Chapter 175: Free Pass

In the next matches, Jiang Qingxue, Shan Ji, and Lin Qingrou showed their skills again. Jiang Qingxue and Lin Qingrou’s was a repeat of their previous matches, while Shan Ji kept forcing his opponent off the stage with the Golden Shield.

Zheng Wufang went up as well. He put his very being into defeating the peak second level soul cultivator and barely advanced.

Saying he gave his very being, that was only on the surface. Li Mo was of a different opinion, however. He paid a close eye on Zheng Wufang and, despite his display, the outcome was achieved easily.

‘This guy has the power but works hard to keep it hidden.’

On the second round’s final match, Shi Zhenqiang was up against Handong’s Hu Xiangxiang. Contrary to popular belief, not only the three ferals’ matches were worth watching. To the public unanimous dissatisfaction, they bore the brunt of their most amazing, shocking, and haunting display ever.  

On one corner, Shi Zhenqiang let it rip like a machine gun. On the other, Hu Xiangxiang spread his arms and opened his mouth. He counterattacked with his foul breath and armpit gas attack. 

A plain stench didn’t make the cut to turn the user into an expert. Only a specially, exotic, and wicked reek could be turned into a ‘gift’.

Hu Xiangxiang’s triple combo of morning breath and armpits stench met Shi Zhenqiang’s farts at every turn. And it wasn’t just the rotten stench, oh no, it seeped into one’s very soul.

You didn’t even need to breathe to sample such an exquisite blend of gifts. The crowd had to back fifty meters away before they could barely hold it together.



Conclusion? Shi Zhenqiang and Hu Xiangxiang tumbled down after ten minutes, both frothing.

The referee way, way, way back, said nasally, “Tie, both are out for the count!”

He just finished and Shi Zhenqiang was wobbling to his feet. And if the referee turned a blind eye, there wasn’t much to say about the rest of the crowd.

Not a soul out there wished to ever witness such a savage and gruesome fight in their lives.

Shi Zhenqiang left the stage, leaving only Li Mo and Zheng Wufang from the Shenjing advancing to the third round.

With this, Lan Yue declared today’s testing over.

Li Mo went to visit Mo Zhennan.

Zhao Haisheng clapped his hands passionately, “Bravo, bravo! I used to think the Experts Alliance was done for without the chief’s supervision. Now I see how wrong I was. Look at all those young and strong talents! I am in awe!”

Zhao Haisheng was here from start to finish.

Lan Yue snorted, “Zhao Haisheng, mark my words. Everyone here, be it those that failed and winners, every single one of them, is an official member of Experts Alliance. They have no relation whatsoever with TS. If I ever catch wind of you approaching them, you will have me to answer for it!”

“Vice-chief Lan, how can you say that? My reason for being here is to purely watch their skills and expand my horizons. Why would I ever try to scout them?”

“It better be.”

While Zhao Haisheng and Lan Yue talked, his eyes stole glances of Lin Qingrou, Jiang Qingxue, and Shan Ji.

Well of course he wasn’t here to sightsee. He just got promoted to China’s Army God and he was missing some strong goons. He was totally here to rob some experts he found to his liking.

Mo Zhennan was startled to meet Li Mo, “Child, you could’ve said something before coming!

“Nevermind, let’s just leave for tonight. We cannot stay here. This place is a mess.”

“It’s good it isn’t a total mess.”

“You kidding? With people crowding in a single room, when one lets out a fart, you’d be suffocating. You’re my grandson! Don’t say anything, I’ll call Zi Wei to get you a place to stay.”

“Alright…” Li Mo had to agree.

“Look what we have here. I was wondering how a pipsqueak squeezed his way into the Experts Alliance. It turns out someone’s playing nepotism.”

The buffed and birthmarked Zhang Ji popped out of nowhere and laid it on thick.

This guy was a leach, day in day out after Li Mo. With how often he sprung around Li Mo, the later got used to it.

“Are you Mo clan’s second master? Allow me to introduce myself. I am one of Mobei Province’s eighteen sages, Overreaching Sage Zhang Ji!”

Mo Zhennan scowled at him.

“I did not know this kid was close with the Mo clan. It’s been bugging me for days, and now it’s all so clear to me.”

Mo Zhennan asked, “What do you want? What are you up to?”

“Nothing bad, I assure you. Now that I introduced myself, can we get acquainted?”

Zhang Ji’s answer to Mo Zhennan’s confusion was a smile, “Look, I’ll be honest with you. I found this grandson of yours fascinating and wish to take him under my wing.”


“I, uh, want to take your grandson as a disciple. No need to get overexcited and thank me. This all came to me just now. Whether I teach him or not, however, depends on my mood.”

Li Mo walked to Lan Yue, “Excuse me, Vice-chief Lan, if I attack someone, will I be disqualified?”

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Lan Yue’s answer was prompt, “While Expert Testing Grounds is underway, grudge fights are forbidden. If you chose to ignore this warning, you will be immediately kicked out.”

Li Mo nodded.

Zhang Ji shouted, “What was that? Don’t tell me you want to beat up your dear ol’ master! Did you not see your master’s prowess? Well fine, now I’m pissed. It seems you are ignorant in the ways of your exalted master!”

Li Mo called Bai Wudi over.

“Don’t know, don’t care. I want no part of this.” Bai Wudi shook his hand.

“Aren’t you a member of the Experts Alliance as well? Who else is there to help me? Then again, didn’t you owe me your life?”

“A debt is a debt but can’t be paid here. I can’t fight here, that’s the same as pocking a hornet’s nest!

“Look for someone else. I still have a prior engagement for tonight, toodles!” Bai Wudi made a hasty retreat.

Mo Zhennan pulled Li Mo, “You must come home tonight. Your grandfather often talks about you. There’s also an important matter he wants to discuss with you.”

“Balls, how is this guy so lucky!” Someone shouted.

The next round was only up the second day but the lots were drawn right now. 

Because Shi Zhenqiang and Hu Xiangxiang’s match ended with a tie, what should’ve been an even 16 participants was now missing one. This offered one lucky guy a free pass.

“Li Mo again!”

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“Li Mo didn’t draw the last number but what’s the point? That one’s the winner anyway!”

“This brat had won without lifting a finger the first two rounds, then got a free pass on the third. Ugh, I feel dizzy.”

“His luck is godlike!”

“As if! That kid is the Mo clan’s grandson. He got here with the help of his clan…”

“That explains everything…”

Li Mo understood one thing from their complaints. His winning by no fighting streak was extended to tomorrow.

‘This luck is pretty good.’

Li Mo was sitting in Mo Zhennan’s car, going to the capital.

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