Chapter 96: His Father And Brother

Blink your eyes and conceal your lustful mind.

In fact, Qi Huan was really puzzled. They were the only two living here now. Mo Ye had made it clear that he liked her, and she also didn’t hide her affection for him. So how could he not turn into a seductive wolf in the middle of the night? If that happened, then she could also take advantage of the chance.

But the reality was totally the opposite. Every night when Qi Huan went to sleep, let alone a human figure, even his ghost was nowhere to be seen! Even if she wanted to “pounce” him, she didn’t have the chance to do so at all. Mo Ye was a devil after all, weren’t all devils supposed to be lustful and very exclusive? Why was this man completely different from the novel’s description!

Of course, if Qi Huan knew what the warm pillow she held every night was, she would definitely not think so anymore.

Mo Ye stayed in the mansion for a few days, and then left Qi Huan to go to the Killing Divine Sea alone. After he left, her life became even more boring. Originally, she had her little fox to play with, but now she had to face Little Yin’s boring face every day.

To tease a snake, especially a dangerous snake, she really didn’t think her heart was that strong, so she consciously kept her distance from Little Yin all the time. When that darned snake argued with her, she would simply ignore it. Hey, you’re just a flying snake, just because I give you lesser carrots, you’re going to look down on me? Who is afraid of who? If you’re so mighty, why don’t you grow some carrots for yourself.

After a few days of cold war with Little Yin, Qi Huan finally conceded first. Every morning when she woke up, she was shocked to find that she was sleeping in the yard in a singlet. This kind of shameless thing could not be done by anyone except that rascal snake!

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Sighs, who asks her to be so unaware after falling asleep? Therefore, in order to have a comfortable sleeping environment for herself, she had no choice but to grow some carrots at Mo Ye’s yard.

At noon that day, the sun was very dazzling outside. Qi Huan was resting on her belly in a black silk dress during her lunch break. After a while, she suddenly shot up when she heard a roar from outside the door. 

Little Yin had lived with Qi Huan for so many years, Qi Huan was very familiar with its aura, but the aura in the yard was very violent, completely different from Little Yin.

Before Qi Huan could put on her clothes, the door of the bedroom suddenly shattered into pieces and turned into sharp blades charging towards her.

Luckily, she had experienced countless battles in the mortal world, so her reflex nerves had naturally been exercised. Holding her dress on the bedside in one hand, she swung hundreds of baby fist-sized thunderballs over.

The wooden blades were swallowed up upon being struck by the thunderballs, but the thunderballs showed no means of stopping. They condensed into one body and hit the man’s chest at the door. Qi Huan also took advantage of this time to put on her clothes.

“Who are you?”

“Who are you?” The same question was asked from the two of them at the same time.

Only then did Qi Huan see the face of the person standing at the door. It was a man about thirty years old, and his appearance was very similar to Mo Ye, but his aura was more calm, giving a feeling of vicissitudes of life. Although the two faces were similar, she still preferred Mo Ye. The smile on his face would calm her down easily, but not this man at the door. This man gave her a feeling of shock.

“Are you the one that ruined my medicine garden?” The man looked at Qi Huan a few more times and asked in a very calm tone, but Qi Huan felt that she was surrounded by heavy anger.

“No.” Qi Huan denied. She had never been an honest person, especially if she knew that her life might be at risk if she told the truth. That would only make her have lesser guts to tell the truth.

“It’s been a long time since anyone dared to lie to me.” A sneer appeared on the man’s face, and a black magic energy gushed out from his body. Qian Long Mountain is the most suitable place for growing cut fruits. He had spent so much effort in growing a garden of cut fruits here. Who knew that when he returned, his cut fruits were replaced by carrots!!

Seeing the man in front of her full of anger, Qi Huan felt that she was deeply accused. She just felt that the yellow withered grass in that garden was really unsightly, so she plucked out the grass in the garden and planted some carrots, which to be honest, was very rare for her to act so diligently. She had basically given the garden a bit of life, but now it seemed that she had done something wrong.

At first Qi Huan was startled by this man’s anger, but after coming back to her senses, her brows wrinkled. Mo Ye is the master here, who is this person?! Who does he think he is to scold me!

“Nevermind if I’m lying to you or not, so what if I plant my carrots there! It has nothing to do with you, anyway the master of this place has no objection.” She was suddenly upset by this man’s superior tone. Not anyone could have the right to scold her. Even if she sold this mansion away, Mo Ye also wouldn’t object to her decision, who the heck was this man to even dare to scold her!

“You! You really don’t know what death is like, do you? Guards, take her away!” Qi Huan’s words made that man’s face green. No matter how good his temper was, he really couldn’t control his anger after knowing that Qi Huan had killed his cut fruits and then even dared to say such a thing to him.

“Father, calm down, wait until little brother comes back first then only we talk about this…”

Just as Qi Huan and the man were glaring at each other, a gentle voice suddenly broke the tension. That kind of voice, how should I put it, if Mo Ye’s voice was fascinating, then this voice was like a spring breeze, instantly melting away the tension in the atmosphere.

