Chapter 1486 The Hunt Begins

When Lee Er heard that, the smile on her face deepened and grew more sincere.

She liked girls like this, innocent and naive, opinionated, and more importantly, was a runaway.   

“Being young is so good; you can leave whenever you want without any burdens weighing you down. This bus is headed towards a small county town, also the most beautiful county town in Yuyang. There are lots of large mountains in the area, and many foreigners love to visit our place. Take my husband’s home, for example, when I nodded my head and married him, it was because I was mesmerized by the view of his village.”

Lee Er was a woman great at conversations; she was also a very smart woman. The moment she heard that Ye Jian hadn’t even planned her destination, she subtly started tossing lures to entice Ye Jian.

If Ye Jian was really a girl obscured from the ways of the world, then after spending nearly one-hour talking, she would’ve completely trusted Lee Er, who gave her a great and kind impression.

No wonder ‘Commissioner’ had many mistresses but only placed his trust in Lee Er. With her silver tongue and her impressive communication skills, gaining the ‘Commissioner’s’ trust was a simple matter.

After being asked so many questions, Ye Jian gave off her own barrage of questions. She tilted her head and asked excitedly: “Is it really that pretty? What place is that? Do you have food? Lodging? Are the people there nice? I’ve heard villagers liked to raise dogs. Would I get bitten if I go there?”   

Nice! The fish has bitten on the lure!    

Lee Er quickly replied: “Pretty, very pretty, you won’t want to leave after you see it. That place is the prettiest village in our county town. We have food and lodging, and all of the villagers are very kind. As for dogs, we definitely have those; as long as you don’t wander around, they wouldn’t bite people.”

With dogs and the villagers covering for the ‘Commissioner,’ the moment her cover was blown, the difficulty of escaping would increase multi-folds. It would be encircled by the whole village.    

That was what happened to the several policemen who died.

“Oh, I’m scared of dogs the most.” Ye Jian’s eyes flickered as she sighed with hesitation, “I don’t have anywhere to go, neither do I want to go to places that have dogs. Big sis, are there any hotels in your county town?”   

If Lee Er set her eyes on her, then she would first figure out a way to keep the dogs on a leash, then she can quickly make contact with the high schooler, Fu Hui.

After their ugly sides are exposed, she would first drug the watchdogs unconscious, making it easier for Captain Xia and the rest to infiltrate the village.    

Every word she said had a deeper meaning, and each contained a trap. Before even entering the village, Ye Jian had already put her plans in motion.

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In Lee Er’s case, what Ye Jian had said wasn’t any trouble, and so she said readily: “There’s nothing hard about that, we just need to put the dogs in a cage.” With that said, she pretended to be surprised and said: “Ei, little sis, does that mean you want to go and take a look at my Hubby’s village?”

She thought she was the one fishing, clueless to the fact that she was actually the one being fished, and was very much glued to the lures Ye Jian had tossed out.

Why did they rush so urgently from Huzhou to Yu Yang? That’s because the police had intel on Lee Er’s whereabouts and destination; they knew what type of operation would make her fall into their trap. 

Ye Jian was the female soldier the military had deployed to assist the police of Yuyang. She would spearhead the operation and lure Lee Er into their trap, then infiltrate into the belly of the enemy; that was the mission the military had given her.

The fish was hooked. The extremely patient Ye Jian didn’t bring in the net immediately; the target of interest was too cunning, she needed to be cautious.

After chatting for another ten minutes, Ye Jian only nodded her head, and agreed while beaming, then said: “Big sis, you’re such a good person, then I’ll bother you for a couple of days. I also wouldn’t stay too long; whenever you leave, I’ll leave with you.”

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The face on Lee Er’s face was deeper than usual; she’d never thought her gains would be this huge, traveling several hours by car was worth it!

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