Volume 7 Chapter 433: Voyage to Alan Island and Sudden Attack by a Group of Deep Sea Demonic Beasts

The Human Continent’s Twelve Academies are distributed based on the empires. Of the five great empires, each of them housed two or more of the Twelve Academies. Some of the empires housed three of the Twelve Academies. Other than Bella’s Olsylvia Academy and the next door Alessandra Academy for Foreign Races that belonged to mix profession academies that taught everything, the other ten academies were specialized academies that only taught a few professions.

The branching of academies were as follows: in the central Manasvir Empire, there were Olsylvia Academy and Alessandra Academy, Augustus Academy, and Antoinette Academy. In the Eastern Nation of Arcana, the Aldridge Empire, there were Frederica Academy , Listabel Academy, and Dimiost Academy. Since all three beautiful student union presidents of these magic-related schools have basically all been “pushed down” by Bella, they are automatically considered “allied academies” with Bella.

In the northern Nation of the Knight, the Gabriel Empire, were Ophelias Academy and Ogleria Academy. Since the chief presidents of both academies, “Scarlet Knight” Elise and “Styx Knight” Stacey, have already been “ridden” by Bella before, they also count as Bella’s “allied academies”.

In the southern Nation of the Sword, the Octavia Empire, there were Kerklav Academy and Elitechra Academy. Among them, the vice-president of Kerklav Academy’s student union, Swordsman Emily, is the young mistress of Norlander Duchy, which is right next to one of Bella’s territories, Sarnia Duchy. During Bella’s expedition to the Beastman Continent, she had once saved her from imprisonment by the beastmen, after which the two of them developed a secret relationship. So, Bella has already successfully “infiltrated” Kerklav Academy. As for when their student union president was going to “get it”, it was only a matter of time.

In the northern Assassins’ Nation, the Kristoff Empire, there were Alexis Academy and Sainsbury Academy. Of them, the executives of the Alexis Academy’s student union, Assassin President Dinah and Vice President Ivy, as well as a range of high-ranking assassins, were also saved from the hands of beastmen by Bella during the crusade. After that, “many things” happened between Bella and them, and so this assassin academy became one of Bella’s “allied academies” as well.

In total, six of the Twelve Academies were considered Bella’s allies. Not counting Kerklav Academy, which she had infiltrated, it was only Sainsbury Academy, Augustus Academy, and Elitechra Academy, these three academies Bella had yet to lay a hand on. Besides that, the only academy capable of posing a threat to Bella’s Olsylvia Academy’s supreme position is Alessandra Academy for Foreign Races.

The Twelve Academy Tournament had yet to begin but there was already a clear division of camps. During the voyage, academies with allies, whether it be open allies or secret ones, will subconsciously keep their ships closer together to show the “special friendship” between the academies.

The six academies whose student union presidents have close relationships with Bella followed closely behind the Olsylvia Academy’s ship like an entourage, making clear their recognition of Olsylvia Academy as the leader. As for the three academies which Bella had yet to get her hands on, their wooden ships were sailing at an off center position, with Elitechra Academy’s ship at the lead while Kerclav Academy followed them.

The Kerclav Academy had already been partially infiltrated by Bella. She had the intention to plant “spies” in the camp of those three academies, which is one of Bella’s well-practiced tactics. Sooner or later, Bella will make these academies “surrender” as well.

The fleet was split into three camps, the last one being Alessandra Academy for Foreign Races. They were considered neutral and took neither side. The only ship sailing with them is the one for Antoinette Academy, who is not a participant of the Twelve Academy Tournament. Art schools like these tend not to take sides.

Bella stood on Olsylvia’s deck, enjoying the beauty of the sea with Princess Kriss. While admiring the beautiful scenery, she was calculating in her mind how she was going to control the rest of the members of the Twelve Academies. Other than Alessandra Academy, which would be slightly more difficult, the other human academies were not too hard. First, she can deal with the student union president, then proceed with the “lily mission” from the top down. Bella was quite confident with this move. After all, there had been six successful precedents.

Kriss was unsurprised at the sudden evil looks on Bella’s face that would flash past from time to time. She was already used to it. She should be the one Bella was most thankful for. As Bella’s current “no.1 girlfriend”, she had no objections to Bella’s harem plan. Instead, she took a rather tacit but supportive attitude. Credit had to be given to her that Bella’s harem plan could go smoothly.

“Bella, are you thinking of something bad again? Even though the student union presidents of those academies are pretty girls, they’re quite conservative as far as I’m aware. You aren’t thinking of leading them astray, are you?”

“Kriss, conservative doesn’t mean they can’t like girls. You see, isn’t our academy’s Disciplinary Committee Chief Natasha the conservative type as well? But in the end she still became…one of our girl friends.”

“Well, you better keep an eye out, Bella. You know of the information Marionette Master Elaine gave us, right?”

“Yeah. The Saviors are indeed quite troublesome, but you never know. They might just be able to help us.”

