Rigged 15

All they needed to do was to get beyond the range of rain, but the simple task was exhausting. Their knees submerged in the sand while the rain changed its direction according to the unstable wind.
None of them had reached halfway to the fence when the rain came directly over their heads. It didn’t take longer for them to get stuck in quicksand up to their waists. They just hoped the wind would drift the clouds away quick, but even a regular task like breathing was dragging them deep in the ground.
While the military men and gangsters were fighting the land to survive, the duckling was cherishing in rain. 
The duckling could swim in the quicksand.
Somehow Eduwardo and Mitchell caught its feet when it came near to them. Baby duck quaked but didn’t get sucked in. They took it as an advantage and climbed on its back.The duck didn’t resist either.
It quaked when it saw Roderick in quicksand with just his hands and head peeking out. The duck panicked and swam towards him for his rescue. Coming closer to him, it gave him its legs to grasp.
Roderick clutched the leg and pulled himself up. He gasped for air when his chest was freed from the rib-breaking pressure. But Eduwardo had other plans. He kicked Roderick’s hands multiple times in an attempt to break his grip.
The duckling saw Eduwardo trying to harm his mother. It gazed at him for a second and pecked him right in his face. It clutched Eduwardo by his head, then threw it back in the quicksand.
Mitchell helped Roderick to get on the duck’s back. 
“Thank you.” Roderick patted his son, forgetting his rescue had Mitchell’s role too.
The camps, houses and people sank whereas they began making way to safety. Clouds had turned white by now and rain had almost stopped. The cloud vacuum was the only thing in its place. To their surprise, it was still taking in clouds.
Far somewhere, they heard an eagle making noise.
Out of the blue, a bald eagle glided towards their direction. Roderick recognized the eagle. However, the eagle didn’t seem like it was coming for him. It was charging for the duckling.
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