that old man’s thoughts.

Shi Lei had also made a breakthrough. His current cultivation was similarly at Peak Rank Seven Martial Vein. This was the advantage of being a disciple of White Cloud Great Master.

Ling Xiao, Ling Yixue, Leng Mei, and Shi Lei, these four plus Dai Yuling were all from the Hidden Dragon Battalion, so their relationship was pretty good.

Merely, when Ling Xiao left seclusion today, Dai Yuling was still in seclusion. Therefore, just the other three came to congratulate him.

“Junior Apprentice Brother Ling, after one month of seclusion, you must have benefited a lot, right?”

Shi Lei asked with a smile while eating fruit.

Now, they were all White Cloud Great Master’s entry disciples. Although they were all entry disciples, it was fine for Shi Lei to address Ling Xiao as his junior apprentice brother in accordance with their ages.

Among the disciples of White Cloud Great Master, Ling Xiao was the youngest. Therefore, he could be regarded as the littlest junior apprentice brother.

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“My cultivation has been quite slow. Now, my cultivation is just Late Rank Seven Martial Vein, worse than Senior Apprentice Brother Shi.”

Ling Xiao replied with a smile.

“Don’t be humble. Your cultivation is a bit lacking because you started late. I guess that you will leave me behind soon. Since that is the case, let me take advantage of my cultivation base being a bit higher than yours and swap pointers with you. How about it?”

Shi Lei swallowed the fruit, including its core, and said excitedly.

“Well, okay. Let all four of us learn from each other. We might find some flaws in our cultivation.”

The four were all friends now, so swapping pointers was naturally to find flaws and make up for them. There was no need to risk their lives, and they didn’t need to fight too seriously.

They began exchanging pointers.

Their strength ranking was immediately clear.

Ling Xiao was the strongest, followed by Ling Yixue. As for Shi Lei and Leng Mei, they actually were well-matched.

From this point, it could be seen how terrifying Leng Mei’s body potential was.

If it weren’t for the destruction of the Seven Star Flower, White Cloud Great Master would have had two more true disciples.

Originally, Ling Xiao had planned to tell White Cloud Great Master about this matter, but he let it go.

White Cloud Great Master wasn’t as mystical as he had imagined and truly not particularly good at judging people, so it might not be such a good thing to be his true disciple.

Naturally, what was more important was that he couldn’t tell anyone about the restoration of the Seven Star Flower. Otherwise, he might attract a fatal disaster.

“Hahaha, I’m truly convinced! I thought that after cultivating a Quasi-Transcendent Martial Art imparted by White Cloud Great Master, I would be able to fight you to a standstill at least, but I never expected the gap to be so big.”

Shi Lei added with a bitter smile: “Junior Apprentice Brother Ling, tell me the truth. How much strength did you use when fighting against me?”

“The truth?”

Ling Xiao asked with a smile.

“Of course, the truth! Otherwise, why would I ask?”

“About 50%.”

Ling Xiao replied.

“That’s too much! I used 100% of my power, and you just used 50%. Moreover, you actually won so easily. If you went to the Technique Imparting Hall again, wouldn’t I not even be able to compare to 10% of your power?”

Shi Lei smiled bitterly.

“That’s very unlikely, but where is the Technique Imparting Hall?”

Ling Xia asked in confusion.

“Technique Imparting Hall is Teacher’s exclusive place in White Cloud Temple. It’s actually a place where martial art manuals are stored. However, all the martial arts in that place are just Quasi-Transcendent and Transcendent. There are also some notes written by Teacher.”

Shi Lei explained: “Teacher said that true disciples can comprehend Transcendent Martial Arts as they pleased, but only once a day and at most for two hours. As for us entry disciples, we can browse the Quasi-Transcendent Martial Arts at will, but we are not allowed to take them out; moreover, we can only study for six hours a day.”


Hearing him, Ling Xiao couldn’t help but smile.

At the moment, Quasi-Transcendent Martial Arts were still very useful for him.

The Landscape Martial Soul’s copy function would be very useful once more. Others had only six hours a day to study, but he didn’t have this restriction. He could directly copy them and slowly study them at will.

In fact, he still needed to evolve <Soaring Cloud Steps> and <Bull Demon Technique> since he couldn’t upgrade them any further with Peak Martial Arts.

Only Quasi-Transcendent Martial Arts could evolve them and bring about qualitative changes.

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These two outstanding techniques might be more mystical than what the old ancestor of the Ling Clan had said. The more he cultivated them, the more he felt this.

“There’s one more thing. Teacher said that after Dai Yuling, Die Wu, Zhu Hua, Lu Xing, Fei Yu, and Fei Liu come out of seclusion, he will inspect all our cultivation situations in person.”

“Does that include Zuo Leng and Ming Tian?”

Ling Xiao asked.


Shi Lei nodded: “Don’t underestimate this competition. Teacher will bestow special rewards according to the results of this competition.”

“It doesn’t matter whether there is a reward or not. I want to swap pointers with Dai Yuling.”

In Ling Xiao’s view, Dai Yuling was very mysterious and also very powerful, even more powerful than those geniuses from Heavenly Ren Academy.

Other than Zuo Leng and Ming Tian, the third strongest might be this girl.

It was unknown when those people would leave seclusion, and Ling Xiao didn’t want to waste time. Since he had learned about the Technique Imparting Hall, he naturally wanted to go and take a look.

The martial arts and ancient books and records in the Technique Imparting Hall had been collected by White Cloud Great Master from all over the world. There were many things that couldn’t be seen outside.

Only after you became White Cloud Great Master’s disciple, would you be qualified to view them.

Naturally, there was still a difference between true disciples and entry disciples. Ling Xiao was not yet qualified to view the Transcendent Martial Arts for now.

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