Volume 7 Chapter 428: The Nighttime Encounter Between The Demon Kings And The Warriors At The Cape Of Lost Souls

This was the first time Bella was exchanging messages with an entity at the top of the Savior Camp’s hierarchy, the eighth of the Twelve Fates, and she could not help but feel a little nervous. She was afraid that she might slip up accidentally as this rare information network would have to be cut off. Fortunately, the tone of the Fate’s messages showed that she was not putting up airs but was merely curious.

No. 8 Fate: Please get her to send me a message later. Otherwise, the system would assume that she forfeited her opportunity and would automatically delete her account.

F-1444 (Bella): I understand. I will inform her right away. I’ll be going offline…

No. 8 Fate: F-1444, wait a minute, you’re going offline just like that?

F-1444 (Bella): Yes, is there a problem?

No. 8 Fate: Do you know who you’re communicating with?

F-1444 (Bella): I do; you’re the Honorable Fate, right? 

No. 8 Fate: F-1444, you…

F-1444 (Bella): Erm, the dinner I had ordered has arrived. Talk to you another time. I’ll be going offline now. 

No. 8 Fate: Hey, just like that…

Bella had taken over the Savior contact device of two beautiful female Saviors. Right now, she had only gone online with one of their personal IDs as the other one still remained offline. Although the other party thought it was a little strange, she did not suspect anything wrong yet. Bella merely caused a small commotion and went offline as quickly as she could. Her tone was quite nonchalant. However, it did not matter as she could not see the Fate’s face anyway.

Bella urgently needed to find someone to login to F-1445’s Savior account to tie up loose ends. In fact, she already had someone in mind; Empress Manya Felan of the Manasvir Empire, who was also an interdimensional traveler. As an interdimensional traveler, Manya Felan had a close relationship with the Savior camp, which meant that she was the best person for the job and was less likely to slip up compared to Bella. All Bella needed to do now was to modify the Savior contact device and send it over to her using a magical teleportation array. 

Little did Bella know that her perfunctory answers had successfully gotten the attention of the eighth Fate as she had unintentionally piqued the interest of yet another girl. Most lower-ranking Saviors would jump at the opportunity to make contact with high-ranking Saviors and would view it as a chance to quickly rise through the ranks. They would try to use all sorts of methods to hook up with those at a higher ranking and try to curry favor by chatting with them for as long as possible. It was extremely rare for someone to act in such a manner as Bella did. Furthermore, the other party was a Fate, which held the highest rank within the Savior Camp. Regardless, Bella did not care about it at all. 

Inside a temple within the Savior base camp in the Holy Land Ramstead, the Eighth Fate was seated on a throne, suspended in midair as she stared slack-jawed at the communication interface in front of her. In all her years as a Fate, this was the first time she had encountered an F-rank Savior who dared to cut off her messages just like that. It was absolutely infuriating. What made it even more detestable was the fact that the reason the other party gave was that their dinner had arrived. After all, she was a Fate, yet somehow, dinner was more attractive than her company. 

The Eighth Fate was clearly female. She had long jade green hair tied up in twin pigtails as her appearance was reminiscent of a certain princess who was a virtual idol that carried a large stalk of spring onion around. However, that particular idol was completely flat-chested. On the other hand, the Eighth Fate had a set of ample breasts and did not match that image at all. Furthermore, there were bolts of electrical currents surrounding her. 

The Eighth Fate was not the only female. In fact, all twelve Fates were female. Usually, when they appeared in front of the lower-ranking Adjudicators and Sin Breakers, they would be dressed in full disguise. This prevented any of the lower level Saviors from finding out their true gender. During the battle back then, the leader of the World Destructors only killed the male Fates and left the females alive.  

At the moment, the Twelve Fates did not hate the leader of the World Destructors. In fact, they were eager to meet her once again. The Fates refused to discuss that particular battle as no one knew what forbidden deals had been exchanged. Based on how tight-lipped the Fates were, it seemed to be some earth-shattering secret. Right now, the only ones spearheading the movement to exterminate the World Destructors were the Adjudicators and below. The Fates did not talk about it, nor did they express their opinion.

“What’s wrong, Eight? You don’t look too good. Did that group of useless Saviors land themselves in trouble again? In my opinion, we should just deactivate their accounts.”  

