Chapter 95: OK, That’s A Deal (Part 2)

When she didn’t see him, she could control herself not to think about him, but when she saw him, she found that she had been deceiving herself all this time, and she missed him more deeply than she thought.

“You miss me, that’s why you proposed to me?” Mo Ye grinned slyly, deliberately teasing Qi Huan. Her figure was reflected in his eyes, and although he didn’t say much, it made her smile unconsciously. With him, she wouldn’t be in any danger.

“Did I say anything just now? You must have heard it wrong.” Qi Huan blinked, looking innocent. Although she liked him very much, and after more than eight hundred years of separation, her heart was still throbbing when she saw him again, she hadn’t reached the point where she would ask a man to marry her.

“I heard it clearly.” Behind Mo Ye, a ghost-like Little Yin floated out.

“Shut up, if you dare to talk nonsense, I will tell the little fox that every night you…”

“I didn’t hear anything.” Before she finished speaking, Little Yin’s calm cheeks suddenly flashed red, and then it obediently turned back into its snake form, pretending to be dead on the ground.

Hmph, you dare to sabotage me, I’ll let you know what embarrassment feels like! Qi Huan glared at Little Yin, then stretched out her hands towards Mo Ye, gesturing: you see, you have no witness, obviously, you heard wrong earlier!

Mo Ye did not pay much attention to her, he did not expect her to keep her promise. But to him, a chance would always be there as long as she was here with him.

“Who did you offend again? Why were you thrown here?” The Seven Deadly Reincarnation Formation was not dangerous to Mo Ye, but it was a killing formation that would never be broken for Qi Huan.

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Even if Qi Huan’s thunder power was more powerful now, and her strength had eventually passed the First Heaven stage a long time ago, the person who deployed this formation was at least of Eighth Heaven. This formation was already self-contained, so it had a separate domain space. If she wanted to go out, she must have her own domain.

Although Little Yin also had its own domain, its cultivation was not enough, so it could only protect itself.

“I didn’t…Oh, my fox is still in that little kid’s hands.” Mo Ye’s words reminded Qi Huan of her little fox. It had been so many days, he can’t possibly have eaten my little fox, right? Thinking of seeing her little fox’s bones when she went back, she couldn’t help trembling a little.

“You want me to save it?” Qi Huan looked at Mo Ye expectantly, making him raise his eyebrows, and looking back at her with a smile. The person must be a very lofty immortal to arbitrarily exiled people into the formation. In Mo Ye’s cognition, only the Respected Tian Wu looked like a child, and only he was a monster cultivator.

Truthfully, Mo Ye was not at all surprised to know that Qi Huan had provoked the Respected Tian Wu just as soon as she ascended to heaven. If she didn’t provoke powerful people, it would really not be her style. However, Mo Ye had guessed wrong this time because it wasn’t Qi Huan that provoked others; it was others coming towards her even before she offended others. If she was given a few more minutes at that time, perhaps the Respected Tian Wu would directly kill her.

“Thank you so much.” In order to force Mo Ye into helping her, Qi Huan stepped forward and thanked him first. Anyway, he had almost seen all her inferior nature, so he was probably not surprised by her behaviour now.

Mo Ye smiled and shook his head, “Not now.”

“So you’re afraid of that dead child!” Qi Huan looked contemptuous. The speed of her turning her face was so fast that it could really stun people.

Mo Ye didn’t refute. He just shook his head helplessly. This woman was really realistic. She immediately abandoned things that were of no value to her. He really didn’t know what she had done in the mortal world all these hundreds of years, why her behaviour was still the same.

“I will personally bring the little fox back a few days later. Now the immortal world is heavily guarded, and it is impossible to break through.” Although Qi Huan was rather helpless, Mo Ye still discussed with her in a good manner. He initially thought that even if she didn’t hug him when they finally met after a thousand years, she would have at least made some touching scenes, who knew that this woman, other than that little surprise when she first saw him, didn’t show any excitement at all.

“But…” Qi Huan also knew that Mo Ye was telling the truth, but the little fox had followed her since young. She basically treated it as a child and raised it. She really couldn’t not be worried now that it had suddenly disappeared from her side.

“Don’t worry, the little fox will be fine for the time being.” It required a long and dangerous process to refine the monster dan from the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox. The Respected Tian Wu would never do anything that would harm the little fox at this time. Moreover, if the Nine-Tailed Celestial Fox really died, a strange scene would descend from the sky, if the Respected Tian Wu did not want to be chased by the ancestors and families of the fox, he would never publicly do anything to the fox.

Soon the battle between Immortals and Devils was about to kick off. At that time, everything near the Killing Divine Sea would be affected by the war, and the Respected Tian Wu was the leader of this battle, so it would be much easier to find him then.

“Okay then.” Qi Huan really had no choice, this was the only way for now. Without Mo Ye, it would be unrealistic for her to personally get back her little fox anyway. She sighed somewhat discouraged.

“Let’s go.” Mo Ye touched Qi Huan’s short hair, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.



“Let me hug you for a while.” Without waiting for Mo Ye’s answer, Qi Huan hugged Mo Ye’s waist and buried her little head in his arms. The temperature on his body was the same as before, even the feeling of his arms hadn’t changed. Qi Huan’s little hands rubbed Mo Ye’s back pleasurably.

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The faint fragrance in his arms made the tenderness in Mo Ye’s eyes seem to overflow. He looked down at Qi Huan first, who was twisting around in his arms, for a long time, then he sighed, and stretched out his arms around her. The two hugged each other tightly, as if there were only two of them in this world.

“I haven’t forgiven you yet.” Lying in a comfortable embrace, Qi Huan half-squinted like a coquettish kitten, occasionally rubbing her cheeks against Mo Ye’s chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat.

“It’s been more than eight hundred years, you still remember it.” Mo Ye smiled bitterly, unexpectedly her memory was so good. Before the two of them were separated, she was still in conflict with him, and it seemed that she was going to talk about the things again eight hundred years later.

“Say.” Qi Huan raised her head, pursed red lips, and stretched out a hand to poke Mo Ye’s chest hard, almost fracturing her finger.

“She is no one.” Mo Ye strongly embraced Qi Huan, not answering her question directly.

Before meeting Qi Huan, he had many women. He had lived for millions of years. If he only had one woman all these years, he could really regard himself as God, but he didn’t want Qi Huan to know those past events.

“No one?” Qi Huan’s eyes glanced sideways at Mo Ye, her little hand behind him had already flicked out a ray of thunder. This young lady really has a temper. But ooh, this man has taken advantage of me, yet he dared to not be honest with me now!

“She’s dead…” Before Mo Ye could finish his sentence, he was stopped by Qi Huan’s lips. The other half of his sentence was “I killed her”, but Qi Huan would never know.

There was a different taste on her lips. Qi Huan opened her eyes and clearly felt something strange in her mouth. Subconsciously, she swore that it was really not intentional, she bit down her teeth hard.

The lingering kiss ended halfway, and the two stared at each other. If Mo Ye’s tongue was not still in her mouth, maybe she would not be so embarrassed.

Mo Ye calmed down, and finally, he left Qi Huan’s lips. He really wanted to swear at the sky, how did I fall in love with a woman like Qi Huan?!

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