Chapter 169: Hei Sha

“No matter whose base he belongs to, we need to put him in his place for messing with Mobei Province base. Where is he?”

The buffed birthmarked guy brought his gang to the roof but there was no sign of Li Mo.

“He was still here, strange…” He said.

“Ain’t it obvious? He ran. He must’ve heard of the fearsome 18 sages of the Mobei Province and peed his pants.”

“That’s right.”

While the Mobei Province base’s 18 men stormed the roof, Li Mo was flying his red sword northwest.

Northwest of Yunzhou Province laid Misty Mountain. What used to house a secret military base, was now abandoned even since some hikers discovered it by chance and posted photos on the internet. 

The Misty Mountain was desolate and not even hikers tread it, not since the rumors a few years ago involving tigers and bears.

Li Mo came here because he picked up two strong qi signatures fighting it out. 

Halfway up Misty Mountain, a pair of black and white men were fighting on top of a barren rock.

The man in white held a fan, releasing qi waves with every swing of his fan. Its power was similar to a sword beam.  

The man in black used black qi. It drifted about with marvelous flexibility, that the man in white was almost caught several times by its attacks. Fortunately, he was nimble enough to dodge every time.

Li Mo quietly stopped nearby. He knew the one in white, the same young master of the capital’s Bai clan, Bai Wudi.

Li Mo wouldn’t just go to any unrelated fight he detected. The reason he was here was because he noticed Bai Wudi.

“Brat of the Bais, where has your spunk gone? I told you not to look for trouble, but you did anyway. You just wouldn’t listen. He-he-he, do you regret it now? Blast it, this Misty Mountain is my turf! Even your great Bai clan will have to bow and scrape in my domain!”

The man in black shouted and the black qi exploded in size, extending to ten meters in range. Bai Wudi was hard-pressed to hold on.

“This mountain is out of the reach of the capital yet you came by yourself? He-he, who knew a hero would turn into a dog? But fret not my dear Bai boy, grandpa Hei likes tender tykes the most. You will be living for at least a year longer.


The man in black’s black qi extended even more and engulfed Bai Wudi.

“Bai clan’s first skill – Cleaving Mountains!”

Bai Wudi launched a ten-meter large qi wave from within the black fog, splitting it in two.

The man in black scampered away, but he was a second too slow, as the Cleaving Mountains took his arm with it.

“Bai clan’s second skill-“

Bai Wudi raised his fan high, as qi surged around him. But he didn’t get to use it as the man in black took back his black qi and hauled ass.

Finding himself alone, Bai Wudi slumped to the ground in ragged breaths.

“That was far too close for comfort. If this old Hei continued, I might have found my end today…”

Bai Wudi’s eyes rolled into his skull and frothed, knocked out cold before he could finish.

He breathed too much of the black-clothed man’s black qi and forced himself when he released the Cleaving Mountains strike. As for the second skill, he had no energy to unleash it. He got lucky the black-clothed man bought his ruse or he’d be a gonner.

Li Mo walked to Bai Wudi and saw the lingering poisonous black qi on him. A mere finger drew out the black qi and threw it to the side.

“Wake up.”

Li Mo nudged Bai Wudi with a kick but there was no reaction.

“Did the poison reach his heart?”

Li Mo took out a blue bead for Bai Wudi to swallow.

“%$#@, he still looked tough even after getting affected by my miasma. You almost had me fooled. Wait, who are you?”

The black-clothed man rushed right back not long after.

As he was running, his mind couldn’t help wondering. Bai Wudi was swallowed by his miasma and even covering his face wouldn’t stop it from seeping into his body because it could enter through one’s skin.

‘There’s no way the miasma isn’t affecting him!’

‘That tyke almost got me running scared!’

The black-clothed man endured the pain of losing his arm as he returned to see Li Mo there.

The man in black picked his arm off the ground and looked at Li Mo with flickering blue eyes.

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“Watch out. His miasma is so strong not even a fourth level power can stop it…” Bai Wudi whispered.

He woke up.

“Oh.” Li Mo nodded and retreated a few steps behind Bai Wudi.

Bai Wudi just got up when he watched Li Mo’s movements in shock.

“What are you doing?”

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“Didn’t you say a fourth level power can’t defend against miasma? I’m not at fourth level so I’ll leave this to you.”


Bai Wudi jumped in rage.

“Don’t look at me either. That man is Hei Sha, a powerful man in the top ten of China’s Heaven Board. He will stoop to anything, killing even pregnant women to cultivate a vile method. I finally tracked him down. I can’t let him escape!”

“Oh, that’s some big words coming from you, Bai tyke. Let me tell you something, grandpa Hei not only will stay here, I will also capture you and that kid behind you. He-he. Gonna get you to my cave and we’ll be having a blast.”

Li Mo asked, “Where’s he going with this?”

“Hell, this guy is gay. He wants to bust your other cherry.”

Li Mo’s face fell.

“Don’t look at me. I can’t take him on alone so help me out.”

“Here comes my miasma…”

The black qi around Hei Sha surged before it rushed to Bai Wudi, swallowing the two of them.

“It’s over. Is this how Bai Wudi finds his untimely end? Fine, then I will drag this heartless guy to my grave as well!”

“Bai clan’s third skill – death… eh, why am I not dead?”

Bai Wudi curiously found that he was fine despite the miasma sticking to him.

Bai Wudi’s voice suddenly changed, “Ahhh, I’m not fine at all… I-I can’t speak. Hei, you’re too vicious…”

“He-he-he, Bai tyke, even a bit of my miasma can render a fourth level power frozen. But you, with an even worse cultivation, dare shout around inside of it. Not even God can save you now.”

Hei Sha waited for when there was no sound coming out from the miasma before withdrawing it.

He saw that Bai Wudi and Li Mo were collapsed on the ground.

“Tyke, you can’t take even a single blow!”

Hei Sha walked to Bai Wudi.

“Bai clan’s first skill – Cleaving Mountains!”

Just when he arrived next to Bai Wudi, the latter jumped to his feet and unleashed a ten-meter long qi wave. Not expecting it, Hei Sha took the full brunt of it, cutting him down the middle.


Bai Wudi laughed it out of his system then suddenly stopped. He looked around but there was no sign of Li Mo around.

“Where’d he go?”

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