Chapter 198: Exchange Gold

Ling Xiao summed up his belongings within the Landscape Martial World. If he sold all his silver, Gang Qi pills, medicinal herbs, and Peak Martial Arts, he would be able to exchange for enough gold to make a breakthrough.

In fact, he’d have a lot left.

After all, Peak Martial Arts were very valuable. Superior Peak Martial Arts would fetch at least a million taels of gold each.

These things were useless to him, but they were still very useful for many martial artists.

Actually, some people might not be able to buy them even if they had sufficient money.

These Gang Qi Pills were also useless for him now that he’d become a Martial Master. It was better to convert them into gold.

Thinking this, he no longer hesitated. He directly walked out of White Cloud Temple and to exchange the gold at Hollow Cloud City.

Hollow Cloud City was the capital of White Cloud Province and had many large stores where he could exchange gold. It could be said that here was at least ten times more prosperous than Heavenly Peak City, so there was no need to worry about being unable to sell good things at a fair price.

Thinking about it, he was truly fortunate. After obtaining the Landscape Martial Soul, his cultivation conditions had completely changed.

When he had first arrived at the Ling Clan, he hadn’t even had a dime. Other people had taken care of his food and water.

At that time, even a few pieces of silver would have greatly excited him.

But now, he could casually exchange for millions of taels of gold.

This was the benefit of strength and strengthened his determination to continue walking down this path.

Although Hollow Cloud City’s bustling market was more than ten miles from White Cloud Temple, this distance was nothing to Ling Xiao.

He didn’t even need to take a carriage or use any artifact. Just relying on his movement technique, he soon arrived at a bustling street with heavy traffic.

Since arriving at Hollow Cloud City, he had yet to properly stroll around the area, but he didn’t have time for that today. 

You could only stroll around wherever you wanted when you had sufficient strength. If a weak person wandered the streets, an unexpected calamity might befall them.

In any case, once a martial artist advanced to the Transcendent Realm, his lifespan would increase by several hundred years, so there was no need to waste time now. 

His best choice to obtain more gold was naturally an auction house.

Auction houses had the largest reserves of gold, spirit stones, and so on. Furthermore, he would be able to sell his martial artist related items there..

The largest auction house in Hollow Cloud City was the “Heavenly Ren Auction House” opened by the Ren Race.

Ling Xiao didn’t care about who owned it as long as he could exchange for the gold he wanted.

In a certain sense, if the Ren Race didn’t cause trouble in the Human Race’s territory, he would welcome these external merchants since they’d bring more merchandise. 

Naturally, this excluded Dream Pills, which should have been banned long ago.

“Guest, may I ask what service you need? Do you want to auction an item or bid for anything?”

Immediately after Ling Xiao arrived at the auction house’s entrance, a servant asked with a smile.

This person was one of the many humans who worked for the Ren Race, but most of what they did was lowly, menial work.

“I want to exchange for gold. Is that possible?”

Ling Xiao asked.

“Oh, no problem! Our auction house has the largest gold reserves in the entire White Cloud Province. How much do you want?”

The servant replied with a smile.

Ling Xiao rubbed his chin.

“Well, for the time being, I want just ten million taels.”

He had already calculated before coming here that the things he had brought corresponded to ten million taels of gold.

However, even ten million taels of gold would have little remaining after he cultivated the <Nine Transformation Golden Body Art>.


The servant was dumbfounded.

The other bustling staff stopped and examined Ling Xiao with surprise.

It was not that they had never seen the nouveau riche, but it was truly the first time they had seen so much gold coin exchanged in one breath.

“Is this fellow a lunatic? Ten million taels of gold! I fear that’s probably 90% of Heavenly Ren Auction House’s gold reserves.”

Several martial artists who had come to auction items commented; they were unable to understand Ling Xiao’s weird behavior.

“Humph, which family’s child is this? Running over to make fun of us?”

An old man who seemed to be over fifty years old emerged from the back. His cultivation was actually at Peak Rank Six Martial Vein, close to the Martial Master realm.

This person was clearly unhappy with Ling Xiao’s actions. In addition, Ling Xiao’s was indeed just 14-years-old. It was very easy to mistake him for some family’s hapless child who had come to play.

“Manager Wan!”

The store’s servants greeted him in succession with reverence.

This Manager Wan was one of the managers of the “Heavenly Ren Auction House.” Just hearing his surname, one would know that he was from the Wan Clan.

His strength and influence earned him a small reputation within Hollow Cloud City.

“Hehe, Manager Wan, just give him a few smacks on his buttocks, and he will not dare to bother us next time.”

“Yes, yes, yes, no need to make it difficult for a kid.”

Knowing the cruelty of the Ren Race, some onlooking martial artists began to plead for Ling Xiao. In the past, a little beggar of just seven or eight years old had come to beg here, but he was beaten to death.

However, they only dared to advise him, not to meddle in another’s business and block Manage Wan.

After all, they truly didn’t have the guts.

After offending the Governor Residence or the Ren Race, unless you were from the Side General Residence, there was no need to even think about staying in Hollow Cloud City.

“Make fun?”

Ling Xiao frowned and asked, “Does Heavenly Ren Auction House treat their guests like this? Even if you have time to waste, I don’t have the time to come and make fun of you all.”

Manager Wan answered coldly: “Little devil, since there are too many guests here today, I won’t bicker with you. After three seconds, if you still have not scrammed away, I will use strength.”

Today, Manager Wan was in a bad mood. After a person of the Governor Residence had been killed in the Life and Death Cliff, the Governor’s mood had soured, resulting in negative moods within the entire Wan Clan.

“Child, leave quickly. It’ll be dangerous if you are late.”

“Yes, imp. You can go to another place to make fun but not here. This is an auction house of the Ren Race.”

A few passer-by martial artists persuaded him, hoping Ling Xiao would quickly leave.

Ling Xiao shook his head. “If the Heavenly Ren Auction House can’t take out ten million taels of gold, then I will naturally leave. Manager Wan, give me a definitive answer.”

“Talking nonsense! In the entire Hollow Cloud City, only our Heavenly Ren Auction House and the Blue-Eyed Race’s Queen Trading Company can take out ten million taels of gold!”

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Manager Wan roared in fury.

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How dare this little devil look down on his Heavenly Ren Auction House?

“Since you can take it out, do it quickly. I’m in a hurry to return and cultivate.”

Ling Xiao said impatiently.

The other party’s attitude irritated him. If it wasn’t for his urgent need of gold, he wouldn’t have bothered wasting time here. 

“Little devil, you are courting death!”

Manager Wan suddenly attacked, and his palm shot towards Ling Xiao’s chest.

His terrifying Peak Rank Six Martial Vein aura overflowed, frightening those nearby martial artists. Their blood and qi seethed, making them feel very uncomfortable.

“Humph, are all people of the Wan Clan so overbearing and shameless?”

Ling Xiao snorted, but he didn’t even attack back. His terrifying aura gushed out, and as if it were a sharp sword, directly pierced through Manager Wan’s palm.

Manager Wan was frightened stiff as his death date suddenly flashed before his eyes. 

Just when his entire body froze, and he helplessly waited for death, that terrifying aura suddenly disappeared.

“Manager Wan, am I qualified to exchange for gold now?”

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