77: Epic skill – Divine Line Generator

Ben decided right then and there that he’d stick with traditional publishing. “Please God, if someone publishes my autobiography one day, don’t let it be Amazon…” Then, he turned pale. “Or even worse, the 9th circle of hell, a web publisher…”

Cursed or not, when Ben saw it was an epic item, his body relaxed. What’s more is it was an epic skill book. Squirtle Hydro Pump was only fine quality, and with that alone, he’s been threatening to dominate the entire Pokemon league…

‘It seems the flash only happens when the highest possible quality comes out, legendary in this case.’ When the mystery box didn’t flash before, Ben’s heart stopped! His blood only kept pumping through the desperate struggle of his backup testihearts…

With his troll-level vitality, Ben’s body could no longer be considered human. If an enemy wanted to kill him, they’d have to eliminate both brains or all three hearts…

He believed that given enough time, he’d reach the stage where he could regenerate from one drop of blood—the stage of c*ck cell rebirth…

Where each of his cells would be equivalent to a microscopic c*ck…

Ben’s survivability would skyrocket! Whether stuck floating in space or the cold vacuum of a NTR relationship, if an enemy wanted to kill him, they couldn’t leave a single drop of blood! They’d have to commit c*ckslaughter!

Ben stared at the book’s description in consideration. “A very slow demon…” The curse didn’t seem like a trifling matter, but whether the slow demon was a white demon class imp or Lucifer with a hangover, Ben knew he needed to risk it. From the name of the skill, he already guessed that it would be something of great help to him now.

[Divine Line Generator(Skill, Epic) – Generates a Divine Pick Up Line once per day]

It was as Ben expected. The Divine Pick Up Line was an item he received when he first obtained the system. This was the description of the original item:

[Divine Pick Up Line(Consumable, Fine) x1 – Use on any woman to quickly raise her attraction to you by a significant amount]

This time, the system clarified a few more details for Ben since he’d unlocked the attraction favorability sub-system. The divine line the ability would generate wouldn’t be the same as the one he used a month ago. Its effect would be more specific; the generated divine line would raise any woman’s attraction level to curious. That might not seem like much since it was only one level above indifferent. Yet, Ben understood the key point—it applied to any woman!

That meant he could approach someone with the worst attraction level of mortal enemy, and still raise it to curious! It meant he could approach any woman out of his league! It meant he could approach celebrities!

Even if was limited to one use per day, Ben’s eyes flared at the possibilities. He knew the hardest part of an approach was the opening line. Often, even if it went well, it didn’t elevate attraction to curious right away, and only kept him in the conversation. With the guarantee of the divine line, everything would change. Curiosity was a girl’s fatal weakness. You might even say, curiosity was the first step to love!

However, as Ben threatened to become happy, the system piped his dreams with extra clauses.

First, unlike the first time Ben used the line when it was like a spirit took over his body, Ben would have to deliver the line himself. There wouldn’t be an autoc*ck function…

“Why do I feel like a used Toyota?”

Second, when he used the ability, it would give Ben three options of lines: one divine and two trash. It would tell him which was best only after he delivered it. Ben shrugged. ‘It shouldn’t be that hard to tell the difference.’

Last but a beast, the biggest catch of all, if he learned the skill, it might summon the demon, but Ben was willing to accept the risk. Having made his decision, he picked up the tiny skill book.

[Would you like to learn Divine Line Generator(Skill Book, Cursed, Epic)?] [Warning, choosing yes may attract a very slow demon]

Ben eyes became firm, and he clenched his asshole… “Learn!”

As the book turned into a ball of energy light, Ben’s hands covered his backside, making sure there was a general stationed at every gate…

Soon, the ball circled around him a few times. A while later, as if disappointed, it floated a few seconds. Ben got the impression it was complaining about him, something along the lines of “tease…”

Then, the ball shot into the middle of Ben’s eyebrows, entering his consciousness.

Instead of thinking about the skill, Ben worried about the demon. He braced himself as he scanned the room, but there was nothing unusual in sight. “Well, it did say may summon…” Yet, when he asked the system for confirmation of whether there was a demon or not, she didn’t answer. “Women are always playing games…”

Since he couldn’t know for sure, he’d have to put it off and hope for the best. Instead, Ben focused on present matters. He closed his eyes to understand the new information in his mind, but there wasn’t much. The only difference was he was now aware he possessed an active ability that was usable once a day with a mental command. ‘It’s like a hotkey…’

Ben’s configs were all set up…and not that noob qwerty bullsh*t…

The new ability gave Ben a boost of confidence. He hoped it would be the difference between life or death within the next few days. ‘I’ll test this skill today.’

He’d have an excellent opportunity to do so because today he’d be meeting his old pals Antonio and Beluga. They’d go out to do daygame!

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