“Six, what are you doing here? It’s nothing I can’t handle. Hold on, you’re not on duty yet. This place is still under my jurisdiction.”  

“I see. Is my presence an inconvenience to you? Are you hiding something from me?”

“Six, that’s enough. I… I need to make some adjustments to the system. If there’s a problem, why don’t you check it out during your shift after this?”

The Eighth Fate did not bother with details and simply sent the Sixth Fate out. The Savior’s cheat system was monitored by the Fates in shifts. Earlier on, if Bella had been contacted by the Sixth Fate who enjoyed playing pranks, there was a definite possibility that her account would have been suspended.  

After ensuring that the Sixth Fate was gone, the Eighth Fate keyed in a few things and set F-1444 (Bella) as a friend. She had especially followed her account as well. The ability to add someone else without prior consent was one of the privileges of being a Fate. Once it was confirmed, the Eighth Fate filled Bella’s inbox with a bunch of Savior mission requests that were C-rank and above. She even added some A-rank ones to the mix and removed all the F, E, and D-rank missions within Bella’s daily recommendations. Then, she adjusted the settings to ensure that Bella would never receive any such missions after this. 

“Hmph, see if you dare to ignore me like this again. Let’s see how you’re going to move up the ranks.”

The Eighth Fate’s voice was filled with satisfaction that her prank had gone smoothly. She did not understand why she had acted in that manner either. All she wanted to do was to play a trick on Bella and let this Savior, who did not respect or fear the Fates, to go endure a bit of hardship. The problem was that the Eighth Fate did not know that Bella’s identity as a Savior was fake as she was actually the Sacred Demon God Samantha, who was fourth among the World Destructors.

Little did she know that those high difficulty Savior missions, such as the hunting and killing of Skeleton Kings or Bone Dragons, were nothing to Bella. Those demonic beings were basically her subordinates, which meant that she could complete those missions instantly. However, the Eighth Fate did not mean for Bella to fail at her missions. Out of goodwill, she left a direct helpline for her at the bottom of each mission. She hoped that when Bella realized that she was on the losing end and would not be able to complete any of her missions, she would use that special link to speak with her. 

Sadly, the Eighth Fate’s goodwill was ignored. Bella did not even need her help. No matter how difficult any of those missions were, it was extremely easy for Bella, a World Destructor, to complete them. The Eighth Fate had no choice but to wait for Bella to reach out first as she could not let go of her pride. Furthermore, if one of the Twelve Fates took the initiative to contact an F-rank Savior without an official reason, it would easily arouse some unnecessary suspicion.

Bella carried the Savior contact device to the Puppet Master Elaine’s room on the Haydn Resort’s seventh floor, where a magical teleportation array had already been set up. With this array, Bella would remain linked to the Darkness Sacred Region that was connected to Sarnia Duchy, which was located in the Gabriel Empire in the southern part of the Human continent. 

“Elaine, is the teleportation array ready? I want to send this Savior contact device to the Darkness Sacred Region so that Andrea can make some modifications. I nearly slipped up earlier.”

“The connection has been set up. Bella, are you really going to the Cape of Lost Souls? Take me with you…”

“Stay here. I’m only bringing Demon Kings along for this mission. Don’t worry, just stay here and rest with Kriss and the others!”

Inside Elaine’s room, Bella saw the two beautiful female Saviors whom she had brought back. They were now completely naked and pressed up against each other as they engaged in a hot and heavy make-out session on the large bed. Most of their restraints had already been removed, but the slim red leather collar around their necks remained.

It seemed like many things had already happened between them before Bella arrived. The snow-white sheets were covered in strange wet stains as it was obvious that those were not made up of regular sweat. The girls’ faces were flushed red and did not appear to be doing anything else but kiss. However, they did not react to Bella’s appearance in the room at all as they only had eyes for each other’s creamy white skin.

“Elaine, they…”

“It’s nothing. I merely allowed them to get to know each other again in the right way. Remember how they refused to submit when they first got here? I merely switched it up a little, and within a couple of attempts, they revealed everything.”

“Oh, if that’s the case, I shall not disturb. Bring me to the teleportation channel then!”

