Chapter 168: Indecent Gentleman

Thanks to Li Mo’s helping hand, Sun Wei’s suffering subsided. He didn’t even care what others thought of him.

Li Mo helped him twice in all, and he didn’t do it at the last minute because he was planning to, but because he thought the man was a tough guy. He may be a bit indecent, with foul language, but his manner was that of a gentleman.

Just now, the coldness seeped into Sun Wei’s heart. If he didn’t work fast in finding a release, he would’ve died. Yet even in a moment of imminent demise, the man chose to approach people calmly instead of forcing himself on them.

Sun Wei was a third level power and no one here could stop him if he decided to take what he wanted. Besides humping his coldness away, there was also the option of touching people and his life would be safe. Yet he chose not to. His tone was crude but contained no ill will whatsoever.

“Ah, so good. Not cold at all.”

Sun Wei’s got teary-eyed.

His freezing ability was out of whack. He had been under its constant torment for as long as he knew. Without improving the state of his body, he’d ultimately succumb and die. And the situation had only grown worse as of late. It had something to do with becoming a third level expert. The stronger he was the more he’d suffer.

Sun Wei took his hand out of his pants and his face changed. Then he put it back in at once.

His hands had to be kept like that if he wanted the coldness away from his heart.

Sun Wei stayed in that indecent position with his eyes closed.

If it were anyone else, they’d be asking this savior of their what happened if he moved his hand. But not Sun Wei, because he could feel the man’s sincerity.

Two hours later, the train arrived at the station. No one came to welcome them, so Auntie Lan hailed a cab. Before she could tell the four to get in, Li Mo hailed another.

Four buffed men in one car? Better yet, a Frozone and a stinky butt all wrapped in one package?

Zheng Wufang got in smiling, “May I come with?”

Shi Zhenqiang lifted his pants and ran over, “May I…”

“No, you may not.”


Li Mo slammed the door.

It took the cab three hours to reach their destination. It could hardly be called the capital here. More aptly put, this was in the Yunzhou Province.

China Science Institute’s address was a forty years old dilapidated building. The plaster was cracked, some windows missing, and the yard overrun with weeds. If not for Auntie Lan’s car showing the way, Li Mo would’ve never believed this place was the Experts Alliance’s headquarters. 

“The Experts Alliance may be using the government’s China Science Institute’s name, but in reality, we aren’t under their jurisdiction, and neither do we receive funds. For the purpose of fooling the masses, Vice-chief Lan decided to turn this place into our headquarters.”

Auntie Lan stated as they walked.

Among the weeds, cars were parked. But none of them screamed expensive, with the most valuable there being around thirty thousand.

Laying low, and not drawing attention was one of the rules of Experts Alliance.

“Low-key? You call that laying low?” Sun Wei pointed.

Among the many many average cars, two sports cars stuck out like sore thumbs. One was golden, the other red. No matter where they were found, they’d be catching everyone’s eyes.

Zheng Wufang said, “Modified Rolls-Royce Phantom and a limited-edition Porsche. Any one of them is worth around thirty million. Didn’t Vice-chief Lan emphasize secrecy? Aren’t these two cars a clear breach of rules?”

Auntie Lan nodded.

“The golden sports car belongs to Vice-chief Lan’s only son, Lan Tianci. The red one should be Lan Tianci’s friend.”

Zheng Wufang exclaimed, “No wonder.”

Of the five hailing from Shenjing base, only Auntie Lan had been here before. The rest were first comers just like Li Mo. While Zheng Wufang had a lot more knowledge than they had.

Experts Alliance had a chief and a vice-chief. Auntie Lan said that vice-chief Lan Yue’s title wasn’t empty, being the Experts Alliance’s second in command. He stood above everyone while only one was above him. And since the aged chief had been in seclusion for the past years, rarely coming out in the open, all affairs of the alliance were handled by Lan Yue. It was no different than how a chief would act.

Lan Tianci was Lan Yue’s only son. Lan Yue was a man of principle setting himself as an example of how to follow rules. Except when it came to his son. Pampered and living with a silver spoon in his mouth, Lan Tianci did the exact opposite he was told without caring for anyone and anything. 

“Which base?”

They soon entered and the man in charge of attendance asked. Auntie Lan registered the four’s names and they got a key instead.

Yes, a key, which she gave to Zheng Wufang as she went elsewhere. She was a leader and had her private quarters.

The four’s room was on the third floor.

It was less than 20 square meters and had two bunk beds. Before they even entered, a foul stench blasted their noses.

“Mmmm, such aroma.” Shi Zhenqiang sniffed, then blasted a few winds of his own and making his palls shot out of the room like lightning.

Sun Wei yelled, “You tell me to stay in the same room with a skunk? Blast it! Won’t I die from the stench?”

Only allowed on

Zheng Wufang held his nose, “Are you any different? With how you can’t control the cold you release, not even three blankets are enough to fend the cold.”

Li Mo scowled, not imagining the dorm would be so wretched.

He could take it being small, even the odd smell, but the problem was his bunkmates. Sun Wei’s coldness could be put aside, but Shi Zhenqiang’s farts were a ticking timebomb. 

Li Mo chose to go to the fourth floor.

“What are you doing?”

“Going upstairs. You guys chose your beds.”

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The shabby dorm had seven floors. Li Mo thought, ‘The roof had to be aired at least, right?’

Li Mo was hit by a nice breeze and eased his mood a little.

‘Not a bad place.’

Li Mo picked a clean spot and sat cross-legged.

“Kid, get up, the roof is ours, we from Mobei Province. Outsiders aren’t allowed here. Beat it, or I’ll pummel you.”

Not five minutes passed and an annoying voice wafted over.

The man was plain average, except for the black ping pong ball sized birthmark on the left of his face. There were even some random black hairs sticking out. This guy was buffed, and 1.8 meters tall. He was tanned and even his muscles had muscles. A look would tell you instantly his ability. 

“I am Mobei Province base’s Overreaching Sage. Heard of me? Scared? Then get lost or when my leader returns you won’t get a second chance.”

“Never heard of you. And no, I won’t leave.”

Li Mo closed his eyes and practiced Earth Fist’s third move. He was at a crucial point now and had no time for miscellaneous things.

“O-ho, you got balls kid. What’s your base? What’s your level?

“You won’t talk? Just you wait!”

The buffed guy pulled his sleeves then turned tail.

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