Chapter 1264 – Retreating Enemies

If the demons were to try to force their way through, only death awaits.

The Lion Emperor has yet to unite all the demons under him. If he were to send his subordinates to death, it would obstruct his great ambition in the future.

As for the Demon God Command, the humans could only keep it and be unable to use it. The Demon God Command would only activate in the hands of a demon.

Even if the demons did not possess the Demon God Command, it was not a threat for the Lion Emperor for now. He can return and discuss with the other demon emperors before coming up with a plan to steal it back.

Lion Emperor contemplated before releasing an unwilling roar towards Poison Sage!

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Ripples appeared on the vegetation around Blackrock City due to the sonic blast.

“Old Poison, just you wait!”

And unwillingly ordered his Lion Demon Army to retreat.

Blackrock City cheered. Everyone was prepared for battle, but the Poison Sage easily scared the demons into retreating without any deaths, it was truly formidable.


A snow-white fox was running quickly and prudently through the forest.

This fox has lustrous fur and moved with great agility. Its sharp face and large eyes were filled with cunning and excitement.

It was sniffing about, as though it was looking for something.

Finally, it arrived at a pile of forest leaves and started digging.

A short while later, it dug up a small ring. This storage ring was the most common and also the lowest grade used by humans.

The fox used its divine sense to inspect its contents before releasing cheers of excitement.

Due to being overly excited, it could no longer maintain its form and turned into a human.

It was Madam Fox Charm.

After Madam Fox Charm was forcefully teleported out of the Demon God Estate, she had also lost contact with Bull Demon Emperor and the rest. However, she did not immediately go to find Bull Demon Emperor but turned into her fox form and went searching.

“Hahaha, that human told the truth!”

“Good. From today onwards, this Madam’s ambition to unite the demons is within reach. So what if I have not become a Half-Emperor?”

She still has the chance to unite the demons under her and build a harem of male demons. Even Demon Emperors will turn into my demon consorts…

It was also possible to snatch some handsome human elites, such as the famous Young Master Ya? Or the elites of the Eight Great Clans?

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The more Madam Fox Charm thought, the more excited she became. Although the task has yet to be completed, the item was in her hands. There were things to be done next.

Madam Fox Charm took out a feather and wrote some words on it before it flew towards Blackrock City.

Madam Fox Charm’s actions were all quietly being observed by a pair of cold eyes hidden within the forest…


Blackrock City.

Poison Sage personally brought Ji Mo Ya and the rest back into the city using his flying equipment.

The warriors within the city all came out to welcome them.

“Truly awesome. To be able to infiltrate demon territory and rob the Demon God Command. Such a difficult task can only be achieved by human elites like Young Master Ya and the rest.”

“That’s right! Young Master Ya reached Mid-Stage King Spirit Master, while some of them got promoted to King Spirit Masters. Only heaven knows what great opportunity they have experienced, to think that they could advance so quickly…”

“I remember Lady Bai Li was only a Mid-Stage Mystic Spirit Master when she came to Blackrock City, and she was not a King Spirit Master as well. Truly terrifying.”


Just as everyone was discussing. Poison Sage and the other King Spirit Masters of Blackrock City have already performed first aid for Ji Mo Ya, Huan Qing Yan and the rest…

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