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This was the first time Bella noticed that the Puppet Master Elaine had an innate gift to be a “trainer.” In fact, she was almost as good as Bella or the Time Space Demon Noesha. The only problem was that Elaine had not realized her own potential yet. Somehow, she had managed to “turn” those two beautiful female Saviors in such a short amount of time. Bella could not find any traces of potions or aphrodisiacs, which was a testament to the trainer’s skill.

Two familiar figures appeared at the magical teleportation array. They were the Blood Demon King Eleanor and the Sky Demon King Dolores, who already changed into the Demon King’s equipment and looked at Bella with delight written all over their faces. That’s right, Bella had planned for this night time mission at the Cape of Lost Souls to be an absolute feast for Demon Kings. The Saviors who were going to attack one of the Ancient Twelve Demon Kings were sent by the Savior Camp.

If Bella were to bring Kriss and the others along for this mission, there was a risk of revealing the Renegades’ tracks to the Savior Camp. The Demon God Angel, Evil God Mia and the Time Space Demon Noesha could not join her either as it might reveal the presence of the World Destructors and the Chaos Bringers ahead of time. It was not suitable for the Devastating Evil Dragon Emperor Lolita and the Devouring Holy Dragon Euphenisia to tag along too, which meant that Bella had to find someone else for her team. 

The only way to not reveal their tracks was to invite Demon Kings like Eleanor and the others on this mission. The only one who did not join them was the Underworld Demon King Cornice, who had remained behind to guard the Darkness Sacred Region. One Demon King had to be on shift at the Hall of Pandemonium at all times as there was no way around this rule. At the moment, there were only four Demon Kings on Bella’s side as she was still a little short on manpower.

“Bella, I haven’t gone on a mission with you in a while. What are we going to do this time? Darkness Sacred Region has been peaceful as the Beastmen have not made any further moves since the last time.”

“Bella, as the first Demon King, you really do know how to enjoy yourself. You’ve been absent for so long. If not for your maid, Annie, who meticulously cleaned up for you every single day, your seat would have been covered in an inch of dust.”

“Erm, Eleanor, Dolores, I have summoned the both of you here on official business that Demon Kings should be doing. I will find a way to solve our manpower issues as quickly as possible.”

At night, the heat of the day in Oldrango City had dissipated as a cool breeze swept through the city. Although three creepy shadows were flying in the sky, none of the Mages on guard duty noticed the presence of those intruders. As Demon Kings, Bella and the other two used the cover of the night and flew towards the Cape of Lost Souls, just outside Oldrango City. Unless they were a priest, normal Mages would not be able to see through their invisibility magic. 

The Cape of Lost Souls was located near an abandoned beach on the outskirts of Oldrango City as Bella had already obtained the general location from the Mage Ariel. It was a moonless and starless night. Once they left the brightly-lit Oldrango City, it was completely dark everywhere else. Bella and the others were now flying on instinct. As she flew, Bella would activate the Savior Camp’s communication system to check on her messages. 

After the Mechanical Creator Andrea had made some simple magical modifications to the device, it was now compatible with World Destructors as she had moved the inbox to the backend as well. In her rush, Bella did not notice that her own system’s inbox was already filled with all sorts of missions that the Eighth Fate had sent to her. 

D-902: We are now attacking the Demon King’s subordinates. There are so many Skeletons here. Everyone, pay attention and keep up with the A-rank seniors. Do not lag behind. There are far too many evil beings here at the Cape of Lost Souls.   

F-1398: Good luck, Seniors! Goodwill always triumphs over evil as victory will belong to us Saviors. 

E-1104: That female Demon King is stunning! Does anyone know how to defect to the enemy? Wait online…

E-1206: Go well, warriors!

(System notification: Moderators have banned Savior E-1104 from their account for 15 days as they will be demoted to F-rank. Moderators have banned Savior E-1206 from their account for 7 days.)

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F-1444 (Bella): Hi seniors, where is that Demon King?

D-902: Hey F-rank, you should not come along. The Demon King is at the abandoned cemetery on the Cape of Lost Souls.   

F-1444 (Bella): Thank you, Senior, for your concern. 

C-713 (Emergency Message): Change of plans, change of plans…

Before the unfortunate Savior C-714 could finish their message, they were captured by the Sky Demon King Dolores. With a single blow, C-714 plunged right into the sea. Following this sudden change of plans, the Savior’s group immediately imploded. Bella did not have time to view all the messages before arriving at her destination, the Cape of Lost Souls. 

