Volume 7 Chapter 427: World Destroyer Infiltrating the Savior’s System Network and Decision to Join the Cape of the Lost Souls Operation

The Savior’s cheat systems came in different levels; the lower ones meant that they couldn’t be intelligent like those in the novels on Earth. Moreover, low-level systems couldn’t obtain very much information. If a Savior wanted more cheats and golden fingers, they would have to complete the tasks given by their systems to upgrade it. The two Savior contact devices Bella managed to snag belonged to low-level systems.

Those two beautiful Saviors were low-level and hadn’t had the time to upgrade their systems. When Bella got them, she was easily able to hack into the Saviors’ systems. The low-level Saviors only had numbers to define them, not a name, so Bella was successfully able to impersonate the Saviors to access the systems. Later, she’d send these systems off to Mechanical Creator Andrea with spatial teleportation magic so she could modify them.

Under normal circumstances, only one system Savior would need to be dispatched to the Other World dimension. Still, this dimension had special circumstances that required so many Saviors to be sent out. Bella pretended to be a Savior as her identity number was in four digits. At least a thousand system Saviors arrived before her.

But the Saviors’ cheat systems had a very familiar interface. It almost seemed to be a copy of QQ or some other generic chatting software, so Bella was able to get familiarized with it very quickly. Based on the ranking, System-Type Saviors were divided into nine grades: F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS, SSS, as they upgraded in ranks according to the points they earned from completing tasks. The Savior that Bella was impersonating was only at F-rank. According to the rules, only Saviors at rank B or higher had access to an intelligent system.

When Bella opened the ‘Friends’ menu, she could see the Saviors’ group chat system. Every three ranks of Saviors had their own merged chat group, which was their exclusive platform for exchanging information. The chat group Bella had access to was the communication platform for ranks F, E, and D, and not much information could be obtained here. If she wanted more information, she’d have to upgrade to the intermediate communication platform for ranks C, B, and A, and then reach the advanced platform for ranks S, SS, and SSS.

Bella had a look at the group chat system. The low-rank Savior chat messages were just like those advertisements on QQ groups, nothing of value. However, she was still able to find information about the Savior Camp’s ranking system. The highest-ranking ones were the Fates, with twelve of them in total. The Fates were the survivors who had participated in the battle to defend the holy land of Ramsden. That battle ended with the disastrous defeat of the Saviors. Under the leadership of the World Destructors’ fourth-generation chief, they joined hands with the Chaos Bringers to wash the holy land of the Saviors with their blood. The Savior Camp had no ability or courage to organize forces to get revenge from the World Destructors after that battle and could only pick petty fights with the World Destructors of other world dimensions.

Below the Fates were the Sanctioners, Sin Breakers, Redeemers, and then the Saviors, five levels in all. The Sanctioners were the direct disciples of the Fates. Their exact numbers were unclear as some Fates had one disciple while others had several. Sin Breakers were responsible for dealing with heretics. They specialized in cleaning up all the traitors in the Savior Camp, such as Renegades like Myriad Sword Demon Krysan and Demonic Dragon Emperor Lisha. However, due to the strength disparity, Sin Breakers basically couldn’t win against Renegades in a one-on-one fight, and there was a high possibility they’d be “wiped out” if they were to go as a group.

A Redeemer could be promoted from the Savior. Anyone who had defeated a Demon King or saved the Saviors from other dimensions could be promoted. Bella’s schoolmate, the vice-president of the Olsylvia Academy’s Doors of Truth Society, God Chosen Priest Norris, was one of the Redeemers. The last level, the Savior, was the most common class in the Savior Camp and the most chaotic one at that. Thus, it was highly likely to give rise to various deviants and traitors.

Saviors were separated into two types, the traditional cheat types and the system cheat types. The former was summoned by the Creators of the various dimensions, all of whom were the souls who had died in various accidents on Earth. Their cheats were all granted to them by the Creator who had summoned them when they arrived. As long as the Dimensional Creator was alive, they would be able to keep their cheats forever. The first few male Saviors that Bella encountered, like God Chosen Knight Scott and the others, belonged to this category.

The latter was recruited by the Savior Camp as their activities were hidden from the many Dimensional Creators. It was initially to make up for the shortage in the number of Saviors, but unfortunately, they recruited too many people, causing all sorts of traitors to pop up from time to time from the mixed rabble. Moreover, there was one very fatal problem with these Saviors, and that was how useless they had become once they lost their connection to their systems. Even the highest SSS-rank Saviors could end up as a low-level F-rank once their connections were cut, as they could easily be killed by a Demon God in a single hit.

F-1103: Seniors, I just saw a couple of princesses from the Nation of Arcana in the tavern. Real nice, I say. If it weren’t for my lack of points, I’d exchange some stuff to pick those girls up.

E-1578: Newbie here, looking for a carry! Any pretty girls… Ahem, any seniors willing to help me level? I’m a newbie and just got some new tools and a few precious object identification crystals. Not sure if it’s good, but hoping if someone can run tasks with me…

F-1322: Damn you lucky bastards, get outta here!

F-1278: Oi don’t BM noobs! Where are the mods? Quickly ban this guy…

(System Alert: Savior E-1578 has been banned by Moderator for three days.)

