Chapter 21: A Small Request

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“Village Chief Shi, we are honored by your presence, excuse me for not going out to welcome you, excuse me for my lack of manners!” After Zhang Yang was notified that Shi Hao and others had arrived, he led Shi Hao and others to the Council Hall to entertain them. Now, Shi Hao was Zhang Yang’s lifeline. Zhang Yang was still waiting for Li Yi to win a victory in the competition a few days later.

“Village Chief Zhang, I have a small request, I wonder if it is appropriate to say it or not.” Shi Hao pretended to hesitate and frowned severely. He was quite an actor.

Upon seeing this, Zhang Yang’s eyes flashed and he immediately said: “Please say it! If Village Chief Shi has something to say, then say it directly. Tranquil Water Village and Twin Dragons Village shares honor or disgrace, what is inappropriate to say?”

“Since that is the case, I will speak my mind.” Shi Hao was proud inwardly. The fish took the bait! Shi Hao calmly said: “Twin Dragons Village is lacking capable manpower to make armors and weapons. For this reason, I specially came to look for Village Chief Zhang, wanting to take two people away. To be precise, it’s the pair of old couple, Cui Tie and Mo Ye.”

Zhang Yang was surprised and hesitated a bit. Cui Tie and Mo Ye, however, were the very capable figures of Tranquil Water Village’s smithy and tailor shop. Their item making skills were absolutely the best in the village. It was precisely because of this old couple’s skills, Tranquil Water Village’s item quality was a bit higher than in other villages. If Shi Hao took this old couple away, then it would be a big loss for Tranquil Water Village. But it was not impossible to give them to Shi Hao. Shi Hao just needed to pay a price.

Shi Hao was not surprised. Shi Hao long knew that Cui Tie and Mo Ye were the people especially responsible to make items. He was already prepared to pay the price! He took out two skill books from his inventory and handed them over to Zhang Yang. These two skill books were Sharp Sword Cast and Heavy Armor Cast. These were very rare skills among the D grade skills. This kind of skill books was a lot more useful than skill books like Powerful Attack. Powerful Attack was useful to just one person, but item making skills were very critical to the entire village, or even the entire force. Perhaps, someone might say that Shi Hao still made a profit, because Cui Tie and Mo Ye also had item making skills respectively. But as a matter of fact, Shi Hao didn’t know that Cui Tie and Mo Ye had skills. In Shi Hao’s view, it was enough as long as he could bring these two people to his village!

“Okay! Since this is the case, if I don’t agree, then I would look petty.” Zhang Yang agreed. Shi Hao was unclear but Zhang Yang was very clear. Only from the surface level, Zhang Yang suffered a small loss in this deal. However, since he had gotten two skill books, he could just re-train two new talents. In any case, the skill level of Cui Tie and Mo Ye was just level 1, and their accumulated proficiency was also not particularly high.

It was a pity that Shi Hao was clear and Zhang Yang was unclear. From the deeper level, even if Cui Tie and Mo Ye didn’t have any skills, this deal was a profit for Shi Hao. He made a big profit! Shi Hao who had just made a big profit didn’t dare to stay here. He hastily led soldiers to get things ready for Cui Tie and Mo Ye and left Tranquil Water Village. But before leaving, Shi Hao didn’t forget to set up a notice at the entrance of the village, explaining the whereabouts of Cui Tie and Mo Ye. Finally, when the sky was dark, Cui Tie and Mo Ye arrived at Twin Dragons Village, formally becoming a member of Twin Dragons Village.

“Hahahaha!” Shi Hao laughed heartily after returning to his room. Shi Hao had to laugh. Why wouldn’t Shi Hao want to laugh? Now, SS grade historical NPC Pei Yuanqing was already in his pocket. How could he not laugh? But why was it like that? Actually, Shi Hao had learned the hidden recruitment method from the Stargazing Platform. According to the background memory implanted by the system, Pei Yuanqing was actually the adopted son of Cui Tie and Mo Ye. In Pei Yuanqing’s memory, he never had a father or mother, and he was picked up and adopted by Cui Tie and Mo Ye. Afterward, he encountered a mysterious expert and was taken away by that person. This journey lasted for many years. Now, he had finished studying, and he had sent back a letter about returning a long time ago. He would return any day now to meet his adoptive parents. It was also because of this, Cui Tie and Mo Ye always waited outside Tranquil Water Village. They were waiting for the return of their child. According to the hidden recruitment method, as long as Cui Tie and Mo Ye were recruited to his village before Pei Yuanqing returned to Tranquil Water Village, he would successfully obtain the refuge of Pei Yuanqing! For Shi Hao, this hidden recruitment method was very simple, and he also succeeded in doing so. Therefore, how could he not laugh?

Merely, Tranquil Water Village’s Zhang Yang didn’t know these things, and never will. Even Feng Tianhao didn’t know that Shi Hao had played a dirty trick. After all, Stargazing Platform had a system limitation. Only Shi Hao knew the matters inside Stargazing Platform. And Shi Hao had taken such action after coming out without saying anything. If it weren’t for everyone finding out that Cui Tie and Mo Ye also had Sharp Blade Cast and Heavy Armor Cast skills later, everyone might have thought that Shi Hao had gone crazy. Many villagers had eagerly waited for Shi Hao to allocate those two skill books. Whoever received those two skill books could not only bring benefits to the village, but also greatly enhance their status.

“Let’s sleep! Tomorrow might be a good day.” Shi Hao was filled with expectation when he slept. He was looking forward to the arrival of Pei Yuanqing at any day.