Although it was called the Cape of Lost Souls, it was just a seaside cemetery built on a stretch of abandoned beach. Right below, she saw a group of Humans dressed in armor and magical robes, which was attacking a female Demon King. Bella immediately recognized her as the Dark Night Demon King Aggy. Bella once had the chance to pin a completely naked Aggy underneath her as she had left a deep impression on her. 

The Dark Night Demon King Aggy was surrounded by a group of Saviors. Those were likely to be A-rank Saviors. Each of them knew exactly what they needed to do. Six Saviors dressed in robes stood perfectly in a six-point star formation as they cast a Sacred Magic Forbidding Barrier on the area to suppress the Dark Night Demon King Aggy’s magic. In addition, there were another six Saviors dressed in full armor, who specialized in close combat. They were responsible for engaging in close quarters battle to deplete Aggy’s energy. 

There were signs of curses all over the Dark Night Demon King Aggy’s body. Even from a distance, Bella could detect the curses’ aura. However, the strange curses aura was not the work of these Saviors. Aggy was obviously hurt. Otherwise, A-rank Saviors would not be able to surround her that easily. They took advantage of the situation as there were many B, C, D-rank Saviors nearby responsible for holding off the Dark Night Demon King Aggy’s subordinates. 

“What sort of Saviors are these? In the end, all they do is to take advantage of their larger numbers. They’re no different from us villainous Demon Kings! Eleanor, Dolores, let’s go. We will show these Warriors that the night belongs to us!”

Bella and the others swooped down from the skies and unleashed their Demon King’s aura without holding back. Suddenly, the bright Magic Forbidding Array dimmed significantly as the force of three Demon Kings brought many of those lower-level Saviors to their knees. 

“There’s more Demon Kings… Oh my God… Three of them…”

“Stop sighing. The Sacred Barrier will not last much longer.”

Bella charged directly towards the Sacred Barrier as it shattered the moment she slammed into it. When the barrier shattered, six A-rank Saviors who were supporting the array spat out a mouthful of blood and collapsed on the ground. In one smooth motion, Bella flew to the Dark Night Demon King Aggy’s side, picked her up, and escaped. Bella was wearing a devil’s mask, so Aggy could not tell who she was. As Aggy had already ascertained that the other party was a Demon King, she did not resist when Bella carried her away. 

“The Demon King escaped. Damn it!”

“I’m your opponent! Don’t get distracted.”

The Sky Demon King Dolores descended from the skies. Using the weapon on her right hand, the Frost Iron Demonic Claw, she swung it at her opponents and instantly sliced the A-rank Savior standing in front of her into pieces along with their armor. It was an extremely bloody and gory sight. The Blood Demon King Eleanor had gone to attack the Saviors at the perimeter, allowing the Dark Night Demon King Aggy’s subordinates to advance. Similarly, those two Demon Kings were wearing devil masks and did not reveal their true appearance. 

After losing their Sacred Protective Barrier, those A-rank Saviors were thrown into chaos and were instantly slaughtered by the Sky Demon King Dolores. The standard mainstream Saviors had revealed another weakness; they were highly inexperienced at dealing with unexpected situations. This was especially obvious for situations that the system did not warn them about as they did not have a backup plan at all. They were all scared out of their wits when three Demon Kings suddenly appeared as every single mainstream Savior had forgotten that they had a cheat that allowed them to turn invisible. 

At that moment, Aggy finally remembered who this Demon King was. Once, they had both been pressed up against each other while they were butt naked and knew what the other girl’s body looked like. Now that they were held intimately against each other like this, the Demon King’s figure raised a lot of questions. Furthermore, based on their scent, it would be rather stupid if she said she could not recognize the other girl. 

“It’s you. Why did you save me… We are not Demon Kings on the same path. Put me down now.” 

“Aggy, I saved you because I like you. Also, we’re all Demon Kings, there’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

“Like me… you… don’t speak nonsense. You’re also female and I like…”

“Aggy, stop talking. I understand. Before meeting a girl that they like, every single girl would think that they like men. You’re no exception!”

“You… What kind of twisted logic is this? I… I’m not going to argue with you.”

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