Chapter 20: Stargazing Ability

After reading the posts about the three major villages, Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao also returned to <<Kingdom>>. The game’s sky had just gotten bright. Shi Hao summoned Wang Fu, explained what he knew and asked Wang Fu to speed up the construction works of Twin Dragons Village. He couldn’t let other people overtake them.

Wang Fu frowned and returned. Then, after considering for a long time, he returned to Shi Hao’s place and reported: “Village Chiefs, the village’s troops have developed a lot. They have already reached level 5. Moreover, the tailor shop has also been built and enough armors will be made soon. In addition, Lord Li Yi has purchased another 20,000 copper coins worth of goods and materials yesterday. With these new supplies, our village can build a new structure. Merely, I wonder if Village Chiefs want to build a smithy according to the original plan or build the Stargazing Platform first. At present, we can only choose one between these two.”

Shi Hao was dumbfounded for a moment. He had not expected that Wang Fu would suddenly mention this issue. However, Shi Hao understood after thinking about it for a bit.

The reason why Wang Fu mentioned this issue was to implicate that he wanted to build Stargazing Platform first!

Although the system sent announcements to all players, and NPCs couldn’t receive them, Wang Fu could understand the current situation after listening to Shi Hao. After Wang Fu learned that many people had already established villages, he was tangled for a long time and finally couldn’t help but wanted to change the original plan. It didn’t matter if there was no smithy for the time being. The tailor shop could supply enough armor for soldiers to form a solid defensive line. As for the matter of attacking, it was enough to leave it to archers and knights. But historical NPCs like Li Yi were very precious resources. In the past, he didn’t realize the threat of other players and there was no need to worry about the other people snatching historical NPC resources. But now, he realized it! He must not delay any longer. Getting a historical NPC was much better than getting a few more weapons.

“Since that is the case, let’s build the Stargazing Platform first.” Shi Hao said: “Old Wang, try to finish the construction before the night. Thanks for everyone’s hard work.”

Shi Hao calculated the time. Li Yi had left last night. He estimated that he would be back soon. With the current manpower of Twin Dragons Village, it would take about a day to build a structure in the game. But if the work was sped up, it would still be enough to complete the construction before the night. Once the construction was complete, Shi Hao would start ‘snatching people’!

Wang Fu withdrew, and Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao went to level up by themselves. When the night fell, Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao returned to Twin Dragons Village, and saw that Twin Dragons Village’s 49 level 5 soldiers (34 fighters, 10 knights and 5 archers) wearing a level 1 iron armor were standing uniformly, waiting for their return.

Wang Fu stood in the front with his white hair and white bread swaying in the air. Upon seeing Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao, he excitedly yelled: “Welcome Village Chiefs. Now, the construction of the Stargazing Platform is already complete. Please test it.”

“Very good!” Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao quickly came to the Stargazing Platform. At present, the Stargazing Platform had just one floor. The possibility of learning the information of high-level historical NPCs was low. But along with the increase in level, the number of Stargazing Platform’s floors would increase and the probability of learning the information of high-level historical NPCs would also get higher and higher. However, the low possibility didn’t mean that it was impossible.

Shi Hao entered Stargazing Platform by himself because only Twin Dragons Village’s Village Chief could use Stargazing Platform. Even if Feng Tianhao enters, there was no meaning. There was a transparent ball in the Stargazing Platform. Shi Hao placed his hand on it, and not long after, information appeared! This time, Shi Hao’s luck was truly good. The historical NPC notified by the Stargazing Platform was actually Pei Yuanqing, and his appearance site just happened to be in Tranquil Water Village next door!

Pei Yuanqing, however, was the third hero of Sui and Tang Dynasties. He was extremely talented, unrestrained and had great strength. The <<Kingdom>>’s Pei Yuanqing also inherited these traits. He was an out-and-out SS grade historical NPC. Pei Yuanqing’s profession was fighter, and his current level was not high. It was just level 10. Level 10 was the appropriate level set by the system for newly born historical NPCs during this period. It was neither too high nor low. However, level 10 fighter Pei Yuanqing was absolutely stronger than level 20 fighter Li Yi. Because Pei Yuanqing’s historical NPC’s special skill was called Hundred Wars Without Injury! This was a War God’s skill with excellent offense and defense.


