Volume 7 Chapter 434: The Grand Defeat Of The Sea Demonic Beasts And Saving The Kerklav Academy

The Aldridge Empire’s waterfront holiday destination, Oldrango City’s coastline, along the path towards Alan Island. The combined fleet of the Twelve Human Academies had just caught sight of Alan Island before they were surrounded and attacked by the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts.

The Deep Sea Demonic Being typically roamed the depths of the ocean. It was clear that the only reason why they would come up to the shallower parts of the ocean was because they had been instructed to do so. Bella, Kriss, and the Mage Ariel teamed up and took advantage of the water type demonic beings’ fatal weakness and bombarded them with lighting type magic. This was extremely effective and easily caused some serious damage to the group of S and A-grade Deep Sea Demonic Beasts. The Deep Sea Killer Whales and the Deep Sea White Sharks immediately scattered and escaped.


The entire region was painted red with the blood of those deep sea demonic beasts. Although the Deep Sea Killer Whale and the Deep Sea White Shark had flesh that was absolutely delicious, Bella was not interested in collecting their corpses as food ingredients. Those two deep sea demonic beings had a bad reputation for attacking Human ships and hunting Humans. Bella was not so hardcore that she could take a bite of their flesh. 


The deep sea demonic beasts’ demonic core had marine attributes. Once the demonic cores were hit by the lightning type magic, it would be completely destroyed. Because of this, the Deep Sea White Shark’s demonic core was rendered useless. On the other hand, there was still a possibility of collecting some of the Deep Sea Killer Whale’s demonic cores. However, they had sunk into the depths of the sea, making it extremely troublesome to attempt to salvage them. Bella decided to leave them be for now. 


Regardless, Bella had made a misstep. These deep sea demonic beings were simply cannon fodder. Even though they were graded A or S, they could only launch physical attacks and would not cause much damage at all. 


The opponent’s true trump card was actually the Overlord Squid, which was technically a giant squid. However, the version that existed in the Other World was much larger than its counterparts on Earth. 


The Overlord Squids were rated SS+. The various Sea Demonic Beasts were rated according to the depth of where they lived. Generally, there were the Shallow Sea Demonic Beasts, Deep Sea Demonic Beasts, and Seafloor Demonic Beasts – with the third being the most dangerous. Under normal circumstances, the Overlord Squids would never appear in such shallow waters. They were mostly active on the seabed where they would fight and hunt the SS+ Grade Deep Blue Giant Whale, which was similar to the Blue Whales back on Earth.


The Overlord Squid was one of the rare species of Sea Demonic Beasts that could not be suppressed by the Sky Demonic Beasts. In fact, they were able to attack and kill them. Other than their natural nemesis, the Deep Blue Giant Whale, they had no other natural predator except for the Grade SS+ Sky Demonic Beast, the Sky Swallowing Mica. This was a demonic beast that was shaped like a giant cloud. It would make use of the suction from its massive mouth to suck any nearby demonic beast into it.


While Bella and the others were taking out the Deep Sea Killer Whale and the Deep Sea White Shark, the mastermind behind their attack had already sent large numbers of Overlord Squids to go around Bella’s fleet and attack the other ships within the United Fleet. As the Ocean Demon King Victoria was onboard one of the main ships, the Seafloor Demonic Beasts were terrified of her aura and did not dare to cause any trouble in her proximity. 


Even if the Ocean Demon King Victoria did not do anything, Bella’s ships were filled with entities that had powers of epic proportions. If the demonic beasts were to attack, they would basically be seeking their deaths. The Overlord Squids were not any more intelligent than the Deep Sea Killer Whale and Deep Sea White Shark from earlier on. However, as they had experience attacking ships, the Overlord Squids could instinctively tell that Bella’s ships were dangerous and decided to go around them to attack the other ships within the United Fleet. 


For the same reasons, the smaller fleet that consisted of ships from Antoinette Academy and Alessandra Academy was left unscathed as well. There were many hidden experts on those ships. This meant that the Overlord Squids’ target were the four battleships from the Twelve Academies that were not part of Bella’s group, as well as the ships belonging to academies that were not part of the Twelve. 


