Chapter 24: General Pan Feng

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Zhang Yang’s words undoubtedly revealed his concerns. Zhang Yang had no choice but to worry. Even if Zhang Yang knew that Shi Hao had the skill ‘Soul of the Warrior’, he would still be worried. As a matter of fact, even with the bluff of Shi Hao’s Soul of the Warrior, Li Yi’s current defense was 73.7 points. But once Pan Feng activated his skill, his attack would reach 76 points! Conversely, Li Yi’s attack was just 45.1 points while Pan Feng’s defense was 51 points. Moreover, Pan Feng had an overwhelming advantage in speed. It would not be easy for Li Yi to dodge Pan Feng’s attacks. Li Yi would need great techniques! Therefore, in the battle between Li Yi and Zhang Yang, Li Yi would lose after 20 to 30 rounds.

Speaking about it, it was very normal for Li Yi to lose to Pan Feng. There were two main reasons for this. Firstly, knights generally restrained fighters. The knights’ attack stat was enough to damage fighters, but fighters’ attack was not enough to damage knights. In addition, knights were also a lot faster. This was the issue of professions. In the <<Kingdom>>, the knights were the hardest existence to deal with in a one-on-one battle. Secondly, Pan Feng was a B grade historical NPC, whereas Li Yi was a C grade historical NPC. And a B grade figure defeating a C grade figure was quite normal.

Shi Hao quickly thought over these things. Zhang Yang was unclear but Shi Hao was very clear. Li Yi couldn’t do it, but did that mean Pei Yuanqing also couldn’t do it? If Pei Yuanqing couldn’t defeat Pan Feng, then Shi Hao would write his name backward. But would Shi Hao explain everything foolishly? This, however, was a chance to reap more benefits. Weren’t Twin Dragons Village’s goods and materials and war-horses right in front of him now?

Shi Hao pretended to be worried and said: “Village Chief Zhang, there are too many variable factors. If General Pan Feng truly comes, then who among us can be his opponent? Thinking carefully, even if there is someone like that, I fear he can only be my Twin Dragons Village’s recently recruited valiant general, Cui Yuanqing.”

Shi Hao was addressing Pei Yuanqing as Cui Yuanqing because he feared that Zhang Yang might remember the name Pei Yuanqing. Moreover, the Village Logbook in the hands of Zhang Yang contained the basic information of all residents. Even if the said resident had already left the village, the previous information wouldn’t disappear. It could still be found out. However, this logbook only records the character name registered in the system. The alias or nickname assumed by the character wouldn’t be recorded on the logbook. In other words, Zhang Yang might be able to find the name Pei Yuanqing, but not Cui Yuanqing. In any case, the option to display name was turned off and Zhang Yang wouldn’t be able to see the real name of Pei Yuanqing. Moreover, Pei Yuanqing himself also liked to call himself Cui Yuanqing. Since that was the case, Pei Yuanqing would be called Cui Pei Yuanqing from now on.

“Oh?” Zhang Yang was delighted when he heard Shi Hao say that there was still a chance of victory. But when Zhang Yang thought about it, among the troops brought by Shi Hao, the one who could be called ‘Valiant General’ Cui Yuanqing was just that fair little noble son. How could such a person be able to defeat General Pan Feng? General Pan Feng was big and tall. Zhang Yang was very puzzled, but he had to doctor a dead horse as if it were still alive, and said: “Village Chief Shi, it’s a very important matter, this isn’t a joke, is it?”

Shi Hao intentionally closed his eyes, remained silent for a long time, sighed and shook his head. He repeated this three times. Only after that, he said: “Of course, I’m not joking! However, although Cui Yuanqing is a valiant general, he might also not be able to defeat General Pan Feng. At this moment, according to my estimation, Cui Yuanqing has at most a 50% chance of victory against Pan Feng.”

“50% is enough!” Since the matter had already reached this point, Zhang Yang had to believe in Shi Hao’s judgment. Shi Hao said that there was a 50% chance of victory. That 50% chance of victory was neither high nor low. But a 50% chance of victory was enough for Zhang Yang to take the risk and fight for it. Zhang Yang made a decision and said: “As long as this matter is successful, from here onwards, Tranquil Water Village will increase the portion of goods and materials provided to Twin Dragons Village. And this Zhang will never forget today’s favor of Village Chief Shi.”

Shi Hao took a deep breath and said calmly: “Yuanqing, you have also heard everything. This battle is very important. I know this battle is not easy. With your ability, even if you win, it would just be a narrow victory. However, you must not shrink back, do you understand?”

The meaning behind Shi Hao’s words was very clear. Pei Yuanqing had to win, but he must also perform very well. Pei Yuanqing was also not stupid. He naturally understood what Shi Hao meant. He equipped shining Silver Dragon Armor and replied: “Cui Yuanqing understands! I’ll fight General Pan Feng and spread the military might of my Twin Dragons Village!”

At this moment, Zhang Yang saw Pei Yuanqing’s armor and finally understood why Shi Hao said that there was a 50% chance of victory. Soon, Pan Feng and Wang Ling arrived at Tranquil Water Village along with the remaining 70 soldiers. These 70 men were completely identical to 70 men supplied by Zhang Yang. There were 40 fighters, 15 knights (without war-horses) and 15 archers. Wang Ling didn’t have war-horses. He was very respectful when talking with Pan Feng. Wang Ling had paid a big price to invite Pan Feng.

After the meeting, the two sides briefly introduced each other’s situation (explained each other’s names, status as well as the people who would take part in the battle).