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Father? Qi Huan caught the key words in this sentence. This man is Mo Ye’s father? And the person who just spoke is Mo Ye’s brother? Mo Ye had never mentioned anything about his family to her before. She only knew that he had a father through some gossip in the mortal world, she didn’t know that he also had a brother.

“You are Mo Ye’s father?” Qi Huan raised her eyebrows and asked. According to her analysis, the relationship between the father and son did not seem to be good, otherwise why would Mo Ye’s woman later become his stepmother. (TLN: Wait, what.)

Although Qi Huan still felt a sullen anger when she thought of this, she was slowly forgiving him. Who doesn’t have any past events? It’s hard to dig out everything in the past. Anyway if she felt uncomfortable, she could just vent at Mo Ye. She wasn’t a petty person, as long as Mo Ye liked her now, it was enough for her.

Mo Ye had almost accounted for the advantage that should be taken, and now he had nothing to do to pay the bill. If he dared to hook up with other women now, Qi Huan would definitely crack his head first, and then shoot thunder at him ten times. She certainly couldn’t afford betrayal especially from the man she loved.

“I want to execute an agent from the immortal world and still have to listen to him?” Mo Yu’s eyes were sharp, and as he wanted to directly make a move on Qi Huan, he was suddenly stopped by someone.

“Let go.” Mo Yu stared at his eldest son who stopped in front of him.

He once thought that his second son’s temperament would not be a big deal, but after returning to the Celestial Devil Realm this time, Mo Yu realized that what he had seen was nothing but an illusion. He just failed to fulfill his promise to Mo Ye, and then his good son (Mo Ye) actually killed his (Mo Ye) stepmother in front of him (Mo Yu/ Mo Ye’s father), and he (Mo Ye) even destroyed her soul.

This time Mo Yu was persuaded by his eldest son to come over. After all, they were father and son, and they were all devils, how could their family relationship be broken so easily. It’s just that before he even saw his second son (Mo Ye), he ran into this problem first, that was why he was so angry and wanted to vent on Qi Huan.

Fortunately, there were still some people in their straight minds here, otherwise Qi Huan’s life would definitely not be saved. Mo Yu’s title as the Reincarnation King was not just for show. There were only two or three devils in the entire Heavenly Devil Realm who dared to be crowned kings. Even a sneeze from the King could make Qi Huan unable to get up for thousands of years.

“Father, she is a guest of my younger brother.” Xing Huang9Xing HuangLittle Huang looked back at Qi Huan and sighed.

He knew that his father was furious and eager to vent, not only because his garden was ruined by Qi Huan, but also because he knew, from her attitude and actions, that this woman’s relationship with his son was obviously not just friends, just looking at the way she was lying down casually in Mo Ye’s bed, and living in his residence like she owned the place.

So what if she was from the deity world? Since when did Mo Ye care about others’ opinions. What’s more, he had also vaguely heard some news from Mo Ye’s subordinates in the past few hundred years, so he knew that his younger brother seemed to have fallen in love with a woman in the mortal world. This woman in front of them now must be her.

While Xing Huang was looking at Qi Huan, Qi Huan was also staring at Xing Huang. The strange thing was that Xing Huang didn’t look like Mo Ye at all. He also didn’t exude a terrifying devilish energy like his father, instead, he looked like a weak and graceful son. His eyes were very pure, it was really hard to believe that he was a devil.

“I just want to kill her now, so what? That little rascal Mo Ye, what can he do to me? I’m his father!” When Mo Yu heard his elder son’s words, his temper rose even more, why should he hold his anger back for his son? Who dares not listen to me in the devil world? This little girl dares to confront me, her actions are definitely unforgivable!

“Father, you are here to reconcile with my younger brother, not to make enemies with him.” Mo Yu didn’t fully understand his second son’s character, but he, the eldest brother, knew Mo Ye very well. Mo Ye was ruthless and cruel. No one dared to approach him all these years.

There had never been a woman who could enter his life. But this woman had barged into Mo Ye’s life. If their father really killed Qi Huan now, perhaps Mo Ye would really ignore the affection between his father and him forever.

There were many things Xing Huang saw in his eyes, but Mo Ye kept silent, so he also didn’t mention it. Mo Ye actually hated his father in his heart because his father had indirectly killed his biological mother back then. Mo Yu always thought that his second son didn’t know about this, but when that incident happened, Mo Ye and Xing Huang ran into each other by accident.

Xing Huang had always been worried since then. He was worried about Mo Ye, he was afraid that Mo Ye would break out and kill his father. But he had been very calm over the years. Just when Xing Huang thought that everything was over, Mo Ye finally broke out. Killing that woman, their stepmother, who was finally brought back from the mortal world after years of effort, was probably just a warning. If their father did a little bit more damage, perhaps there would be no possibility of remedy between the two.

“Hmph, don’t keep helping that kid. Fine, I will listen to you and not kill her. Take her back to Mo Mansion. She killed my garden, I will not let her go so easily.” Mo Yu thought for a while and felt that what his son said was somewhat reasonable, but he couldn’t let Qi Huan embarrass him, so he could only take her back and deal with her.

It wouldn’t matter how he treated her anyway, as long as he didn’t kill her.

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