Chapter 26: County Messenger

Zhang Yang said so! Then, Shi Hao turned around and quickly glanced at Feng Tianhao, Pei Yuanqing and Li Yi. After those three people got his glance, they immediately understood tacitly. Now, it was no longer a one-on-one match. If Pan Feng was KOed in one-on-one now, then although Pan Feng no longer had his skill, it would still appear somewhat suspicious. Therefore, it was better to have a group brawl!

Li Yi was closest in distance. He rushed forward first and blocked Pan Feng’s attack. Pan Feng couldn’t break through the defense of Li Yi without the bluff of his skill. Pei Yuanqing quickly blocked Pan Feng’s route of retreat. And Feng Tianhao pulled out his iron sword with a smile and rushed towards Pan Feng using an unpredictable movement technique.

Pan Feng was greatly shocked! He immediately yelled: “Stop, I’ll give you all my war-horses.”

Pan Feng also realized his stupidity. If he was killed now, then he would be dead in vain. It was no good. If war-horses were lost, he could still think of a way to work it out. But if he lost his life, then what could he do?

“No! Just a moment ago, I only wanted your war-horses, but now, I want your knights too. Your 30 men will stay here with their items. I’ll only ask you once, do you agree or not?” Shi Hao didn’t want to be long-winded. He would let Pan Feng go if he agrees, and kill him otherwise. Shi Hao was giving Pan Feng a chance because he didn’t want to be the first player to kill a person of Divine and Mighty Alliance. Although killing Pan Feng was perfectly justifiable, he would definitely be marked by Divine and Mighty Alliance. After going through this period of time, Shi Hao increasingly wanted to become a king, and being marked by Divine and Mighty Alliance, Shi Hao had to be restrained. However, if Pan Feng truly wanted to die, then Shi Hao would also not hesitate.

 “Agree! I agree.” The arrogant Pan Feng gave in. Pan Feng was very afraid of death. Usually, he had such an arrogant appearance. But once he ran into a person who was stronger than him, he would be afraid. At this moment, he knew very well that he was not these people’s opponent. Pan Feng was very upset too, why was he so stupid? He actually was so angry that he tried to kill a peer of Divine and Mighty Alliance.

Shi Hao incorporated the entire troops of Pan Feng into his camp. At this stage, Twin Dragons Village had 30 knights equipped with war-horses. Shi Hao named this troop as Strong Cavalry Task Force, and it would be led by Feng Tianhao. After they return to Twin Dragons Village, Shi Hao wanted to ask Cui Tie and Mo Ye to forge the items of Strong Cavalry Task Force anew, and attach extra attack and defense bonus. At that time, the Strong Cavalry Task Force would become even stronger.

Pan Feng prepared to kick the horse to leave.

But Feng Tianhao suddenly yelled: “Wait a moment! General Pan Feng, please leave your war-horse too, and I will give you my blue cloak.”

Now, Feng Tianhao had 30 cavalrymen who all had war-horses under him, but he didn’t have a proper mount. Therefore, he shamelessly snatched Pan Feng’s war-horse. As for Pan Feng, he wore the blue cloak and left by himself with the farewell of a warm breeze. This time, no one stopped Pan Feng. Zhang Yang didn’t, Shi Hao didn’t and Feng Tianhao who was finally happy also didn’t. Wang Ling also didn’t because he couldn’t even protect himself now.

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In fact, for Zhang Yang, although Pan Feng was hateful, he was just an accomplice. Wang Ling, however, was the mastermind! Since the accomplice was gone, the mastermind Wang Ling was about to…

Zhang Yang looked somewhat complacent. It was normal to have such feelings. Zhang Yang said: “General Wang, this matter should also come to close. You have caused such a big incident. Even fowls and dogs of Tranquil Water Village were not left in peace. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation? Or are you planning to leave just like this?”

How could Wang Ling pay compensation? He himself was in big debt. Therefore, Wang Ling had to shoot his mouth off: “Village Chief Zhang, your Tranquil Water Village is so wealthy. I, however, am poor and blank now. I’ve nothing to compensate you. As you can see, I’m very good at leading the army. You should have clearly seen my skill too. With me, the overall strength of the army will definitely increase. Since I can’t be the Village Chief now, just becoming your Tranquil Water Village’s vice-chief is also fine. You can handle government affairs, and I will handle military affairs.”

Wang Ling truly was shameless, moreover, had malicious intentions. Firstly, if Wang Ling joined Tranquil Water Village and become the vice-chief, then Tranquil Water Village should help Wang Ling to pay off his debts. Secondly, Wang Ling could gradually make Zhang Yang a mere figurehead. Don’t think that the vice-chief would be restrained by the village chief’s power. If Wang Ling truly became the vice-chief, then he could secretly build up a group of private army, and people with big fists had the power to speak. At that time, making Zhang Yang a mere figurehead was a trivial matter.

Zhang Yang was not stupid. He naturally disagreed! He insisted that Wang Ling should compensate. But Wang Ling had no money, moreover, he was not someone Zhang Yang could kill without permission. Wang Ling had gotten approval before making any moves. Therefore, Zhang Yang didn’t have ample reason and he certainly couldn’t deal with Wang Ling as he pleased. However, after this time, Wang Ling wouldn’t go away even if he was let go. Conversely, he had to rely on Tranquil Water Village to eat and drink.

Seeing this, Shi Hao didn’t bother to stay here. Soon, Shi Hao’s troops set out on a return journey to Twin Dragons Village. When they arrived at the entrance of Twin Dragons Village, the sky had just gotten dark. And at this moment, Wang Fu was already at the gate, impatiently waiting for their return.

