Volume 7 Chapter 426: The Secret Confrontation in the Ice Love Song and Authorized Invasion of the Saviors’ Cheat System

The seaside resort city of Aldridge Empire, Oldrango… 

Bella and the others, who had come to escape from the summer heat, met the four Saviors of the Savior Camp at the cold drink shop, Ice Love Song, located at the Frida Block on the First Commercial Street. The opponent was a system-type Savior. On Bella’s side, only she and Renegade Ariel could fight. First Chapter of the Sky Princess Eveny and Third Chapter of Taboo Effie couldn’t join this battle, and Bella also didn’t want to involve them in the conflict between the World Destructors and the Saviors for the time being.

Bella hadn’t planned on fighting the Saviors in the city, but since they had met each other, the other party wouldn’t let her go easily. Bella could actually see the system interface of those Saviors. Ariel and her data were being analyzed on it. Bella couldn’t tolerate this. This system could analyze the data of residents of this world. Wasn’t this a disguised form of breach in privacy?

Bella secretly sent a magic message to Assassin Noreya, asking her to sneak over here and prepare for a team fight. Afterward, Bella, holding Ariel’s hand and talking to the other two princesses of the magic empire, came to a nearby chair and sat down; there was no change in her expression or her voice. Princess Eveny ordered a fruit pudding for everyone as a desert to escape the heat.

The system-type Saviors were also feeling embarrassed. This was the first time they were facing a situation where the system was unable to identify the other party. Usually, they must report it to the Saviors base camp so that the Fates could analyze the data and check the origins of that guy. The problem was that a friendly message prompt was flashing on Bella, which put the Saviors in a dilemma. Wouldn’t it turn into a horrible mess if this person happened to be on their side?

“Bella, Noreya is already here. She’s so fast, arriving in no time. I wonder if she’s an assassin or a space-time mage.”

“It’s nothing! She should be waiting for me outside. Ariel, you stay and protect your two sisters here. I’ll lead them out.”

“Understood, Bella, be careful! There should be more of these Saviors. The system-type Saviors are more disgusting than traditional ones; they are more deceitful.”

After Bella and Ariel exchanged spirit messages, they immediately prepared to part ways. While the Saviors hadn’t figured out how to act, Bella had already planned to attack the enemy first and make a decisive move. The conflict between the Savior and the world destroyers had reached the point where they would kill each other without reason. Moreover, the system-type Saviors could only be regarded as minions in the Savior camp. Even if they were killed by the world destroyers or chaos bringers, it would not evolve into any grievance or hatred. They would automatically be sent back to the world they had traveled from and undergo a new round of reincarnation. Thus, one would not bear too much guilt in killing them.

“Well, you guys go on. I feel a little sick. I need to go to the bathroom.”

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“Bella, what’s wrong? How about I come with you? I know where the bathroom is.”

“I think it’s better for me to go with her. Sister Eveny, you are a princess. It might not be a good idea to walk around. It will just confuse the shopkeeper.”

“Well, Effie, you will love to be with her, won’t you?”

“Listen to me, Sister Eveny, Sister Effey. Will you stop fighting? You both are blushing. Those who don’t know would think that you guys are fighting for her attention… Bella has feet. She can go by herself. None of you are going. You will be staying with this sister for a while!”

Bella took a few bites of the fruit pudding before leaving with an upset stomach. Ariel stepped forward to stop Princess Eveny and Effie, who were about to follow her out of concern. The two princesses were quite curious about the cold drinks provided by the Ice Love Song. Their quality was guaranteed, after all, and none of the customers had complained over so many years.

Even if there was a problem with the cold drinks, the four of them were eating the same thing. There was no reason for Bella to get sick. Bella was still a devil king. A devil king getting food poisoning would be too far fetched. However, Ariel had already intervened, her words forcing them to retake their seats. Their faces were a little red, and both of them had their heads lowered. They dared not look straight at Ariel. Her words might have hit the mark.

Noticing Bella leave, the system-type Saviors reacted quickly. They couldn’t let a suspicious person leave. In light of the fact that Bella was a girl and she had just stated that she was going to the bathroom in a loud voice, the system-type Saviors decided to split their forces. The two female Saviors would follow Bella while the males would continue keeping an eye on Princess Ariel.

The two female Saviors could be considered pretty. Had it been before, Bella would have regarded them as charming and beautiful. However, now that she had seen many girls of extraordinary beauty, her standards had risen so high that they just couldn’t enter Bella’s vision. Bella now had a slave contract with the Renegades, allowing her to communicate with them.