D-989: Stop messing around. There’s a high-level demon-hunting mission coming up. You guys coming? Some S-rank seniors discovered traces of the Ancient Twelve Demons at the Aldridge Empire’s seaside city, Oldrango. They’re now at the Cape of Lost Souls, urgently requesting support. Don’t you guys wanna level? Come quickly.

F-1444 (Bella): Hi seniors, is that Demon King a guy or a girl? How many of you are going?

D-989: Uh, girl, I think. They’ve got pretty long hair… I think a few A-rank seniors are headed over.

F-1444 (Bella): Thanks, Senior.

Bella looked at the information she received on the chatting platform as a wicked grin appeared on her face. Only Saviors at S-rank or above had the right to display their names on the chatting platform; the other six ranks were only identified by their numbers, which was the same as an anonymous chat. These Saviors didn’t even know that a World Destructor was in their midst and easily revealed important information.

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If it were a male Demon King, then Bella would just ignore it. But if it were female… Bella would have to rescue her peer out of “justice.” After ending the chat, Bella saw Assassin Noreya daydreaming at the side. Puppet Master Elaine had already taken the two pretty captives to “enjoy,” leaving Assassin Noreya behind to help watch out for Bella in case of any danger.

“What’s up, Noreya? Something’s on my face? You’re really staring hard…”

“Bella, that smile earlier… that was really evil. You thought of something bad again, didn’t you?”

“No, of course not. I was having a normal chat earlier. Oh right, Noreya. Is there a place in this city called the Cape of Lost Souls?”

“Cape of Lost Souls… I think you’ll have to ask Ariel and the others, I’m not native to here so I’m not so sure. As for the Saviors, there’s definitely more than just a few. I scouted them before, there are quite a few of them who responded to the call in Oldrango City, and they’re all system-types. Who knows what they’re trying to do by mobilizing so many people.”

In the same afternoon, at the temporary residence of the Olsylvia Academy girls, in the exclusive room of the royal family on the fifth floor at Haydn Resort, as soon as Bella returned to this room with the others, she dragged Princess Eveny and Princess Effie to the bathroom together with her without any space for refusals, saying that she wanted to wash off the sweat from going under the sun.

Mage Ariel of the Renegades was also one of the Aldridge Empire’s princesses, but because she didn’t want to expose her identity, she didn’t participate in their bathing game. Instead, she found a sofa to sit down on and quietly began reading a magic book. She did have things in her mind, and she was even holding the book upside down. She couldn’t take in words on the book at all as her eyes would look to the tightly shut doors of the bathroom from time to time. The only thing lacking was her going up to the door to eavesdrop.

“Wait, Bella. We can take it off ourselves, you don’t have to…”

“Bella, not here… Ariel’s still outside!”

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“No, I’m going to take it off for you myself. If you don’t listen, I’m gonna get angry!”

Under Bella’s coercion, the two princesses, Eveny and Effie, were stripped naked in the bathroom of the royal suite of their own Nation of Arcana by this demoness before being led to the shower like fair little “lambs,” but they were still half reluctant. If there were no resistance, then how could they say that they had their dignities as princesses? So they had to resist just for show.

Bella opened her arms and took both princesses into her arms to be pampered. Eveny and Effie were stuck face to face with their breasts squeezed against each other. They tried several times to release themselves, but it didn’t work. Since Bella was holding them, they had no choice but to endure this “double assault.” While embracing their own sister and rubbing each other’s similarly soft and delicate bodies, they also had to be teased by Bella in various ways.

After rinsing, Eveny and Effie allowed Bella to press them directly on the bathroom floor for a round of french kissing. Both of them were already dazed at this point, as they could no longer differentiate their partners anymore and began mutually embracing and kissing each other. Bella was especially good at playing humiliation games with these types of sisters. Eveny and Effie did not have great stamina as mages, so it didn’t take long to bully them to the point of submission.

Bella was on top of Effie, sucking on the little “cherries” on her chest as Effie let out wonderful noises, not even caring that Eveny was beside her anymore. Eveny did not stay idle either. She was on the very bottom of the trio and was placed in a “cross” position with Effie on top of her, Effie being vertical while Eveny was lying horizontally.

Bella pressed herself down on Effie’s body, which was equivalent to pressing down Princess Eveny at the very bottom as well. Eveny could not move at all as the two soft mounds on her chest were being attacked. Bella freed out a hand so she could hold Eveny’s breasts, kneading the plump flesh at the front into various shapes. Even the “red cherries” on Eveny’s chest were pinched by Bella. Eveny couldn’t do anything but to endure it passively and waited for Bella to “eat up” Princess Effie, who was on top of her before becoming her next target.

By the time Bella came out of the bathroom, the two princesses were already limp with no energy left. Like pretty little dolls, they allowed Bella to place them on the sofa as she wished. At this point, Princess Eveny and Effie had already fallen asleep. If they were still awake, they would have no idea how they were going to face Ariel.

