Rigged 6

The walk was horter than they had expected. Roderick and Eduwardo’s gang reached near the house in less than an hour. The house was in the middle of nowhere. It appeared if the house would not survive a sandstorm but the house was there, nevertheless.
“Moffet’s house.” Eduwardo told him where they were.
“Is he your friend?” Roderick glanced at him.
Eduwardo scoffed before entering. Roderick followed him to the door. Roderick got in to see a middle-aged man working in his desk. He looked too intellectual to be a mechanic. If his old clothes were replaced with new ones, he could be believed as a college professor in the real world.
Moffet did not like this much men intruding in his house at the time of work.
“Give me batteries for metal detector.” Eduwardo showed him the lifeless device.
“You sure you don’t want car,” Moffet corrected himself, “bike batteries?”
“Bike batteries? Are you out of your mind? Give us what he says.” Roderick didn’t shy away to speak.
“And the purpose for it?”
“Oil rig is empty.” Eduwardo spoke, “Someone has drained fuel out. We have found the pipe used for suction.”
Moffet had a good stare at them. His look was filled with complexion, “Okay. Give it to me. I will put the most durable battery.”
Eduwardo handed the device to him and Moffet loosened its screws one by one. Moffet put half of his body inside the big cupboard and took out a specific battery from a bunch of those. Then he fixed it inside the metal detector and gave it to Eduwardo.
Eduwardo didn’t want his hand occupied, so he handed it over to Roderick. Roderick’s hands were sweating too. He did not like it but kept holding it.
“Are these low-quality batteries?” Eduwardo pointed at them.
Moffet shook his head sideways.
One of Eduwardo’s men filled his bag with those batteries. It was the last thing they did before progressing deep into the wasteland. 
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