Assassin Noreya was lurking not far outside. Not only Noreya but Puppeteer Elaine was also here. She had come here to join in on the fun. The strength of both sides was on par now, in number to be exact; four vs. four, four system-type Saviors vs. three Renegades and one World Destructor. But the combat power of both sides was pretty unbalanced. A Renegade could easily take four alone, not to mention a World Destructor. From the beginning, the result of the battle was fixed. This was just a game where the strong bullied the weak.

Bella recovered just as she exited the gates. She was merely pretending to have a stomachache, after all. She didn’t hurry to the toilet. Rather, she turned to a small room on the side. The two system-type female Saviors seemed to have turned on something similar to stealth, their figures turning fuzzy. This kind of stealth function could even deceive the demon kings, as long as they didn’t launch an attack.

However, up against the Demon God World Destructors and the Renegades, who had separated from the Saviors camp, it was utterly useless. They could easily see through this invisibility. Moreover, Bella was the pioneer of stealth in this world. When it came to stealth, Bella was confident that she would not lose to anyone.

Not only could Bella see through their invisibility, but she could also hear the whispers between the two Saviors. No wonder the system-type Saviors were called cannon fodders. Every time the World Destructors went to war with the Saviors camp on a large scale, the cannon fodders charging on the front-line were the system-type Saviors. In front of the Devil Gods and Evil Gods of the World Destructors camp, their combat force was no different from ordinary planes’ warriors. Sometimes, it was even worse than the warriors. Once their connection with the system was interrupted, their annihilation was a matter of minutes.

The two female Saviors appeared really confident. They didn’t notice that Bella had spotted them long ago and was just pretending to be oblivious. Also, God knew how Assassin Noreya had escaped that cheat-type Radar System of the Saviors camp, but her figure was looming behind the two Saviors. Oblivious to the two, she was anti-tracking them. On their interface, the only suspicious and unknown target was Bella.

At the end of the passage appeared Elaine in black, the Marionette Master. She was holding two black suitcases, giving the impression of a drug dealer or an intelligence broker who was waiting for someone to arrive. In order to disguise like them, Elaine had put on a pair of black sunglasses, and some of her puppets wore the same suits, pretending to be members of the mafia. Even she could not help but want to laugh at this scene, but Bella resisted the impulse and continued to cooperate with her.

“Witch, you are here. The goods have arrived. Did you bring the money? The magic debit cards are also okay. And don’t try to give me a few carriages of gold bars like you did last time. I almost couldn’t exchange them.”

“Mask, did I ever lie to you!? This time I guarantee it. It’s the black card of the Royal Reserve Bank of Manasvir, understand?”

“Well, I will believe you this time. Let’s go in and trade. You guys will be on the lookout. Don’t let anyone come in.”

Bella and Marionette Master Elaine were like two actresses giving a round of wonderful performances. The two (female) Saviors, who were secretly observing them, were fooled. They actually believed that these two were villains of two unknown camps meeting for a trade. Through their X-ray Vision, they could see that the black suitcases in Elaine’s hands carried obsidian in one and cursed skulls in another.

Obsidian and cursed skulls were both tools that could trigger undead disasters and create all kinds of black magic. Marionette Master Elaine then took out high-purity obsidian and cursed skills. At the same time, Bella too took out the exclusive black card of the Manasvir Empire that had the maximum transaction limit. The two Saviors judged that an illegal deal was taking place here.  

Their eagerness for quick success and the fact that they were now invisible had inflated their confidence. The duo quietly followed Bella, regardless of whether this was a trap or not. They came to the corner where Bella and Elaine had turned and vanished from their line of sight. But much to their surprise and dismay, they saw Bella sitting on a throne made of bones with an evil smile hanging on her lips. Dressed in a black cloak covering her face, Marionette Master Elaine was standing next to her.

“Little Sisters, it’s not a good idea to stalk someone. Following us here, you guys are not planning to do something bad to us, are you!?”

“F***, we are discovered. Devil, let’s go… What the hell is this…”

Just as the two Saviors were about to activate their abilities, their hands and feet were tied up by transparent puppet threads swarming at them from everywhere. Immediately after, a figure brushed past them. Assassin Noreya had cut their systems with two slashes of her blade, and two miniature devices similar to earphones fell down from their ears. Noreya could have ended their lives with a backstab straight away, but considering that Bella was here, she didn’t kill them. Instead, she cut off their connection with the system for the time being.

Bella had to admit that Assassin Noreya and Marionette Master Elaine were the perfect match for the crime. The two Renegades seemed to be two criminal geniuses. Without Bella’s next order, Assassin Noreya had shredded the clothes and underwear of the two Saviors with her blade. Such a perfect way to tear the clothes made the dirty Bella marvel.

