Chapter 1487 Flushing Out The Malefactors

Taking another look at this girl’s fair skin and pretty face, especially those jet black eyes that were glowing like the stars in the sky and giving off a bewitching scent whenever she looked at others, suddenly, Lee Er’s heart suddenly didn’t feel happy.

Young and beautiful, while she was old and saggy, living her days cautiously, deathly afraid her lover would abandon her, and she would lose her standing in the end.

Then thinking about the ‘goods’ under her care, comparing it with others made it infuriating, and comparing goods with each other made her want to toss them out.    

And those ‘goods’ under her care, yet she had boasted that the ‘goods’ she had was the best in the entire Guilin province.   

Tsk tsk tsk, seems like she’d gained something today, comparing the ‘goods’ at home with this girl before her eyes. It was the difference between the heavens and dirt, making her want to throw out each and every one of them! 

From the looks of it, she’ll have to heighten the standards of accepting ‘goods’; otherwise, when the customers were bored with this one, she’ll have to shut down her business.   

“We live to pursue freedom and happiness. From what I see, you’re quite the open and cheerful one. If you don’t feel happy, then go take a walk, and you’ll be fine. When we reach the village, big sis will bring you to play, then we’ll bring along a few villagers, and bring you hunting wild chickens and wild rabbits.” Lee Er said that and was thinking about grasping Ye Jian’s hand, to express familiarity, but she gripped air instead.

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Pretending to be too interested, Ye Jian clapped her hands together and said excitedly: “Really? Hunting with a hunting rifle like what was shown on television?”

After training for many years, thin calluses had formed on her palm, and between her fingers, even the thumbs and index fingers on both hands had calluses. Anyone with some knowledge would immediately know that only happened from gripping a gun.   

Lee Er, as a criminal element, had a handgun as protection. It can’t be ruled out that she might know about it.   

Lee Er, who didn’t manage to hold her hand, didn’t mind it, she beamed and replied: “Correct, hunting with hunting rifles, but the hunting rifles in our village are different. Big Sis Lee would show you when the time comes.”

They had guns, quantity unknown.

With slightly contracted pupils, Ye Jian picked up a mineral water bottle and gently took a sip.

Foreign organizations provided guns and ammunition; it must be investigated whether or not these dangerous items that the country had banned for private possession was still in the village.    

As such, she had several things she needed to complete before establishing contact with Captain Xia. 

One, meetup with Fu Hui

Two, search for the dead policemen’s bodies.

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Three, figure out where the illegal weapons are stashed and their approximate quantity.

Four, map out the entire village’s terrain and make sure if the entire village were members of the cult and whether or not they had backup from neighboring villages. But she can ask that from Fu Hui first.

Five, the dogs in the village should be taken care of together.

With her mind thinking rapidly, Ye Jian organized the things she needed to complete one after the other. Without any change in expression, she looked at Lee Er, who was saying wild exaggerations in order to trick her; Ye Jian’s pupils grew colder.

In the briefing, Lee Er is guilty of many things. Towards the abducted young girls who weren’t obedient, she’ll send her thugs to beat and scold, defile, even torture and kill. Someone like this had no other option besides death!

Lee Er, who continued having a heart-to-heart with Ye Jain, was clueless to the calamity she would soon face. To coax Ye Jian into following her obediently, her saliva had almost dried up a few times.

Getting aboard the bus at noon until six in the afternoon, the run-down minibus had finally arrived at the small county town. Lee Er got off the bus and watched Ye Jian closely, and tried to scare her intentionally: “The county town is a bit chaotic, don’t get targeted by thugs and gangsters. Even big sis Lee can’t save you then.”    

Ye Jian answered unconcernedly: “I can get help from the police, I’m not scared.”

Look at that, what a naive girl, and was still thinking of getting the police. This place is only so big, the cops and the people are all quite familiar!

Lee Er didn’t say anything; all she did was toss Ye Jian a meaningful gaze. She then pointed at a brightly lit food shop across the street: “Big Sis Lee’s sister-in-law owns that shop. We’ll be sleeping at her place tonight, then we’ll go to my hubby’s place tomorrow morning.”

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