Chapter 1484 Undercover

“Young girl, isn’t it tiresome to sit like that? Come, lean against big brother’s shoulder; I guarantee you’ll sit more comfortably.” After sitting down for less than two minutes, the sloppily dressed Old Shameless started being rude, “Don’t be embarrassed, we rely on friends when we go outside, don’t you think so?”    

With that said, he stretched out his arm to seize Ye Jian’s shoulder.    

That action of his caused a chilly glow to flash beneath Ye Jian’s eyes. She stared at him without any fear like a newborn calf, “You better remove your dirty hands. Otherwise, I’m calling the cops.”    

After boarding the vehicle, this person started making eye contact with the target; it seems like they’re going to start their acting.    

With a clear understanding of the situation, Ye Jian wore a sullen face as she stared coldly at the man who wanted to touch her inappropriately. She needed to enter the village and meet with Fu Hui; according to the police’s intel, the only person that made the Commissioner at ease was the mistress that was with him for six years — Lee Er.   

The woman’s name was Lee Er, the mistress of the leader of the cult called “Commissioner.” At the start of each month, she’ll make her way from the city into the mountains and tell the Commissioner everything that had happened in the city.     

The man who wanted to touch her inappropriately was definitely someone Lee Er had called here on purpose.    

“Aiya, girls from the city, are so different; they like to call the cops no matter what.” Old Shameless didn’t dare stretch his arm over; even Sister Li was staring at him, he had the thoughts, but he didn’t dare to do it.    

He bluffingly placed his arm on Ye Jian’s backrest as he licked his lips and smiled pervertedly, “Little girl, where we’re at is too far away from the cops, so they can’t bother us. Besides, aren’t I just worried about you swaying in the car and can’t even sleep properly? So I just want to lend you my shoulder… I’m just trying to be nice, okay.”   

Usually, Ye Jian would beat him up first and talk later, but for now, she’ll have to endure it and pretend like she’s afraid.    

Facing Old Shameless’s harassment, she needed to make sure there weren’t other associates of Lee Er in the bus to prevent things from turning for the worse in the future.   

Several passengers that made eye contact with Ye Jian quickly turned their heads and stopped looking at the situation any more. They misunderstood and thought the girl being targeted by Old Shameless was asking for their help.   

Even Lee Er misunderstood, deliberately; that was the type of misunderstanding she was going for.    

“Big brother, let me switch seats with you.” She stood up and walked over; at the same time, she pulled out two 100 dollar bills from her purse, “This is my younger sister, and she’s visiting relatives with me. We’ve had a quarrel earlier, so she still felt angry. I’m sorry, big brother, I want to change seats with you, deal?”   

With heavy makeup, Lee Er was 36 years old, her features were delicate and pretty, and she was very recognizable.    

She wore a black undershirt inside and wore a black knee-length leather jacket on the outside; an oversized red scarf wrapped itself around her neck as she wore a black tight denim pants, with a pair of leather boots on her feet. Amongst a crowd of plainly dressed villagers, she appeared quite Western, and to speak in the words of the villagers, one glance was enough to know she was a city girl.   

She pulled out money, and with the look of trying to calm the situation with money, it made everyone in the vehicle believe she was really Ye Jian’s sister.    

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Old Shameless didn’t dare to take the money at first, but Lee Er forced the money into his hands; only then did he take it with smiles on his face. He played around with his little knife as he said out intentionally: “Why didn’t you say that earlier? If you said that earlier, then I wouldn’t have to act like a nice guy.”   

After taking the money, he immediately got up and asked the driver to stop the bus and let him off.   

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The money he took wouldn’t be returned. Even if the money he took was from Sister Lee, he still took it regardless; taking money for his services was very normal.

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