Chapter 201: Golden Body Ninth Transformation

White Cloud Temple

After Ling Xiao returned, he separated from Leng Mei and returned to his room to cultivate.

To better facilitate its absorption, Ling Xiao didn’t directly use the gold for cultivation.

He sought White Cloud Temple Master’s help to drain a pool of water before pouring boiling hot gold liquid into it.

To prevent the gold liquid from solidifying, Ling Xiao added some special medicinal materials. In any case, he was Lin Ze’s true disciple and White Cloud Great Master’s entry disciple, so it wasn’t hard to obtain them.

After doing these things, Ling Xiao threw the Heracles Ape’s beast core into the concoction.

While cultivating, he not only wanted to upgrade <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> to the ninth transformation but also simultaneously improve his cultivation and the realm of <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body>.

Therefore, in addition to the liquid gold, this Heracles Ape’s beast core as well as 72 types of special body tempering medicinal materials were needed.

Honestly speaking, he would have been unable to purchase these things even if he had had sufficient money before. But now, he obtained them for free.

This might be the biggest benefit of becoming Lin Ze’s disciple.

The overall value of this gold was absolutely over 15 million taels of gold. Anyone would stare tongue-tied if they were here.

Even White Cloud Great Master as well as his two true disciples, Zuo Leng and Ming Tian, were somewhat shocked when they heard of his extravagant cultivation method.

After everything was prepared, Ling Xiao jumped in.

An ordinary martial artist would have immediately been boiled by that hot gold.

Ling Xiao was different.

His physical body was very doughty and strong. <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> had already been cultivated to the eighth transformation while <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body> was at the second layer. He now even had golden dragon blood vessels.

This was absolutely not something ordinary Rank Seven Martial Vein Martial Masters could compare with.

The boiling hot gold liquid could melt many things, but it was unable to cause any damage to his body.

However, the troublesome matter was that he couldn’t use <Shadow Cultivation Secret Technique> here because the clones couldn’t endure such a high temperature unlike his main body.

Naturally, this was not a big problem.

In any case, he now wanted to temper his body and improve in all aspects. However, people shouldn’t be too greedy.


As Ling Xiao circulated his true essence to start cultivating, the gold liquid actually seethed, making steam rise. The golden fluid looked very beautiful.

It hurts!

At this moment, Ling Xiao felt bone-piercing pain.

It was like a blazing flame had squeezed into the cracks of his body and begun to disintegrate him.

That kind of pain was truly beyond the endurance of ordinary Martial Masters.

Even Ling Xiao felt so much pain that cold sweat flowed down his forehead, and his face was deathly pale.

But, he didn’t give up.

He knew very well that this severe pain was not harmful but actually the effects of overbearing medicine.

As long as he survived this, his cultivation would be successful.

Not far away, White Cloud Temple Master sat cross-legged with Ling Yixue and Leng Mei sitting to one side.

They were all protecting Ling Xiao.

There was no need to dwell on Ling Yixue and Leng Mei; White Cloud Temple Master was someone Lin Ze had entrusted to secretly protect Ling Xiao.

“Your friend is amazing. Such a terrifying medicinal effect: I fear even Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Masters will find it hard to bear, but he actually can hold on like this?”

White Cloud Temple Master was utterly shocked.

Ling Yixue nodded but didn’t speak. Now, she was also impatient to improve her strength.

Ling Xiao’s continuous rise in strength greatly pressured her. She felt that if her strength was inferior to his, she would have no way to protect him.

Fortunately, she had become White Cloud Great Master’s true disciple, so her resources were more than ten times that of Ling Xiao. With this advantage, she would be able to barely keep up with Ling Xiao’s cultivation speed.

Leng Mei was also utterly shocked. Nevertheless, she had never dreamt of keeping up with Ling Xiao’s cultivation speed because, in terms of potential, she truly was incomparable to Ling Xiao and Ling Yixue.

Her thoughts were simple. Even if she were weak, she must follow Ling Xiao to death. Even if she had to sacrifice her life for him, it wouldn’t be too bad.

Within Ling Xiao’s body, the Landscape Martial Soul crazily circulated.

At this moment, Ling Xiao felt that the Landscape Map had changed into a huge whirlpool, sucking all the nearby resources into his body.

The pain gradually faded due to the Landscape Martial Soul’s role.

It controlled the inflow of the gold liquid to avoid causing enough pain for Ling Xiao to lose consciousness, which would be dangerous.

However, Ling Xiao was not satisfied with this speed.

The Landscape Martial Soul was his martial soul, and he could freely control it.

On this basis, he slowly increased the inflow, increasing the pain as well. 

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He felt like his blood vessels and meridians were swelling due to the excessive energy. 

Continuously increase!

His meridians were almost bursting.

At last, Ling Xiao stopped continuing to increase the inflow.

Although he was eager to become stronger, he was a calm and rational person. With the current inflow, he had long exceeded what Mid Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Masters could endure. He could be intensely proud of this.

After two hours, Ling Xiao’s meridians began to adapt, growing more tough and tensile as well as wider.

Thus, he increased the inflow again before ceasing when he hit his limits. During this process, he began to circulate <Snow Lotus True Solution>.

This was his current strongest Internal Core Law, which would not only help him  absorb the medicinal power but also reduce the pain.

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The gold liquid was boiling hot, and the snow lotus true essence was ice-cold. These two restrained each other.  

Six hours passed.

Now, only half of the gold liquid was left. Ling Xiao’s body glimmered with golden light as if he had turned golden himself. In the night, he shone.

A day passed before everything was absorbed.

Golden light flickered in his eyes before he returned to his exclusive training room to refine the terrifying energy he had absorbed.

After ten days, a towering golden light suddenly shot out from his training room, piercing through the black clouds above White Cloud Temple.

<Nine Transformation Golden Body Art>’s ninth transformation!

However, he didn’t stop cultivating since he still needed to consolidate this realm. Moreover, there was still a large amount of energy he had yet to digest within his body.

Another ten days passed.

<Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> was finally completely consolidated at the ninth transformation. Now, it could truly be counted as being in the perfection realm.

<Heavenly Dragon Golden Body>’s improvement was much slower. After all, it was a Transcendent Martial Art. After entering the second layer, further improvement was at a snail’s speed. But in any case, he could glimpse the third layer, so this time couldn’t be counted as a waste of his efforts.

<Snow Lotus True Solution> had directly reached the great success realm, i.e. the sixth layer with the helping hand of that terrifying medicinal treatment.

His snow lotus true essence became even more vigorous and firm.

Naturally, Ling Xiao’s cultivation base had also improved. Riding on the improvements of <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> and <Snow Lotus True Solution>, his cultivation broke through to Late Rank Seven Martial Vein, very close to the Peak.

With his current cultivation base, he had no opponent within Rank Seven. The only question was how many moves it would take him to win.

Even if the opponent were an Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Master, he would be able to put up a fight.

If he used <Heavenly Dragon Golden Body> and coordinated with a martial soul, he might even win.

Naturally, he understood that he only had a possibility of winning against ordinary Initial Rank Eight Martial Vein Martial Masters. As for monsters like Zuo Leng and Ming Tian, it would be very difficult to win.

After all, these two people were geniuses like him. They were super-geniuses who could skip realms.

Thus, Ling Xiao’s priority was to advance his cultivation base. Once he advanced to Rank Eight Martial Vein, he could compete with freaks like Zuo Leng.

As for Ming Tian, a Rank Nine Martial Vein Martial Master, the gap was still too big.

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