Incidentally, after this matter, Shi Hao finally knew when Heroic Overlord Under Heaven had come to Twin Dragons Village. After all, that person who had pretended to be Cui Tie and Mo Ye’s son was definitely not Pei Yuanqing. Coupled with other details, Shi Hao assumed that he could only be Heroic Overlord Under Heaven’s lackey. Like that, weren’t those four people captured before Heroic Overlord Under Heaven and his lackeys? Alas! It’s a pity that I didn’t kill them. I wonder what they are doing now?

Without a doubt, the four-man team of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven must be doing things again. As long as Heroic Overlord Under Heaven was not imprisoned in game-prison, he would definitely do something. He especially liked to do things in the dark. The tales after the lights extinguish, Wu Batian liked this kind of tale.

The four-man team of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven sneaked up to the main entrance of Tranquil Water Village. Upon a closer look, Heroic Overlord Under Heaven had already reached level 7. Level 7 was the foremost level among the current players. Wu Batian had spent a lot of money to hire a studio that specialized in leveling up others to reach this level. The people of the studio killed monsters and Wu Batian just hung around to get experience.

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“Is it here?” Wu Batian’s eyes flashed with a hint of resentment and said: “You trash, you actually led Shake the Heaven and Blowing Wind Left A Scar to this place. I thought you were a clever person, what a waste of my feeling!”

Wu Batian was truly unlucky. His lackeys didn’t notice the second message of Li Yidao and he was captured by Shi Hao. Then, his lackey accidentally led Shi Hao to another village. Wu Batian had scolded his lackeys many times for this. Now, from the mouth of his lackey, Wu Batian had learned that Shake the Heaven and others got along with Tranquil Water Village’s Zhang Yang. But they didn’t know that not only Shi Hao and Zhang Yang got along well, but they had also signed a cooperation agreement. After all, Wu Batian’s lackey had taken advantage of the night to run away. He had no time to learn about those matters.

“Boss, as long as we intentionally defame Twin Dragons Village of Shake the Heaven and Blowing Wind Left A Scar, Tranquil Water Village might fight with them. At that time, we can take advantage of the chaos to get hold of the Village Building Order. This, however, is <<Kingdom>>’s first Village Building Order in the entire server. It must have a hidden function.” Wu Batian’s lackey said. This was the reason Wu Batian had come here.

It was a pity that when the four-man team of Wu Batian walked to the entrance of Tranquil Water Village, they saw that notice board set up by Shi Hao. The information on the notice board clearly stated one point! Tranquil Water Village and Twin Dragons Village were already good neighbors. Wu Batian had to stop his plan.

“Trash!” Wu Batian was very upset in his heart, and he angrily scolded: “In the middle of the night, you all insisted on pulling me here, saying there will not be any problems, and it will definitely work. Now, you tell me, what the hell is this notice board? Damn it!”

Wu Batian’s lackeys didn’t dare to argue back. They just closed their mouths and quietly endured the fury of Wu Batian. When Wu Batian was reprimanding his lackeys, if anyone dared to argue back, then there was only one result, death. At that time, Wu Batian and his lackeys suddenly saw a vague person’s figure.

“Boss, look over there.” When that person got a bit closer, Wu Batian and others noticed that that person didn’t wear any gears, and his option to display name was off. His height was standard adult man’s height, but his appearance was first-rate. This strange person was definitely not an ordinary villager. Wu Batian’s self-proclaimed talent scout skill was about to bloom again.

Wu Batian’s eyes glimmered with starlight. He walked over and said: “Hello! I’m Heroic Overlord Under Heaven from West Flower’s Novice Village. In the future, I will become the number one man in the entire West Flower Region. Today, I saw you, little brother, and sensed that little brother has an impressive bearing. You are a dragon among men. Little brother, may I ask what’s your honorable age, what’s your full name, and why are you here?”

“Cui Yuanqing, 15 years old this year. I went to study for many years and just completed my apprenticeship. I am returning to Tranquil Water Village to meet my parents. Gratitude for parents is heavier than heaven, I have to reciprocal it.” That person replied. In fact, he was Pei Yuanqing. Pei Yuanqing had intentionally said that his name was Cui Yuanqing because of his sentiment towards Cui Tie. If Shi Hao was here, he would be able to understand Pei Yuanqing because he knew Pei Yuanqing’s hidden plot. But Wu Batian didn’t know. Even if he knew, it was useless. Cui Tie had already arrived in Shi Hao’s village and Wu Batian couldn’t pull him back.

“It turned out to be little brother Cui! I’m very pleased to meet you.” Wu Batian said while calculating in his mind. Cui Yuanqing was a historical NPC no matter how he saw it. But he was unable to figure out which historical figure Cui Yuanqing was modeled after no matter how he thought about it. According to the setting of the game system, the capabilities of historical NPCs were linked with their historical information. Since he didn’t know the name Cui Yuanqing, there was a very low probability that Cui Yuanqing was a high-level historical NPC. However, even a scrawny camel was bigger than a horse, even a D grade historical NPC was much better than his three useless lackeys.

Wu Batian continued: “Little brother Cui, no matter how I see it, you are an aspiring young man. Do you want to stay in this Tranquil Water Village for your lifetime? I think it is better for little brother Cui to greet your parents and leave with us, how about it?”

Wu Batian’s words immediately triggered Pei Yuanqing’s recruitment mission. Naturally, this was not the hidden recruitment method. It was a very difficult version of recruitment. However, if Wu Batian could complete this mission, then he could intercept Shi Hao’s plans! But could Wu Batian do it?

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