Noreya’s attack didn’t affect Marionette Master Elaine’s bindings, leaving all the puppet threads controlled by Elaine. Under Elaine’s finger manipulation, the two Saviors had their hands tied on top of their heads and hung in the air. They were bound in the shameful turtle shell bondage style. Even more perverted was that the two Saviors had their legs separated, making an M shape with their feet, and hung upside down. The puppet thread cut straight through the mysterious bushy area between their legs, so they dared not move even an inch.

The masks worn by the two Saviors had been slashed to pieces by Assassin Noreya, bringing their pretty faces to light. They were quite beautiful, but at this moment, the calmness on their faces had disappeared. The cheat system that had always been regarded as near-invincible was easily destroyed by the enemy. Furthermore, the other party had taken them down with no effort and had even tied them up in such a shameful position. Had there been any man among the enemies, the two would have either fainted or bitten their tongue off.

“You two really did a good job… but I didn’t give you any order. Why did you take these little sisters’ clothes off?”

Regarding Bella’s ridicule, Assassin Noreya and Marionette Master Elaine pretended that they didn’t see or hear her almost simultaneously, ignoring her altogether. Who could guess what was going on in this devil king’s mind?

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Bella made her way to the two trembling beauties, stretched out her perverted hands, and grabbed their sleek asses. Her gaze seemed to belong to a slave owner checking his female slaves, sizing up the two beauties like they were merchandise. As her perverted gaze swept through each and every inch of their bodies, they felt an invisible power feeling out their bodies. They felt ticklish.

“Hmm, appearance is okay, complexion is fair, chest is bountiful enough, and it’s shapely enough in the right places. Should I sell them or use them as a subject for an experiment? It’s really troubling! By the way, you should be feeling cold. Come on, put on this suit first!”

The two beautiful Saviors turned pale when they heard Bella. Upon seeing the two black special straitjackets that Bella had taken out, their face turned even paler in shock. Those black sexy straitjackets appeared to be worn by the female slaves trained by their masters in some x** scenes on Earth. Bella had really taken out a perverted yet ergonomic prop.

Bella quickly buttoned a band around their little mouths so that their mouth could be opened but couldn’t bite. They couldn’t bite their tongues off and kill themselves. The two Saviors gawked helplessly as they were forced to wear those black straitjackets, their hands restrained behind their backs. A pair of cute little bells were hanging on the red cherries on their twin peaks. At first, Elaine had handed her a barbed iron ring, but Bella found it too heavy and could only replace it. When the two Saviors saw the barbed iron ring, they almost cried in fright and wet their pants a little.

Bella then picked up the system connection earplugs of the two. The cheat system was in-built with a camp identification function, but nothing happened in her hand. In order to prevent the other camps from acquiring this system, the system connection device had a self-camp identification function, which would cause it to destruct if it fell into the hands of a devil god. However, like the Great Evil Slaying Sword, this system’s sensors had inexplicably failed to detect that Bella was a member of the hostile camp.

“Tell me your connection password, or else I will put you in the toilet next to our toilet like this!”

“You are not a Savior. You basically can’t… Wait, I’ll speak…”

The two Saviors immediately collapsed when they heard Bella’s terrible idea of shutting them in next to the toilet in such a shameful manner. If this happened, they would turn into special toilet tools! Although Bella had not really planned on doing that, the two innocent and beautiful Saviors, who were performing the mission for the first time, were at Bella’s mercy in the face of her coercion and temptation. They quickly told their connection password. In any case, they believed that it would be useless, as the system could only be used by Saviors.

But much to their shock and dismay, Bella successfully connected to the Savior’s system. The two beautiful Saviors’ hearts hit rock bottom when they saw the green light symbolizing the starting of the system. This development had well exceeded their presumptions. If a villain could access the cheat system of the Savior camp, the villains would have full access to the movement of the Savior camp on this plane. This kind of thing had never happened before.

This was the equivalent to the network of the Savior camp being invaded by the World Destructors like hackers. In the future, most of the mission details and activity secrets of the Savior camp in this area would be obtained by the villain Bella at first notice. The severity of the consequences was something they could no longer bear.

“How is this possible!? You aren’t a Savior… Stop!”

“Don’t worry, sisters. You better stay still. I’m using your name to send false information to those two at the cold drinks shop. By the way, in the future, you guys will…”

“Bella, these two can’t be killed for the time being. Otherwise, their ID will be deleted by the system. If they leave, the system will judge that they have failed.”

“Then, I will leave them to you temporarily. Take good care of them! After all, we are all one family now!”

The two helpless and struggling Saviors were carried away by Marionette Master Elaine in two suitcases. Whereas Bella began to read the information from the system.

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