[Skill Name: Hundred Wars Without Injury]

Only allowed on

[Skill Grade: historical NPC’s skill, no grade classification]

[Skill Type: Passive, no consumption]

[Weapon Restriction: None]

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[Current Rank and Mastery: Level 1, 50/100]

[Skill Effect: Attack Reduction by 35% (directly affects the other’s attack power, the attacks that ignore defense like Raging Flames Ball also receive a reduction effect; for instance, if the other party’s attack is 100, after the reduction of 35%, the attack would be 65. As long as you have 66 defense, you will not be injured), 5% critical hit rate]


Hundred Wars Without Injury, in terms of defense, this skill’s attack reduction of 35% was practically equivalent to being able to endure 150% more damage! It was not a joke. Level 10 Pei Yuanqing wearing a level 1 iron armor would have 60 defense. But to break the defense of Pei Yuanqing, more than 90 points of attack was needed. Even level 20 fighter Li Yi wouldn’t have such an attack unless Li Yi’s gears were too good.

In terms of attack, this skill’s 5% increase in critical hit rate was also extraordinary. The fighters’ attack was inherently inferior to knights, archers and strategists (strategists’ output was indeed high, but they truly died easily. Among all professions, strategists were the easiest to kill). But with a 5% critical hit rate, other fighters couldn’t compare to Pei Yuanqing, a fighter. A critical hit meant double damage. Even in the naked state, a level 10 knight would have 50 attack points, but with a critical hit, level 10 naked Pei Yuanqing attack would reach 60 points. This meant that Pei Yuanqing’s explosive power wouldn’t be any lower than most other professions on the same level.

Naturally, the recruitment standard of such a powerful Pei Yuanqing was not simple. In fact, Pei Yuanqing was the first SS grade historical NPC spawned by the game system that players could recruit. Other SS grade historical NPCs were set to be the member of Divine and Mighty Alliance from the beginning. Because of this, the game system especially increased the recruiting difficulty of Pei Yuanqing.

According to the configuration of the game system, if you want to recruit Pei Yuanqing, then you must injure Pei Yuanqing ‘without tricks’ and ‘effects’. Pei Yuanqing was most confident in his defense. Only by breaking his defense with your own strength, you can convince Pei Yuanqing,

Stargazing Platform’s transparent ball clearly showed the requirement to recruit Pei Yuanqing.

“F***! S***, what is this? It’s hopeless…” Shi Hao sighed. He had sighed because he felt powerless. After all, even if he had powerful items like Raging Flames Bomb, they all would be useless. The system had increased the difficulty, and he must use his own strength.

Shi Hao prepared to turn around and leave. Stargazing Platform’s CD was one month. The chance for this month was wasted. It seemed that drawing SS grade historical NPC was not only a bad thing, but it was also a big waste of opportunity.

However, Shi Hao was wrong. This was the first time the Stargazing Platform was used and SS grade historical NPC that system had just spawned was drawn, this was absolutely a good thing! Why? Think about it, could it be that Stargazing Platform was such a simple thing? Would it just tell the user about the location, character and the standard recruitment method set by the system? Of course, not!

“This…” Shi Hao was greatly surprised to see the ‘secret condition’ to recruit. As it turned out that the truly terrifying aspect of Stargazing Platform was this. Every historical NPCs had a standard recruitment method and a hidden recruitment method. The standard recruitment method could be learned after a few attempts, and even direct inquiries might be answered by the historical NPCs. But the hidden recruitment method was incomparably hard to learn, and the hidden recruitment method could substantially reduce the difficulty of recruitment. If you want to know the hidden recruitment method, then there basically was only one way! That’s right, Stargazing Platform! Stargazing Platform! Stargazing Platform! The important things should be said three times.

“So that’s how it is!” Shi Hao had a hint of unconcealable confidence in his eyes. This was his confidence in being able to win over Pei Yuanqing. Shi Hao left the Stargazing Platform, made preparation and hurried to Tranquil Water Village with Feng Tianhao, Li Yi and a few soldiers. Shi Hao didn’t dare to delay, because although the hidden recruitment method of Pei Yuanqing was not difficult, and it was even more simple for Shi Hao, the time requirement was very strict. And the restricted time would come soon. He feared that it won’t work later!

Therefore, before the sky was bright, Shi Hao and others had already arrived at the main entrance of Tranquil Water Village…

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