Chapter 199: Insane Deal

Manager Wan’s complexion was deathly pale, and like a leaf in the cold wind, his body trembled beyond his control.

“Noble… Noble Son, thank you for your kindness in not killing me! Gold… I will immediately send someone to prepare it.”

His voice shook as if he had been immersed in an icy cellar.

The sudden change in the manager’s attitude confused the other people in the auction house.

However, a few martial artists had cultivation bases that were not weak and understood what had happened.

“A Rank Seven Martial Master! How old is he!”

One of the Rank Six martial artists almost collapsed then and there, muttering in shock.

It was not that he had never seen a powerhouse at the Martial Master realm.

After all, this was Hollow Cloud City, which had a lot of Martial Masters.  However, he had truly never seen a Martial Master of just fourteen or fifteen years.

The people around him had their eyes widen in shock at his words.

Just a moment ago, they had kept saying that he was just a little kid and implored him to return to his family. However, beyond their expectations, this person who had been just a little kid in their eyes was far stronger than themselves.

“Everyone, many thanks for speaking out for justice.”

Ling Xiao cupped his hands and thanked everyone. After all, they had spoken those words for his own good.

This made him who had once been a little beggar feel a bit of warmth.

“No need, no need! That’s what we should do!”

Several people hastily waved their hands.

Ling Xiao just smiled at them and sat at a seat. He coldly looked at Manager Wan and asked: “I’m pressed for time. When can you take out the gold?”

“Noble Son, rest assured. The gold is in the auction house’s gold vault. Merely, can you…”

Now, Manager Wan spoke very cautiously in fear that he would offend Ling Xiao and be killed.

“Do you doubt that I have goods worth ten million taels of gold?”

Ling Xiao smiled and casually raised his hand, taking out a Superior Peak Martial Art book.

“I have four Peak Martial Art books as well as a lot of Gang Qi Pills, silver, medicinal herbs, advanced martial arts, intermediate arts, and so on. Should I take them all out to show you?”

“It’s inconvenient to do so here. I invite Noble Son to our VIP room. We’ll arrange for someone to do the calculations. As long as the value is sufficient, you can take ten million taels of gold. Will you need a beast-carriage to transport it?”

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Manager Wan replied with a smile.

“A beast-carriage is not needed, and a VIP room is too small. This place is big enough. Make your people come here to calculate it all.”

After speaking, Ling Xiao took out some martial arts books, silver, gems, Gang Qi Pills, and many other things from his Landscape World.

He truly had too many things. If they had gone to a VIP room, it would not have had enough room.

The auction house’s workers began calculating the value of his goods. Manager Wan even invited two Rank Seven Martial masters over since ordinary martial artists couldn’t estimate the price of a Peak Martial Art.

Seeing all these things, those onlooking martial artists couldn’t help but swallow a mouthful of saliva.

My God, Peak Martial Arts! Moreover, four of them.

For these martial artists, this kind of treasure was something that could only be encountered, not sought. But this young Martial Master was actually exchanging them for mere gold!

Although gold was precious, how could it compare to a Peak Martial Art?

“Oh, that’s right! I also have these low-grade storage rings. Can you help me estimate their price. I only want gold!”

Now, Ling Xiao was planning to cultivate <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art> to the highest level. Moreover, he would continue to consume gold later to heal faster. Therefore, preparing extra gold was definitely a good choice.

In any case, although low-grade storage rings were precious, they were useless for him.

As for Ling Yixue and Leng Mei, because they had become disciples of the White Cloud Great Master, they had each received a storage ring from Lin Ze.

“Exchanging even storage rings for gold!”

A martial artist directly stood up.

“Noble Son, I’m willing to spend one million taels of gold to purchase your storage ring!”

“I also want one.”

“Me too!”

Low-grade storage rings actually weren’t that expensive, but they were truly too rare and important for most martial artists. Therefore, it was normal for them to be willing to pay a high price to purchase one.

“This is the Heavenly Ren Auction House. It’s not your turn to bid yet! Noble Son, you have a total of six low-grade storage rings. How about we pay you one million and two hundred thousand taels of gold per storage ring?”

Manager Wan was afraid of Ling Xiao, but he was not afraid of the other martial artists. Not to mention that now he had the protection of Martial Masters, so he naturally wasn’t afraid of anyone.

“No problem.”

Ling Xiao only cared about the gold. Since the auction house was offering more, he would sell them here.

“But are your gold reserves enough?”

“Noble Son, you don’t need to worry about this point. This is just one of our auction houses in Hollow Cloud City. Our Heavenly Ren Auction House actually has three other branches. Gathering even twenty million taels of gold is not a problem.”

Manager Wan said confidentially.

What exactly could gold count for? In these past few years, the Ren Race had forcibly occupied quite a few gold mines of the Human Race. In fact, this stealing of resources was not just limited to gold.

“That’s good.”

Ling Xiao sipped his tea while waiting for the other side to complete their calculations.

After the time it would take to drink two cups of tea, he received an answer.

“Noble Son, the calculations are over. Your things along with the low-grade storage rings add up to 19.45 million taels of gold. There are 11 million taels of gold in our vault here, and this golden carriage also carries ten million taels.”

Manager Wan said with a smile.

This was definitely a big business deal.

“Mmm, that’s good. I’ll take the gold.”

Manager Wan had yet to understand what Ling Xiao’s words meant when he saw Ling Xiao waving his hand, making that golden carriage and its ten million taels of gold disappear.

“It turned out that the guest has a top-grade storage ring. No wonder…”

Manager Wan didn’t know about the Landscape World and thought that Ling Xiao had a top-grade storage ring. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to store over ten million taels of gold.

Afterward, he and those two Martial Masters led Ling Xiao to the treasure vault to receive the remaining nine million taels of gold.

“Noble Son, leave safely!”

Looking at Ling Xiao’s back, Manger Wan was all smiles.

However, after a short while, his complexion turned sinister, and he said to those two Mid Rank Seven Martial Vein Martial Masters: “You two, follow him!”

He sliced his hand before his neck, gesturing for them to kill him. 

Naturally, the onlooking martial artists didn’t notice or hear this. 

Merely, when those two Martial Masters suddenly left the auction house, even a fool could guess what would happen next.

In fact, it was not just Manager Wan keeping tabs on Ling Xiao.

Wealth could change people’s hearts.

Almost 20 million taels of gold and a top-grade storage ring was a huge temptation.

“Leng Mei, don’t hide. Come out quickly.”

After walking a certain distance, Ling Xiao shook his head with a bitter smile.

He had long sensed that Leng Mei had followed him to the city, but he hadn’t bluntly pointed it out. 

However, now that they were returning, there was no harm in calling her out.

“Noble Son, some people are following you.”

Leng Mei appeared and said.

“I know.”

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Ling Xiao simply smiled. In fact, he had called her out in fear of her falling into a trap. It would be much safer if she were beside him.

 Leng Mei was obviously surprised since those people following Ling Xiao were Rank Seven Martial Masters.

They were not weak; moreover, they were tracking experts, but Ling Xiao had already discovered them.

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