Chapter 25: Powerful Acting

The charge of cavalrymen was not a small matter. Once they charged over, there would be a string of casualties.

“Not good!” The soldiers of Tranquil Water Village were frightened. They hadn’t expected the cavalrymen to charge down like this. It was obviously stated before that threatening the life of others was forbidden. But the cavalrymen were attacking like this. Under a charge, who could guarantee that no one would be killed? No one could. Perhaps, someone might say, do the rules forbid from inflicting injuries? I’m sorry if there are casualties later. In addition, Pan Feng and Wang Ling had some connections, there would be no problem. Accidents in the competition were not a big deal. Even if some soldiers died, Divine and Mighty Alliance wouldn’t care.

Suddenly, Tranquil Water Village’s soldiers dispersed and withdrew from the battle.

The morale of soldiers under Wang Ling roared, and they rushed towards the highland where Pei Yuanqing was stationed under the cover of the cavalrymen.

“This, this…” Zhang Yang was embarrassed and his eyes were evasive. In fact, Zhang Yang could roughly guess these soldiers’ thoughts. Zhang Yang had never placed hopes on these soldiers. Zhang Yang said: “Village Chief Shi, let’s concede this match. The next match will depend on little brother Cui’s skill.”

Shi Hao was overjoyed in his heart. It truly was like someone gave him a pillow when he was feeling sleepy. Shi Hao also didn’t want to win this match. If Shi Hao had signaled and made his 30 soldiers use all their strength, then they would have won this match. Like that, how could he continue this performance? Not to mention his strength would be exposed and his performance fee would also be greatly reduced. Naturally, Shi Hao wouldn’t do such a thing.

Shi Hao pretended to think over and said with a frown: “We can only do that! Village Chief Zhang is right.”

Zhang Yang conceded the team match, and the corners of Wang Ling’s mouth rose high as if a crescent moon that could illuminate the entire kingdom. Wang Ling continuously taunted Zhang Yang. His skill to shoot his mouth off was very powerful. But Pan Feng was very upset.

He berated: “Okay! Don’t waste time! Quickly start the next match. My broadsword is thirsty!”

Shortly afterward, the battle between the captains opened the curtain. The two parties stood on the flat ground.

“Little devil, don’t get killed by my one move. Otherwise, even if I want to be lenient, I’d be powerless.” Pan Feng proudly said with a hint of disdain. Pan Feng wasn’t blind either. He could see that the armor on that fellow was indeed pretty good. However, he had absolute confidence in his skills. He was already imagining how that armor would be his after he won this battle. This shining armor perfectly matched him.

At this moment, Pei Yuanqing took out a pair of iron hammers. Among them, the primary hammer was his weapon, which increased his attack and the secondary hammer was an assist item, which increased his defense. The stat increment of such a configuration was exactly the same as a fighter equipped with an iron sword and an iron shield. However, the feeling and techniques of using them were entirely different. Pei Yuanqing liked to use twin hammers.

Pan Feng didn’t care about twin hammers or other things. After the weapons were taken out, the competition started. Pan Feng immediately kicked his horse to rush forward. The war-horse of Pan Feng ran wildly, and Pan Feng slashed at Pei Yuanqing with all his strength. Who was Pei Yuanqing? He was the dignified third-greatest hero of Sui and Tang Dynasties. Pei Yuanqing’s skill was extraordinary. He reacted quickly and directly dodged the attack.

The combat technique of Pei Yuanqing made everyone present cheer in succession. Zhang Yang was even more convinced with Shi Hao’s 50% chance of victory.

“Little devil! Take my attack again.” Pan Feng reined in the horse to turn around and charged again. The speed and momentum suddenly rose sharply! Obviously, General Pan Feng had activated his skill. At this moment, every one of Tranquil Water Village was sweating for ‘Cui Yuanqing’. Such a might, even if you had that silver armor, it might be very difficult to resist.

It was a pity! These people didn’t know that this silver armor was an epic grade item, moreover, it was an epic grade armor specially prepared for fighters. Its defense was amazing. Naturally, Shi Hao didn’t want them to know this. Pei Yuanqing also knew that Shi Hao didn’t want others to know this.

Therefore, Pei Yuanqing didn’t intend to let Pan Feng hit him. Once Pei Yuanqing was hit but his defense was not broken, then everyone’s first thought would be that the defense of this silver armor was very powerful! Perhaps, someone might ask Pei Yuanqing to fight wearing ordinary iron armor.

It would be even worse if that was the case. In case Pei Yuanqing was truly hit again but his defense was not broken even though he was wearing ordinary armor, then that would certainly become a big deal. Everyone would know that Pei Yuanqing was a high-level historical NPC. By comparison, exposing the Silver Dragon Armor was nothing. Shi Hao’s real trump card was Pei Yuanqing, not Silver Dragon Armor.

“Idiot!” Pei Yuanqing had sharp eyes and quick hands. He forcibly blocked Pan Feng’s broadsword using his twin hammers. This was judged as ‘blocked’ by the system. An imperfect block could just reduce a portion of damage while a perfect block was equivalent to dodging, which could completely negate all damage.

With Pei Yuanqing’s skill, it was natural that he was able to block the attack of Pan Feng perfectly. It was indeed a perfect block. Merely, Pei Yuanqing had to display not too perfect posture. He dived beautifully and rolled back three times. After getting up, he showed an unwell look.

“Humph!” Pan Feng still looked haughty. In Pan Feng’s view, Pei Yuanqing’s reaction was just a bit quicker. After a few more rounds, Pei Yuanqing would be defeated for certain. Thereupon, Pan Feng continued to ‘follow up a victory with hot pursuit’. His skill had a time limit. He couldn’t waste time.