Before setting sail, Marionette Master Elaine had already set up spider puppets used for scouting on each ship. Based on the information passed to her from those spider puppets, other than Alessandra Academy, many system-type Saviors are mixed into the members of the Twelve Academies. There were also many hidden Saviors mixed into Bella’s Olsylvia Academy; she just pretended not to know about them. She only needed to log into her Savior F-1444 account to be informed of how many system-type Saviors there are on the academy ships.

Alan Island was already just a step away. As a resort island, a large number of tourism and entertainment facilities have been built on the island. Other than the students of the Twelve Academies, there were also many tourists who came for their summer holidays. Even though there were beaches here, they weren’t very big and were not suitable for holding large-scale beach entertainment activities.

According to the map Bella seized from the Oceanic Race, she found that the real island suitable for these events was not Alan Island, but a coral island nearby the “Phantom Island” called Violet. Violet Island had a huge beach with special silver sand that also gave the island the nickname of “Silver Moon Island”.

During the reign of Bridges Kingdom, Violet Island was a leisure resort used by the royal family of the Bridges Kingdom. After their demise, however, many demonic beasts from the ocean have “come ashore” since there were no longer traces of human activity, occupying the island that originally belonged to the Human Race. Violet Island was now also controlled by Sea Demonic Beasts. If they were to retake the island, then the Sea Demonic Beasts occupying the island must first be dealt with.

Based on the information they got from the high-ranking Oceanic General Sinir, there were three regional Demonic Beast leaders that controlled the area: the SS-ranked Cyclop Crab Turtle King, S-ranked Turtle Bird King, and the SSS-ranked Deep Sea Dragon Snake King Zangwill. The strongest of these is the Deep Sea Dragon Snake King Zangwill, once worshipped as the Guardian Holy Beast of the Bridges Kingdom. After the demise of the kingdom, Deep Sea Dragon Snake King Zangwill continues to control the kingdom’s ritual temples to this day.

A sacrifice takes place each month for Deep Sea Dragon Snake King Zangwill. The Oceanic Race did not record the sacrifices, but the super Sea Demonic Beast there had never left. Without a sacrifice, Deep Sea Dragon Snake King Zangwill would have left long ago. Bella didn’t understand, why did the Deep Sea Demonic Beast not leave if there is no sacrifice? Unless, could it be that someone has been constantly sacrificing to that scary Sea Demonic Beast?

“It’s just a sea snake, it’s a bit of an exaggeration to call itself a dragon. Kriss, I’ve decided to pick that as our beach holiday spot.”

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“Is that so, Bella? But, that seems quite troublesome! It seems like someone isn’t very welcoming to us on that island.”

“Which blind bastard dares to stop me from docking? Let me see…Oh, what a big fish!”

In the waters directly ahead of the fleet was a gigantic shadow. The Oceanic Race really does like stirring up trouble. Currently, the magic-guided cannons on the ships have already been dismantled when she was reassembling the ships, so they had no efficient attacks they could use towards the Demonic Beings that suddenly appeared.

There were two kinds of Deep Sea Demonic Beasts swimming towards the fleet. There was the S-rank Sea Demonic Beast with a huge body that looks like a black whale, the Deep Sea Killer Whale. There was also the A-rank Sea Demonic Beast that resembled the great white shark, Deep Sea White Shark. The Sea Demonic Beasts had the terrain advantage here, and they are much more dangerous than the landed demonic beasts at the same rank.

As for their weaknesses, they were just as obvious. As long as you throw them onto land, you don’t even have to do anything. Most fish-type Sea Demonic Beasts will die just like normal fish once they leave the water. Sea Demonic Beasts have great requirements in terms of environments. Once they leave the water, their battle ability will plummet.

There are also some Sky Demonic Beasts that can completely abuse most fish-type Sea Demonic Beasts. Most of them are their natural enemies. For example, the C-rank large Sky Demonic Beast, the White Beak Sea Eagle can hunt A-rank Deep Sea White Sharks easily just by grabbing them with their claws and lifting them to the sky. The Deep Sea White Shark won’t even have the chance to move. Once it’s caught to the sky, it can only wait to be harassed by Sky Demonic Beasts.

In ancient times, when the S-rank Sky Demonic Beasts Hercules Pterodactyls roamed the islands, even the strongest Sea Demonic Beast, the SSS+ rank Palmer Mosasaurus and Samuel Plesiosaurus dared not venture to the ocean surface. It would be instant death if they tried that during the day. The Hercules Pterodactyl flocks will definitely get them.

Now, since people wanted to hunt Sky Demonic Beasts to nurture them into mounts, resulting in the reduced numbers of Sky Demonic Beasts, the number of Sky Demonic Beasts living at the island became even less. That was why the Sea Devil Beasts ran rampant. This way, it seems that it was totally the humans’ fault that they were attacked by Sea Demonic Beasts. Other than the Twelve Academies fleet, the ships following right behind them were all turning back, trying to flee back to the Oldrango City’s port to take refuge.

Bella leaned on the railing completely peacefully. For the current Bella, an S-rank Demonic Beast is nothing. She had even killed a mutated S-rank Holy Beast, so why would she be afraid of a Deep Sea Demonic Beast that isn’t even at the level of a Holy Beast? All the girls of Olsylvia Academy were gathered on the flagship, “Olsylvia”. There was no need for any special guidance from Bella; the girls will leave the stronger members with long-range attack occupations to stay behind on the deck to battle under the guidance of the student union while the rest hid in the cabins for refuge.

