Chapter 1489 The True Story

Ye Jian smiled at Lee Er, Wang Gui with a stuffy chest, stood up and said light as a feather: “I’ll boil some noodles for you two. My hubby wanted to go out for a game of cards tonight, so we had early dinner. I’ll have to ask little sis to make do with noodles.”

Lee Er also stood up; she put on a fake smile as she apologized, “Then we’ll have to trouble you. Tonight I’ll be sleeping together with little sis upstairs.”   

She then turned to look at the wide-open door. She walked towards the door as she said: “Who would come over to buy things this late at night? Having the door wide open at night, little sis from the city would start to get scared! Let me lock the door.” 

The intention was to prevent Ye Jian from leaving.   

At this point, Wang Gui needed to let go of any grudges she had against Lee Er, “Okay, then put on a lock. The streets aren’t too peaceful these days. The thugs and gangsters in the town are getting more and more brazen; they even dared to walk into stores and ask for money.”

“Brother-in-law likes to go out and play card games at night. You better be careful when you’re alone at home, and don’t let other people bully you.” Lee Er’s words were prickly. A sleazy woman like you, no wonder the thugs and gangsters loved to head towards your home!

Locking up the door, Lee Er said, “She’ll go take a look in the kitchen,” and then confidently left Ye Jian to stay alone as she walked into the kitchen.

Ye Jian stared at her leaving back, then the shallow smile hung on her lips instantly turned bone piercingly cold. Following that, she also rose to her feet silently. 

Dealing with Lee Er and Wang Gui wasn’t a difficult thing for her.

“Yo, my house is small, so don’t make me dirty your clothes.” Wang Gui, who was scrubbing the wok hard, started saying in an insinuating manner. The strength behind her scrubs made it seem like she wanted to scrub Lee Er’s skin off, “The Commissioner called, early morning tomorrow he’ll send someone to fetch you. He asked if you brought all the stuff.”    

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Who knew how the Commissioner was doing, being so concerned about a woman who was nearing her forties!

Lee Er didn’t enter the kitchen; she leaned against the door as she flicked her nails, lazily, “I’ve brought everything, did he say anything else?”

“Well, he didn’t say anything else, only that terrible idea of yours you proposed last time to eliminate the cops who entered the village, well great, the Commissioner is now swamped with things to do!” Wang Gui scrubbed the wok even harder as if she just wanted to scrub a hole in it.

Probably she was scrubbing the wok as someone she didn’t like.

After hearing she had brought up what happened last time, Lee Er’s complexion darkened, “Isn’t everything already handled? Why is there a problem?”    

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Outside, Ye Jian balled her fists; a cold light glimmered in her black pupils, flashing like sharp blades.

The sacrificed policemen were actually killed by Lee Er!

With her back against the cold wall, Ye Jian gently exhaled a turbid breath, then continued listening to the conversation coming from inside.

Suddenly, Ye Jian’s feet moved, and at her quickest yet lightest speed, she returned to her original spot.

Silently walking over, Lee Er sneakily peeked outside, noticing Ye Jian was sitting obediently. Only then did she relax and return to the kitchen.

“What’s there to look? She’s already in your hands; you think she can still run away?” Wang Gui picked up the chopped green onions with her hand and sprinkled it into the bowl. She turned around and looked at the cautious Lee Er; she lowered her voice as she mocked: “I’m not sure if there are any problems, but I do know that the county town doesn’t seem too peaceful these couple of days. My card-friends at the gas station told me there had been sightings of people who don’t seem like normal people coming over.”

Hearing that, Lee Er’s heart jumped in place. Since eliminating the few cops who had arrived in the village, her heart couldn’t find peace at all.  

Previously she needed to wait two more days before she could come over, but when she received the phone call, she immediately got up and left. She didn’t bring the other stuff and only brought her bank book.

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