Soon, more than ten rounds had already passed. Pan Feng’s broadsword was still sharp and the acting of Pei Yuanqing was still outstanding. But Zhang Yang couldn’t sit still. He looked impatient as he said: “Village Chief Shi, Pan Feng’s offense is strong. If this goes on, then little brother Cui is sure to lose.”

Shi Hao repeatedly nodded his head but was inwardly pleased as he said: “It is already at this point. We can only sit by and watch. Although Pan Feng’s offense is strong, Yuanqing also has his own unique skill. His certain kill skill is called ‘Invincible Iron Hammer’. This certain kill skill has a passive effect. It’s able to enhance the blocking effect of the iron hammer. If he continues to hold his position, he will not lose. and Pan Feng’s momentum will not last long. Therefore, if he continued to waste time, there is a 90% chance that this match will be a tie.”

Invincible Iron Hammer mentioned by Shi Hao was naturally something he made up. It was purely to find a suitable reason for Pei Yuanqing remaining unscathed in the battle, so that everyone wouldn’t think too much about it. And Zhang Yang who was relying on Pei Yuanqing to win this competition also wouldn’t think whether the matter of Invincible Iron Hammer was true or false.

Unwittingly, tens of rounds between Pan Feng and Pei Yuanqing had already passed.

“The difference is just about enough. It should end now.” Pei Yuanqing calculated the time and estimated that Pan Feng’s skill was about to end. Pan Feng had 30 MP in total, and the skill “General Pan Feng’ consumed 15 points at a time. Calculating like this, Pan Feng should be able to persist continuously for 20 minutes in the state of not using any assist items. Pei Yuanqing endured Pan Feng’s attacks for the entire 20 minutes. He never fought back, just block, block, and block again.

“Damn it! Why is this boy so resistant?” Pan Feng was panicking. If he wasn’t able to defeat Pei Yuanqing when his skill was active, how could he fight without the skill? Pan Feng was also a little angry. He had received a sum of money from Wang Ling to eliminate calamities. But how could that ‘small sum of money’ be enough to settle this fair and pure little calamity in front of him? If this continues, then it would end up with a tie and waste of time.

“Stop the fight! This boy’s skill is not bad. Let’s fight some other day again.” Pan Feng waved his hand and led his 30 troops, wanting to leave. But it was not so easy for him to leave. Neither Wang Ling nor Shi Ha would agree to let Pan Feng leave!

“Wait a moment! General Pan, you cannot do this. If you leave, I’ll lose.” Wang Ling was feeling bitter but couldn’t display his anger. In order to invite Pan Feng, Wang Ling had borrowed a lot of money. At least for Wang Ling, if he wanted to pay off those loans, then he needed Tranquil Water Village’s resources. But Pan Feng wouldn’t fight now, which meant that it was a tie. Therefore, Tranquil Water Village would be managed by Zhang Yang as before. How would he pay back the loans? Therefore, Wang Ling was the first person to not let Pan Feng leave.

“Not so fast! General Pan Feng, your people can leave but those 30 war-horses must stay.” Shi Hao had long been waiting for this moment. With 30 war-horses, he could create a cavalry squad and even a bow cavalry. Like that, Twin Dragons Village’s military power would be stronger.

But what kind of temperament did Pan Feng have? He was supercilious and self-conceited. He wouldn’t care about Wang Ling. Moreover, it was impossible to fulfill the demand of Shi Hao. Pan Feng was most proud of his 30 knights equipped with war-horses. This was his lifeblood. Pan Feng would never hand it over.

Pan Feng frowned and roared angrily: “I’m Divine and Mighty Alliance’s official military officer. Ignorant youth like you also dare to demand my things? Roll to one side, or don’t blame me for chopping your head off. You will just die in vain in my hands.”

Seeing this, Shi Hao pretended to be puzzled and asked Zhang Yang: “Are Pan Feng’s words true?”

Shi Hao wanted to pressure Zhang Yang to make his position crystal clear. Shi Hao naturally couldn’t rob things from the members of Divine and Mighty Alliance. Even if it was justified and had evidence, it would be very difficult to seize them. However, if Zhang Yang acted on Shi Hao’s behalf, then the situation would be different. Zhang Yang was also a member of Divine and Mighty Alliance.

“His words are pure nonsense! Village Chief Shi, those 30 war-horses should naturally belong to Twin Dragons Village.” Zhang Yang said with confidence. Tranquil Water Village was still his. Now, it was the time to settle the accounts between him and Wang Ling. But Pan Feng actually helped Wang Ling. Therefore, Zhang Yang would naturally not let Pan Feng off. Besides, if Pan Feng’s war-horses were in Shi Hao’s hands, then Shi Hao would also protect Tranquil Water Village. Like that, why would Zhang Yang not do it?

“Zhang Yang! You actually dare to speak like this. Courting death.” Pan Feng was flustered and exasperated. He immediately kicked his horse and charged towards Zhang Yang wanting to kill him. This, however, was a big taboo! Divine and Mighty Alliance forbade arbitrarily killing each other without reporting to the higher-ups first. This competition could be carried out because of Divine and Mighty Alliance’s permission. But it was absolutely not allowed to charge and attack like Pan Feng.

Zhang Yang knew this point. Shi Hao also had already guessed this point. But in order to ensure safety, Shi Hao stood in front of Zhang Yang and calmly asked: “Can I kill him?”

“You can kill him! Killing him is rendering great service.” Zhang Yang was deeply moved. He firmly believed that Shi Hao was his guardian star. Now, Pan Feng had already used up his skill. In addition, Zhang Yang felt that there were many capable people under Shi Hao, so, Shi Hao could kill Pan Feng. If Shi Hao truly killed Pan Feng, he would do his best to help Shi Hao gain more benefits from Divine and Mighty Alliance, and let Twin Dragons Village develop much faster.

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