Ariel acted as if she hadn’t seen Bella “punishing” her two sisters and pretended not to care. She continued to look at her magic book, which had been upside down this whole time. Her cheeks were flushed red, as her ears felt hot. It was hard to say whether she thought of anything strange earlier. After all, when Ariel met Bella for the first time, she had been held by her in a naked state, so it was impossible to say that she never thought of past earlier.

“Ariel, what’s wrong with you? Your face is so red. Did you want to come join us as well earlier?”

“So what if I did? Wait, Bella. You just finished your exercise so you shouldn’t do more intense exercise. It’s bad for your body.”

“I’ll let you off just this time, but next time… Anyway, do you know about the Cape of Lost Souls? I asked Eveny and Effie in the bathroom earlier but it doesn’t seem like they know.”

“It’s normal that they don’t, that’s one of the Empire’s secrets. I didn’t know about it in the past either.”

Ariel had originally wanted to provoke Bella, but she didn’t think Bella would give her the same treatment as well. As she was about to leave her two sisters, whom she had already bullied into a limp pile of putty. Ariel could only compromise as a last resort and try to change the topic to keep her mind off the ero stuff for now. That way, she’d be able to keep her chastity safe for a bit longer.

But Bella didn’t try to expose her. Since Ariel wasn’t quite ready to open the “door to the new world” and enjoy greater things, she decided to wait a little longer. Thus, Bella pretended to have fallen for the trick and went along with Ariel’s conversation. Eveny and Effie had already fallen asleep and were now serving as Bella’s special “pillows.” Bella was holding them one in each arm and enjoying them fully.

The Cape of Lost Souls was a secret beach somewhere in the coastal city of Oldrango. That place wasn’t used for surfing, but rather for burying the humans who died at sea. The humans who died at sea each year would always, as if by fate or some unknown force, be washed ashore and sent to that place by the tide.

The Cape of Lost Souls was just a cemetery used for the burial of those who died from disasters at sea. However, due to the semi-broken reincarnation passage, the humans who died at sea here had nowhere to return, so they ended up entrenching at the Cape of Lost Souls, wandering there, unwilling to leave. As time went on, the Cape of Lost Souls became an evil place.

Aldridge Empire had blocked off the Cape of Lost Souls so that they could keep the wandering deep-sea undead from coming out to harm others. Compared to the undead on land, these deep-sea undeads were considered more dangerous mutants. This news was not made public since they were worried that it would affect tourism at Oldrango City. This place was one of the top five tourist cities on the human continent, with a steady stream of visitors arriving each year. The benefits of this passive industry were clear to see.

If the horrific legend of the Cape of Lost Souls were to be known and caused tourists to change their itineraries from Oldrango City out of fear, then the Aldridge Empire might become the biggest loser. Therefore, news of the Cape of the Lost Souls was considered the Aldridge Empire’s top state secrets. Other than the Emperor himself and a few key members of his staff, the rest of the royal family, including the Empress, were kept in the dark.

As a princess, Ariel knew this simply by her own means of sneaking into the secret archive room under the royal palace and chancing upon the relevant information. The last recorded human infiltration of the Cape of the Lost Souls was dated more than a decade ago. At that time, the human experts, who went in, couldn’t win against even the outermost layer of demonic beings as they had to give up after being in a stalemate for a while.

Bella had no idea what the Demon King discovered by the Saviors was doing in there, but wasn’t she getting bored from having nothing to do anyway? It was a good place to waste time while paying a long-awaited visit to one of the Ancient Twelve Demon Kings. Perhaps she might even obtain information about the loli Demon King whom she accidentally chanced upon and bullied last time.

The other members of the Twelve Academies and the students of the Antoinette Academy of Art would not arrive until the next morning, so she could go to the Cape of Lost Souls tonight to have some fun. After making up her mind, Bella began contacting the members who would be participating in the event. She didn’t bring the student this time. Instead, she was going to summon her personal familiar demon, Demon World Princess Diaz, and the other Dark Demonic Beings.

Just as Bella was about to explain the situation to her girl friend, the Savior’s contact system, which had been on the whole time, presented her with a private chat request. Just like the social media apps on a computer, the Savior’s system platform also supported the ability for Saviors to communicate with each other in private messages. However, this process followed a hierarchical system. Low-ranking Saviors could communicate with each other, but not with Saviors a level higher than them. On the other hand, the higher-level Saviors could chat with those at the same or lower ranking.

When this Savior took the initiative to contact her, Bella felt a little confused when she saw the identity prompt; it bore the symbol of a Fate. She couldn’t be that unlucky, right? Being exposed to the other party as soon as she succeeded in infiltrating the Saviors’ system. Fortunately, Bella’s ranking was too low that the Fate on the other end could not start a video chat with her. That would require one to be a rank-S Savior or above. Currently, she could only go through the normal text chat. If it was only through text, then the other party probably won’t realize anything wrong. Feeling lucky, Bella accepted the communication request with the Fate.

No. 8 Fate: F-1444, respond if you receive this message.

F-1444 (Bella): I’m here, Fate sir.

No. 8 Fate: F-1444, what is F-1445’s situation? Wasn’t she with you? How come she hasn’t been around today?

F-1444 (Bella): Well, F-1445 had a stomach ache, so they’re still in the bathroom.

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