Chapter 1483 Encountering Trouble

Chapter 1483 Encountering Trouble


Ye Jian took a glance at her without a trace, then calmly retracted her gaze; she looked down as she pulled out a small, silver phone from her pocket.    

The mountains didn’t have great reception. Captain Xia and the others had thought about the problem before they set on their journey, and Crane  gave her a small device that was palm-sized, dedicated to receiving signals. All she needed to do was turn it on in the mountains, and then she could receive any signal.    

Her fingers lazily pressed on the keys of her phone, “tap tap tap” sounds of key-pressing could be heard every now and then, giving off the message that she was very bored and also very irritable right now.    

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Ye Jian’s seat-mate was a young man, a migrant worker returning to the village. He was a bit uptight; he didn’t even dare to completely press his back onto the seat.    

Whenever his gaze wandered and glimpsed at the young yet beautiful girl beside him, his whole person turned more nervous.    

After that happened several times, even Ye Jian was feeling bad for him. 

After playing with her phone for some time, Ye Jian lowered her eyelids, covering up her pupils that shimmered with light. A moment later, she casually pushed her phone into her pockets and closed her eyes, wearing a ‘preoccupied’ face.   

Ye Jian’s target had been watching Ye Jian in secret multiple times. She scanned Ye Jian’s outfit and observed Ye Jian’s actions and expressions.   

As if she was finally certain of something at the end, her hands with bright red nails opened her exquisite handbag. With one hand, she fumbled around for a moment before pulling her hand back.    

“Everyone steady yourselves, steady yourselves.” At the front, the driver yelled loudly, reminding his passengers to stand steadily and grip properly to prevent them from falling over when the vehicle makes a sharp turn.    

When the vehicle started to make turns, everyone in the car swayed one way and then swayed towards the other. After two consecutive big turns, the passengers standing in the vehicle were like tumbler dolls, swaying left and right.    

2:30 p.m., nearly two hours since Ye Jian had boarded the vehicle.    

Someone boarded the minibus mid-journey. Probably because he wasn’t willing to stand at the front, he started squeezing towards the back like a bull, annoying the passengers that were pushed around to speak up: “What are you pushing around for? There aren’t seats at the back!”

“I just like to stand near the back, what can you do about it?” The man who just boarded was sloppily dressed, he used the simplest and rudest words to reply to the passengers who were complaining about him.   

Someone warned quietly, “Don’t mess with him, a thug from these parts. He makes a living off of blocking outsider cars, lying on the road and wouldn’t get up unless paid, the people in the village call him ‘Old Shameless’.”    

People like him, the average person wouldn’t mess with them, afraid of inviting trouble into their homes.    

The man nicknamed ‘Old Shameless’ didn’t seem angry, instead, he felt quite proud. When he managed to squeeze to the back, he first made eye contact with the woman Ye Jian was keeping an eye on, then he noticed the woman glancing at where Ye Jian was.    

Old Shameless then followed the direction of her glance and looked over, when he saw Ye Jian, his pair of yellow, muddled eyes suddenly widened, that’s really… a good merchandise.    

Sister Lee’s taste is definitely high!    

The two of them finished communicating with their eyes silently, Old Shameless walked to the young man sitting beside Ye Jian, and said brusquely: “Stand up, I want to sit here.”    

His voice was the same as his nickname, shameless and barbaric, “I’m going to count to three, if you don’t stand up then I’m going to beat somebody.”    

The young man naturally wasn’t too willing, but when he noticed his counterpart pulling a small knife from his pockets, the young man paled and hugged the backpack in his arms and stood up quietly.    

Ye Jian didn’t open her eyes, and as the car shook, her body also shook, but she from start till end maintained her balance, and didn’t topple from left to right.


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