Chapter 1482 One Takes The Behaviour Of One’s Company

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They originally came here for something regarding to Ye Jian. Still, it eventually ended up with Ye Zhixiang being hospitalized; her nose was broken, her cranium, forehead, and chin had serious injuries that all needed to be stitched up, and the bones at the back of her hand were cracked from the impact… When the results came out, Ye Zhifan’s hands that were holding the sheet of paper were shaking.    

“This isn’t good to explain; Ying Ying had stirred up a huge mess.” He muttered to himself, “We’ve just gifted Sun Yaozu a weakness, and here comes trouble.”   

Ye Zhifan sat down with exhaustion. He didn’t move his shut eyelids for quite a long time and sat there quietly like a statue.    

Ye Jian, whom they have originally decided to make into a reject, had now turned into a proper figure, accompanying the country’s leaders on the city gate towers and watch the big celebration, while their daughter, whom they have nurtured with all their heart, to become a figure of prospects, had now turned into a runner, with nothing to her name.    

He also didn’t understand how things progressed to such a devastating state. No matter how he contemplated, it just didn’t make sense.   

He wanted to ask Ye Jian, he really wanted to ask Ye Jian, what exactly happened when she was in 8th grade, why did she suddenly wake up, and why did she suddenly know to forge ahead.    

She forged ahead and obtained glory, but it made others restless.   

Chilong jade pendant, Ye Xinfan, Sun Xueqing… with events of the past flashing in his mind, Ye Zhifan covered his face with both hands, in the end, burying his head, his ever straight back was also hunched now.   

Ye Jian, who was thousands of miles away, didn’t know about Ye Zhifan’s thoughts; she was still leaning against Xia Jinyuan’s shoulder and sleeping very soundly. Not even realizing that K7 and Crane had exchanged posts after they stopped the car.    

At two in the morning, Xia Jinyuan gently supported Ye Jian’s shoulders; his actions were slow yet very gentle as he made her lean against the window. He then turned to Crane, who was sitting behind: “Let her lean against the window, switch sides every now and then, she wouldn’t have a stiff neck when she wakes.”    

Crane, who didn’t know about the relationship between the two, nodded his head, then said: “I will pay attention to help her change positions.”    

K7 sat in the front row with eyes closed, his eyelashes fluttered a little, J5, V7 were constantly saying that Q King was shameless,… he was certainly shameless!  

Ye Jian, who was leaning against the window, also felt ridiculous; he was really good at finding excuses!    

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At five in the morning, Ye Jian was about to switch with Xia Jinyuan, and she was going to drive the car towards Huzhou airport’s earliest flight towards Yuyang, Guilin.    

Their flight was already booked, and at 7:15 a.m., the party of four boarded  the flight in time.    

A message came from Pigeon; the Director would also be boarding a flight towards Guilin. After a night of interrogation, they managed to pry out a huge amount of leads from Charlie’s mouth, and the crimes that have yet to be uncovered, the Director was furious!    

“Pigeon’s skills at interrogation improved again.” Deleting the news after seeing it, Xia Jinyuan turned and smiled at Crane: “He even said the guy was terrified. Before he even brandished his skills, the guy had told him everything.”    

Crane thought about Pigeon’s interrogation techniques, he beamed, “Each industry has their specializations; after all, he does have a Doctorate in Psychology.”    

The Elite Platoon was filled with talent; any one of them would overtake the average person by leagues, as every one of them had many titles to their names.    

Seated in the middle, Ye Jian’s delicate face wore a tranquil smile as she silently watched the two converse quietly. All of her comrades were so impressive, so how could she be left behind?   

Mingling with the strong,  you would try to pursue after their path with all your heart, to learn from them, to encourage yourself with this way, to allow yourself to grow constantly, to newer heights, that was the principle behind ‘one takes the behavior of one’s company.’    

The plane landed at 10:30 a.m. when Ye Jian boarded a worn down minibus heading towards a small mountain village in the deep mountains; it was already one in the afternoon.  

The vehicle was seriously overcapacity, seated at the back-most row, Ye Jian pushed open the window and allowed the fresh air from outside to scatter the dull atmosphere inside the vehicle, her gaze would occasionally land on the woman in front of her for a moment, then she’ll avert a gaze.    

This was the target she needed to keep an eye on.

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