Pan Feng was indifferent. He proudly rode a war-horse in front of the 30 cavalrymen and completely ignored the existence of Shi Hao and others. Shi Hao, a trivial fighter had become the Village Chief. This was truly ridiculous. Except for a few super abnormal fighters (in Pan Feng’s eyes, such as the gap between himself and Wang Ling), where was this kind of thing? Moreover, as far as Pan Feng was concerned, no one could stop his cavalry and his broadsword. Pang Feng asked: “When will this competition start?”

“It’ll start immediately!” Shi Hao stepped forward, looking fierce. He had to infuriate them to deal with people like Pan Feng. Once Pan Feng was enraged, it would be his loss. Shi Hao said: “Merely, I wonder is General Pan Feng has guts to make a small bet with me before the competition?”

“Humph! Why wouldn’t I dare?” Pan Feng was angered and he said: “Are you capable of defeating me? In this world, those who can defeat me are all people with higher positions than me. What are you counted as?”

“Good! I’m nothing important. But the important thing is, if you lose, your 30 war-horses will be mine. On the contrary, whatever you want, as long as I have, everything will be yours!” Shi Hao smiled. He was very satisfied.

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“Stop talking more nonsense now, stupid fellow!” Pan Feng berated. Thereupon, Pan Feng and Pei Yuanqing led 100 soldiers each and lined up in a battle formation outside Tranquil Water Village. Then, the soldiers began to fight.

Looking from the distance, Tranquil Water Village was surrounded by mountains on all sides. But there was a section of flat ground, which was used as their main battlefield. Looking from afar, Pan Feng’s 30 cavalrymen were lined up on a mountain, ready to charge at any moment. As for Pei Yuanqing, he led Twin Dragons Village’s 30 soldiers to another mountain. Their momentum was majestic. And on the flat ground, both sides’ 70 soldiers were sparing no effort to kill each other.

Slowly, Tranquil Water Village’s 70 troops (couldn’t receive the bluff of Shi Hao’s Soul of the Warrior) began to fall into a disadvantageous position. Speaking about it, the level of these 70 people on both sides was identical. Moreover, Tranquil Water Village’s gears had the additional bluff of 1 attack and 1 defense (because of level 1 Sharp Sword Cast, level 1 Heavy Armor Cast). Under such circumstances, as long as there was no big difference in the combat awareness of the soldiers on both sides, they wouldn’t fall into a disadvantageous position. In fact, the combat sense of the soldiers on both sides truly had no big difference. The real difference came from a skill! Wang Ling’s skill, More Troops Victory.


[Skill Name: More Troops Victory]

[Skill Grade: historical NPC’s skill, no grade classification]

[Skill Type: Passive, no consumption]

[Weapon Restriction: More Troops Victory]

[Current Rank and Mastery: Level 1, 60/100]

[Skill Effect: When the number of troops on one’s side is no less than the enemy’s side, attack and defense of oneself and allies increases by 2 within the radius of 500 meters]


It was clearly explained that in <<Kingdom>>’s system, allies were determined not based on the degree of friendship between the two parties, rather based on whether there was an existence of allied relationship recognized by the system. For instance, soldiers under the leadership were allies, and the high-ranking military officers under a power’s chief were also allies. But the determination of allies was a downward flow, not an upward flow. In a group, if A was the superior of B, then A’s allies bluff skill would be effective for B. But B’s allies bluff skill wouldn’t work on A! This was also a type of protection measure set by the system for commanders to become the team leader. Commanders were good at using large-scale bluff skills. If you want to receive the bluff of these commander’s skills, then you must take the commander as the leader. The commanders who couldn’t become the leader were a powerless cripple.

Because of this, Wang Ling’s skill ‘More Troops Victory’ was only effective on his own 70 soldiers. It had no effect on 30 cavalrymen under Pan Feng. Although they were indeed one group, Pan Feng’s rank was set higher than Wang Ling in the personnel rank setting. There was no other way, who let Pan Feng’s strength to be a lot stronger than Wang Ling. Moreover, Pan Feng’s brain was also not good enough.

“Hahahaha!” Wang Ling laughed and said: “With your miscellaneous mobs, can you still fight against my elite troops?”

“Is that so?” Shi Hao pulled out Water Cloud Sword and it shone with pallid light as he sneered: “From the past till the present, strength is used to speak on the battlefield, right?”

Twin Dragons Village’s archers saw this signal and released waves of arrows. These 5 archers were equipped well. They had even equipped assist item, level 1 iron arrow. Their attack had reached 42.9 points. What did this imply? One should know that the fighters with the highest defense under Wang Ling had 38 defense and 25 HP. Even the fighters couldn’t endure being hit by the arrows many times, let alone other people. 

Twin Dragons Village’s archers received the signal of Pei Yuanqing and began to release arrows in succession. In the game, one could intentionally reduce attack power. Merely, in a battle between life and death, who would intentionally reduce the attack power? Only external actors like Shi Hao might do so. Twin Dragons Village’s archers estimated the shooting power and adjusted the attack power just enough to hit the defense line established by the soldiers under Wang Ling. Gradually, the flesh defense of Wang Ling’s soldiers was forced to retreat step by step.

“Humph! Don’t be complacent.” Upon seeing this, Wang Ling thought carefully. He deemed that all of this was due to the equipment advantage of Tranquil Water Village. This time, Wang Ling’s determination to capture Tranquil Water Village was further strengthened. In addition, he felt happy that he invited Pan Feng as the last resort.

Upon seeing the disadvantageous position of Tranquil Water Village’s soldiers was quickly turning around under the fire cover of Twin Dragons Village’s archers, 30 strong cavalrymen under Pan Feng prepared to take action. When these 30 cavalrymen rushed down from highland, they had a great momentum and dust was blown up by wind.

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