The six other ships of the Twelve Academies that were following Bella’s flagship took the same response.They all left strong people on the deck to prepare for battle. The girls who can’t go on the battlefield all hid in the cabins below deck for refuge. The Deep Sea Demonic Beasts were swimming over towards the Twelve Academies’ fleet with the A-rank Deep Sea White Sharks as the vanguard and the S-Rank Deep Sea Killer Whales as the rear guard.

Bella could see something wrong with the situation instantly. Someone seems to be commanding the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts in the background and dividing them up. They don’t look like the usual unorganized Sea Demonic Beasts that would just swarm around their enemies mindlessly. With the complete lack of intelligence of Deep Sea White Sharks and Deep Sea Killer Whales, there was no way they could complete such difficult operations. Someone had to be commanding the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts in the dark.

But for Bella, any strategy is useless in front of absolute strength. Dragging Kriss with her, she took to the skies, assisted by Mage Ariel’s flight magic. There was no need for her to worry about the safety of their ship. Not counting the others, Bella’s ships had four Demon Kings: Blood Demon King Eleanor, Sky Demon King Dolores, Dark Night Demon King Aggy, and Ocean Demon King Victoria. They were hidden in a secret area of the ship and anyone who dared to stir trouble in this ship would pay a heavy price.

After confirming the distance with the fleet, Bella changed directly into her black knight’s armor and jumped down. Bella descended from the sky and stomped towards the nearest Deep Sea Killer Whale, which had just popped up, completely not expecting Bella to fall from the sky. During Bella’s descent, she held a very long black bone spear that was stretched beneath her feet. The moment she landed, that first thing to touch the Deep Sea Killer Whales was the bone spear.

“A damn fish like you wants to stop me from docking? You’re overestimating your power. Go back to the ocean and sleep!”

The bone spear in Bella’s hand pierced straight through the blowhole at the back of the killer whale. Similar to the ones back on the whales’ backs on Earth, that was their weakest point, so it was not too much to call it their Achilles’ heel. When met with Bella’s “fatal blow”, it let out a wail and quickly sank deep into the ocean.

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The blood of the Deep Sea Killer Whale attracted the Deep Sea White Sharks swimming nearby. They were sensitive to the smell of blood just like the sharks on Earth. The Deep Sea White Sharks coming for the taste of Killer Whale blood had no idea that this was one of Bella’s “traps”. When the sharks grew close, a ripple of dark blue lightning flickered in Bella’s hand. This is the lightning energy that Bella obtained from Thunder Dragon Queen Geleman through their contract.

Bella was not afraid of thunder due to her contract with the Thunder Dragon, but the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts were not as lucky. Thanks to the conductive effect of the water, Bella completed a super “other world edition” electrofishing operation. She injected her thunder magic directly into the ocean. Under the attack of the thunder magic, the Deep Sea White Sharks who grouped over were all wiped out in one go.

A great number of A-rank Deep Sea White Sharks died in the waters by electrocution just like the fishes in ponds who die by electrofishing. One by one their white bellies floated to the surface of the water. The Deep Sea White Sharks in the distance were deterred by Bella’s attack and did not dare come over to throw themselves to their deaths. With a gentle leap, Bella stood on top of the belly of a floating Deep Sea White Shark, confronting the group of Deep Sea White Sharks alone.

Kriss did not stay idle either. Like a certain “Street Lamp King” with his “King’s Treasure”, she thrust the tens of thousands of swords in her space like projections from the sky at those Deep Sea Killer Whales. Each of the swords had its own sword soul, so Kriss could control them at will to attack and return. Her killing power towards the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts was no less than Bella’s.

The blowholes on many of the Deep Sea Killer Whales were pierced through by Kriss’s magical swords. After letting out miserable cries, they sank just like felled warships. One by one they sank into the ocean as their blood stained the ocean red.

Mage Ariel is also a long-range attacker, and she was responsible for attacking smaller targets. Ball after ball of lightning shot out from her hands, striking the Deep Sea White Sharks like bullets. These Deep Sea White Sharks fared no better than the Deep Sea Killer Whales. If their heads weren’t blown away by the lightning balls, then their bodies would be blown into several pieces.

The situation took a sharp turn. It had turned from an ambush by the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts to their abuse at the hands of humans. In this one-sided battle, the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts that could usually destroy naval or trade fleets easily, these S-rank and A-rank mixed Deep Sea Demonic Beasts, were “thrown to the ground” by Bella and her girls, beating them until they had no chance to even fight back.

Bella had not seen the mastermind controlling these Deep Sea Demonic Beasts up till now. She must have missed them somewhere. So, while continuing her “happy electrofishing” game, Bella searched for traces of the one behind the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts’ attacks. At this moment in time, the contact crystal she brought with her rang. Taking it out for a look, it was Vice President Emily of the Kerclav Academy’s student union.

“Emily, what’s up?”

“Bella…Quickly come over for backup! Our…Our ship is being attacked by an octopus!”

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