Wang Fu stepped forward and said: “Lord Village Chiefs, county messenger is here! At this moment, the county messenger is waiting in the Council Hall, please go there quickly.”

“County messenger!” Shi Hao frowned. The county was not a simple place. In <<Kingdom>>, the established gathering places were commonly divided into 5 broad tiers, Village, Town, County, Prefecture, and Capital. A level 4 village could be upgraded to level 1 town, and so on. The county mentioned by Wang Fu was Hibiscus County, the largest county in Divine Flower Continent’s West Flower Region. Hibiscus County, however, was a level 3 county. At this moment, level 3 county was an incredible giant. In the entire Divine Flower Continent’s West Flower Region, there was only one such county! Hibiscus County was naturally also under the sphere of Divine and Mighty Alliance’s influence. The person in charge of Hibiscus County was not called Village Chief, rather a Perfect. Hibiscus County’s Perfect was named Zhang Han.

Zhang Han was A grade historical NPC, whose profession was commander. He was a senior general during the period of Qin and Han Dynasties. He once pulled strongly against a crazy tide and nearly turn around the trend of Qin Dynasty’s destruction. Unfortunately, Zhang Han met Xiang Yu and Han Xin in succession. Xiang Yu destroyed Qin Dynasty and Han Xin hounded him to death. However, this information wasn’t entered in the brain of game’s Zhang Han. But he still maintained his historical style. His combat power was strong and his military tactics were excellent. Therefore, the system had given him a pretty good characteristic skill, Vicissitudes of Life.


[Skill Name: Vicissitudes of Life]

[Skill Grade: historical NPC’s skill, no grade classification]

[Skill Type: Passive, no consumption]

[Weapon Restriction: None]

[Current Rank and Mastery: Level 1, 50/100]

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[Skill Effect: After the tactical formation is arranged, increase block rate by 3% and dodge rate by 3% for yourself and allies within the tactical formation (the determination of block and dodge is linked with attributes and techniques; take the block as an example, people with good techniques can block even if their block rate is low; and people without good techniques can’t block an attack even if their block rate is high)]


In a large-scale war, Zhang Han’s skill would give the soldiers a higher chance of survival. Moreover, along with the improvement of the level of this skill, its effect would become more obvious.

This information about Hibiscus County was accidentally found by Shi Hao in the forum last time, and he had just skimmed through it. Originally, Shi Hao didn’t care about these things. Hibiscus County was not close to Twin Dragons Village. Shi Hao estimated that, by the time Hibiscus County looked for him, he would have already upgraded Twin Dragons Village to Twin Dragons County. In any case, Hibiscus County was strong enough to flatten the current Twin Dragons Village. Pei Yuanqing alone couldn’t resist thousands upon thousands of troops. At that time, Twin Dragons Village’s Council Hall would be destroyed.

Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao quickly came to the Council Hall. The messenger of Hibiscus County seemed to be impatient already. He had the identity of Hibiscus County’s messenger, but he actually had to wait in this small shabby village for a fighter who had become a village chief, a nobody who had no official rank, how could he not be angry?

“Village Chief Shi, what a big air!” The messenger said proudly.

Speaking about it, this messenger was also not a historical NPC. This messenger was just a fox borrowing the tiger’s fierceness, which naturally made Shi Hao dissatisfied. But he didn’t reveal it and said: “I didn’t know honorable messenger was here, please excuse me. I wonder why the honorable messenger has come here?”

The messenger smiled coldly, took out a drafted instruction from his inventory, carefully laid it on the table and berated: “It’s for this!”

Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao stepped forward to take a closer look and were greatly surprised. As it turned out that Hibiscus County received an anonymous letter from someone and found that there were three mountains and a river, which were rich in resources, within the territory of Twin Dragons Village. There were not only iron ore and gold, but there seemed to be even original horse resources! The person who wrote this letter clearly marked all these things on a map. The county sent people to investigate and found that there was no problem.

Shi Hao and Feng Tianhao had a headache. Shi Hao was thinking over two questions. First, who was so arrogant that his territory was actually investigated so thoroughly. Iron ore resources were fine, after all, there were villagers in Novice Village who knew about it. But Shi Hao himself didn’t know about the other things. It was truly inconceivable. Secondly, what does Hibiscus County wanted to do?

Regarding the first question, Shi Hao originally thought that it was Heroic Overlord Under Heaven’s doing. But the timing didn’t seem to agree with that. Heroic Overlord Under Heaven was captured by Li Yi. And Li Yi himself said that he had come to eliminate the variant tiger after taking the mission from the county. From this, it was obvious that the investigating soldiers of Hibiscus County had found that a variant tiger was blocking the path leading to the place marked on the map, and Hibiscus County didn’t feel like dispatching experts to deal with it. Therefore, it issued a mission and Li Yi accepted it. Like that, he encountered Shi Hao. Therefore, the county’s investigation was first and the arrival of Heroic Overlord Under Heaven was second. The timing was not right.

As for the second question, Shi Hao was even more worried. Shi Hao’s intuition told him that Hibiscus County would definitely not leave any original horse resources alone. With original horse resources, war-horses could be made, which, however, was a very precious war-weapon. No one would easily give it up.

Feng Tianhao was also aware of this. Wang Fu was also the same! The scene suddenly became very unnatural. Shi Hao didn’t speak, Feng Tianhao also didn’t speak, and Wang Fu also dared to speak.


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