Chapter 1485 Who Is The Hunting Eagle?

The moment he got off the bus, the atmosphere inside became more comfortable. Lee Er sat down and spoke concernedly to Ye Jian: “Young girl, you need to be more careful when going outside alone. Nowadays the world has changed, there are many bad people, why is a young girl like you so brave?”    

“I see the clothes you’re wearing aren’t cheap, and you’re even using a phone; which village do your relatives live in?”   

Lee Er, besides being the mistress of the Commissioner, she also had another identity, the owner of the ‘Golden Bath’ center.    

The identity of this person was revealed through the mouth of Charlie.    

Her long-term operations were tricking and trafficking young girls in Yuyang. Through multitudes of illegal and cruel means, she forced the trafficked girls to partake in illegal business.   

Right now, Ye Jian was a young girl she intended to trick.   

Having Yuyang as her territory, her backing was the Commissioner, the leader of a cult. Hiring the members of the cult to specifically prey on girls who liked reaping without sowing, and then trick them into Yuyang with all kinds of reasons.   

Soon after, they’d try to control the freedom of the girls, and through threats or promises, force these girls to sell their bodies willingly and earn money this way.   

Precisely because the girls they have tricked were the type that liked to earn money without hard work, that’s why nobody had realized for such a long time. Also, none of the girls chose to call the police because after tasting the benefits, more often than not, they would remain willingly after the event.   

Lee Er’s past was similarly very rocky. When she was young, she didn’t like to study and dreamed about living the good life every day. She quit school during junior high and went into society and found a boyfriend who was twice her age. The young and naive her thought she had found the man she could rely on for the rest of her life, a man who was willing to spend money on her.    

Who would’ve known her boyfriend changed instantly and sold her to a Snakehead, who are specialized at rounding up girls to the area around Zhehai, making them sell their bodies in the sauna centers and footbath centers.    

Lee Er, who had resisted, took her first customer. Because she had pretty features, the first day she was forced to the reception, she gained 800 dollars; the Snakehead took 400 for the trouble, while the other 400 all belonged to her.    

In 88’, she managed to earn 800 dollars in one day, which was more well-paying that the white collars working from 9 to 5 in the city. From then onwards, Lee Er stopped running away, no longer thinking about living, and comfortably started her life as a hooker.    

She was used to a life of luxury. Lee Er, who had slipped onto the wrong path, strayed further and further. When she was 30 years old, she was no longer young, and she met a man who was generous and paid extremely well.    

Although he was ugly, he was capable of bringing her into luxurious places, buying her cars and houses on a whim.    

Between 94’ and 99’, for six entire years, Lee Er was with this man, and she became a boss. She took the mantle as an Old Procuress, accepting girls who were like her all those years ago, who had tall dreams but no ability, who liked to reap without sowing under her wings.    

Whoever didn’t obey her, she’ll put them through violent means such as defilement, beatings, imprisonment to make them surrender.    

In Lee Er’s words: you’re just unlucky, who can you blame?    

For four years, even she cannot remember how many girls had been killed or made disabled by her, but so what? If she hadn’t turned obedient all those years ago, she would’ve been beaten to death early on too.    

That’s why the saying goes, people should accept their fate; the consequences of not accepting their fate is really terrible.    

The vehicle bounced as it drove, some of the villagers in the bus started smoking. The ones who were more familiar with each other smoothened their throats as they chatted loudly, and within the vehicle, it seemed quite noisy and bustling.   

Some even quietly discussed what had happened a moment ago but didn’t dare to let the involved person still in the car hear them.    

After a while, Ye Jian had already ‘opened her heart’ to Lee Er and told her everything about herself, “… I don’t want to go home, it’s just so boring. Big Sis, where is this bus headed to? I didn’t even look and just boarded it; I have no idea where this bus is headed to.”

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