Chapter 200: Mystical Iron

“Noble Son, you have to be a bit more careful. Those two people from the Heavenly Ren Auction House are very powerful!”

Leng Mei was not as calm as Ling Xiao. After all, her cultivation base was just at Peak Rank Six Martial Vein, so she had yet to breakthrough to the Martial Master realm.

“Mmm, they are very powerful, not any inferior to Li Xinghui. Moreover, there are two of them, and in terms of combat experience, they should actually be better than Li Xinghui was.”

Ling Xiao quickly analyzed the scenario while walking. “However, that’s nothing.”

He had just successfully practiced the first style of <Divine Prison King Fist>, and his hands itched. Since people were delivering themselves to his doorstep, why not dirty his hands?

“Leng Mei, don’t make any moves later.”

Ling Xiao suddenly stopped and ordered.

“Noble Son!”

“Don’t say anything. I want to test something new. If you act, I won’t be able to test it.”

“Okay, but if Noble Son is in danger, I will still act.”

Leng Mei insisted.

“That’s up to you!”

Ling Xiao was not a stubborn person. If it truly got dangerous, he would naturally want some help.

After their discussion, Ling Xiao straightforwardly turned around and examined the two Late Rank Seven Martial Vein Martial Masters who were attempting to hide not far away.

“You two! There’s no need to hide. After following me for so long, if you still don’t make a move, I will return to White Cloud Temple.”

Ling Xiao disdainfully looked at a thicket.

Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

Two figures rushed out from two sides.

Since they had already been discovered, it was meaningless to continue hiding.

The other martial artists following him didn’t take action; they planned to become a third party who benefitted from the tussle by waiting to see the results of this battle before making a decision.

Ling Xiao suddenly stepped forward.

Immediately, the area became incomparably gloomy.

This single step seemed to change the surrounding environment, and the originally lively, forested area turned gloomy and damp. An aura of rot and death seemed to permeate this place.

The wailing of ghosts and wolf-like howls seemed to ring beside their ears.

Ghosts seemed to be playing tricks on their bodies.

Those hiding martial artists panicked.

The two Rank Seven Martial Masters from the Heavenly Ren Auction House paused and visibly trembled for a moment.

However, they quickly freed themselves from that predicament, turning into two black arrows that tore through the air towards Ling Xiao.

“Divine Prison King Fist——Bull Head Split!”

An ice-cold voice came from Ling Xiao’s mouth as he assumed a strange posture.

At that moment, the two afterimages suddenly stopped, and their bodies stiffened as if a terrifying wind had entered their bodies.

The chilly gust whistled between heaven and earth, swallowing their bodies.

The two figures desperately used all kinds of martial arts in an attempt to defend themselves.

One continuously swung his hands, and the other person’s blade glimmered with a pallid light.

The ripples produced by their true essence struggled in this space where ill wind wreaked havoc.



Loud panting resounded.

In front of everyone’s eyes, Ling Xiao disappeared and was replaced by a giant monster, a bull-headed and human-bodied monster holding a giant axe.

The most terrifying thing was the death aura continuously leaking from this monster’s body.


Heavy footsteps resounded on the ground.

The bull-headed monster brandished its axe and pressed towards those two Rank Seven Martial Masters step by step.

The slower it was, the more fear those two felt in their hearts.

With its every step, their hearts trembled.

Fight stubbornly with one’s back to the wall! 

Perhaps, this saying was an accurate description of their current circumstances.

They crazily burned their true essence to resist and break free from this dark space.

It was useless.

The bull-headed monster walked over and its huge axe fell towards them.



Those two Martial Masters were split open like ceramic pots.

<Divine Prison King Fist>!

Not only did it possess terrifying power, but it could also cooperate with soul power to snare the enemy fall in hallucinations, completely losing any resistance.

If Ling Xiao had mastered this martial art before fighting against Li Xinghui, he would have killed Li Xinghui in one move.


Even Ling Xiao felt that this <Divine Prison King Fist> was too terrifying.

Two Rank Seven Martial Masters had died just like this. Before they could make a move, they had died in his hallucination.

The other martial artists were frightened and shocked. Their hearts trembled.


“A devil from hell!”

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“Not a human!”

Exclamations filled with terror resounded, and everyone fled. Only those two cold corpses along with Ling Xiao and Leng Mei remained.

“It’s a pity.”

After a long time, Ling Xiao sighed.

“What’s the matter, Noble Son? Are you dissatisfied with this power?”

Leng Mei asked in confusion.

“I forgot something.”

Ling Xiao smiled bitterly: “Originally, I planned to coordinate Ghost Ship Incomplete Ship and <Divine Prison King Fist> to test their effect, but I forgot.”

Leng Mei was speechless. Her Noble Son had treated those two majestic Late Rank Seven Martial Vein Martial Masters as test dummies.

“Forget it. Let’s go back. <Divine Prison King Fist>’s side effects are too big. Both of my arms are fractured.”

Ling Xiao examined his loosely hanging arms. “It’s time to cultivate <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> to the highest level.”

“Noble Son, we have yet to collect those two people’s things.”

Leng Mei reminded him.

“There’s no need to search them. Death warriors like them generally don’t carry any good things on them. I fear they don’t even have storage rings.”

Ling Xiao shook his head.

Although his mouth said so, Ling Xiao who had once been a beggar was unwilling to let go of these corpses.

Like he had guessed before, they didn’t have storage rings or even money pouches. “Huh? What is this?”

Ling Xiao used his palm to thoroughly burn these two corpses clean.

He had once cultivated <Pure Yang Technique>. Although he rarely used it now since its grade was too low, it was still good for this kind of thing.

The interesting thing was that after burning everything without leaving a single bone, a piece of black iron remained.

“It looks like a sword!”

Leng Mei said.

“This is obviously a one-foot long iron rod. How can it be a sword?”

Ling Xiao asked, feeling uncertain.

“According to legend, in the ancient past, there was a swordsman in the Human Race who used a one-foot-long piece of iron as a sword.”

Leng Mei explained: “This swordsman killed people with one sword slash to their throat. Therefore, it didn’t matter what he used. Any enemies’ divine weapons were also meaningless against him.”

 “So amazing!”

Ling Xiao had truly never heard of such an expert.

“I heard this from a captain of the Hidden Dragon Battalion who seemed to be this swordsman’s descendant.”

“Good God, this terrifying killing intent can make others instantly collapse!”

The moment Ling Xiao picked up this iron piece, he saw many scenes of death. If his soul hadn’t been strong enough, he might have truly collapsed.

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This thing must have been previously wrapped with something that could prevent the leaking of this killing intent, but it had been burned just now. 

“Let’s leave first. I can study it more later.”

Thinking this, Ling Xiao stored this iron piece in his Landscape Martial Soul.

Such a powerful killing intent couldn’t create any storm in his Landscape World.

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