Chapter 1488 Instigation

Guilin was located in the country’s Southwestern hinterlands, sharing borders with five other provinces, and was the transportation hub of the entire Southwestern area. Traveling from Huzhou to Guilin was akin to traveling more than half of the country, moving from North to Southwest.

While the small county town Ye Jian was staying at was located at a more remote place in Guilin province, surrounded by mountains and with beautiful sights.

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And at night, the whole county town was pitch black; they didn’t have any street lights.

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Sitting in a room filled with the scent of various types of food, Ye Jian lowered her head as she sipped on the hot water that had just been poured out from a thermos flask. A woman in her thirties, who had slightly tanned skin, was running her lips wildly and kept talking without stopping.


Lee Er was introducing this person as her sister-in-law to her, her name: Wang Gui.


The name was correct, but the identity needed correction.

Wang Gui, one of the Commissioner’s many mistresses, was responsible for communication between the county town and the mountain village, and she relayed the news she heard from Lee Er about the city immediately to the Commissioner.

With two thin willow-like brows tattooed on her face, when she spoke, her gaze flickered every now and then; a glance told her that this woman wasn’t a law-abiding citizen.

As to her personality, she was quite enthusiastic like Lee Er; when she noticed Ye Jian walking in, she only blanked out for a second and then started treating her like a VIP with enthusiasm. Before she knew it, she had already complimented Ye Jian to the high heavens; if an ordinary person was showered as such, their hearts would start fluttering.

From walking through the door till now, Ye Jian had downed two cups of water and didn’t stop drinking.


Encountering someone who was as calm as Ye Jian, she wouldn’t even flinch no matter how much she was complimented. However, she still needed to pretend like she was embarrassed. She held in her breath to make it seem like her face was flushing.

The more she acted as such, the lower Lee Er’s guard was, she then turned around and tossed Wang Gui a challenging tone, and a cheeky smile hung on the edge of her lips.

Relying on the fact she had been with the Commissioner for a year, Wang Gui was wracking her brains every day to grab the stores in Yuyang under her name. Before her plans even succeeded, she was already running amok on top of Lee Er’s head.

Ptooie! To challenge your ‘Ancestor,’ Wang Gui, you’re still too green!


Enraged by Lee Er’s gaze, it was like a thorn had stuck itself into her heart. Wang Gui felt that her chest was stuffy, and subconsciously, the smile on her face had started to stiffen.

The powder on her face was quite thick; under the yellowish light, the powder grooves were visible near the corner of her eyes and lip wrinkles.

Tugging at her lips, she smacked her forehead with an exaggerated motion. “Aiyo, look at my memory! After chatting for so long, I’ve already forgotten to ask whether or not you two had had dinner. You probably hadn’t eaten anything since traveling from the city to our county town takes five to six hours.”

Wang Gui was still a smart person; she didn’t release her anger right then and there and chose to change the topic instead.


Didn’t Lee Er say she wanted to starve the ‘goods’ she had brought over intentionally?


Hmph, I won’t make things go as she planned.

But she also couldn’t fight toe to toe with her. There’s no helping it; Lee Er was the most trusted woman of the Commissioner, and still needed to rely on her to earn money in Yuyang. Even if she had some intimate relationship with the Commissioner, she still didn’t dare to act impudently in Lee Er’s face.

Ye Jian, who was drinking water politely, glanced at the two without a trace. Her eyes fluttered a little, and an understanding look flashed beneath the depths of her pupils,… Wang Gui and Lee Er were at odds.


“I’m not hungry, little sis. Are you hungry?” Gritting her teeth in secret, Lee Er turned around and smiled at Ye Jian, “I’ve lost my appetite after sitting in the car for so long. I even forgot to ask whether or not little sis was hungry.”

And now Wang Gui was trying to act like a nice person, ptooie, how dare you! 

Ye Jian, who was drinking water, didn’t need to say anything. All she needed to do was smile a little at whoever was talking and very easily instigated the feelings of enmity between the two of them.

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