The merchant ships that were carrying the boys from the Twelve Academies were attacked by the Overlord Squids. However, there were many mainstream Saviors within the various Human academies, and it was the perfect opportunity for them to feign weakness. With the Saviors helping them out in secret, the boys’ ship did not face too much danger. 


The one who sought help from Bella was one of her best friends, the Aquamarine Swordsman Emily, who was the Vice President of Kerklav Academy’s Student Union. The Overlord Squid that was attacking her ship did not seem right at all. In fact, it appeared to be different from the others. The other Overlord Squids had physical tentacles that were visible. Somehow, this particular Overlord Squid was the product of some mutation and had colorless, transparent tentacles instead. 


This was Bella’s first encounter with such a strange Overlord Squid. As its tentacles were virtual and transparent, it could easily pass through the wooden planks. This meant that the mutated Overlord Squid could attack those inside the ships without destroying them at all. Bella could not help but feel impressed by how the Overlord Squid could attack an entire ship of students through the planks. 


There was some value to saving Kerklav Academy. The Student Union President of that Swordsman academy was Princess Kliveny, also known as the “Moonlight Swordsman”. Before Kriss was possessed by the interdimensional traveler, Princess Kliveny used to be the most beautiful swordsman within the Gabriel Empire. In fact, she was even more gorgeous than her “younger sister-in-law”, Princess Khalifa.

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As Princess Kliveny was already engaged, she rarely showed her face in public and was not as well known as Princess Khalifa and Princess Kriss. In terms of seniority, Princess Kliveny was Princess Kriss’ older sister. This meant that it would not be a problem if Bella called her older sister when she and Kriss actually got engaged.


However, based on Bella’s personality, she had already pushed Princess Khalifa, her “younger sister-in-law”. How could she give up the opportunity to do the same to the oldest princess, Kliveny? She was only a couple of years older. Furthermore, the prince that she was supposed to be engaged to was a fake. The Emperor of the Gabriel Empire had purposely arranged for a fake engagement ceremony to hoodwink the outsiders. Before that, Princess Kliveny was naturally the first in line for the throne. 


In his heart, the Emperor of the Gabriel Empire wished to nominate one of his sons as the heir to the throne. The only reason why he would arrange for a false engagement was to take Princess Kliveny out of the running for the throne. Based on the Gabriel Empire’s royal inheritance rules, single, unmarried princesses were eligible to inherit the throne. The only exception was if the princess was engaged. 

Moreover, Princess Kliveny’s bloodline was the main reason why the Emperor chose to give her up. She was one of the special half Elven within the Human race. However, this was not due to any mistakes made by the Emperor. This was a rare mutation within the Human race which was basically one in a million. Although the half-elven Princess Kliveny was an ethereal beauty and was much more powerful than the other princesses, the Emperor refused to pay her any attention due to her bloodline.

Initially, Kliveny was enrolled in Olsylvia Academy. However, halfway through, she had no choice but to transfer to the Kerklav Academy. Fortunately, after Kriss appeared, the spotlight shifted to that silver haired beautiful swordsman with an unearthly aura. This meant that less people were paying attention to the half-elven Princess Kliveny and she could finally practice in peace. 


In order to stop Princess Kriss from inheriting the throne, the Emperor of the Gabriel Empire did not care that he was creating a false identity simply to maintain the “political facade” that Princess Kliveny was already engaged. Bella had obtained all this information from a credible source, Princess Khalifa.


Princess Kliveny was fully aware of the Emperor’s intentions and was not interested in this false political wedding facade. She was fully focused on pursuing the highest mastery level of swordsmanship and would rather spend all her time and energy on practicing her craft than to care about politics. 


To Bella, it did not matter if the other girl was engaged or not. As long as the girl had caught her eye and there was a possibility that she could be “bent”, Bella would stop at nothing to get her hands on that girl. Although she had not seen Princess Kliveny’s true appearance, she was already extremely intrigued by this first princess. Now, she had the perfect opportunity. By providing support, she could finally see the princess’ beauty for herself. Furthermore, she had never met a half-elf before and she was curious if they were any different from regular elves. 


“Kriss, Ariel, the both of you should head back to defend our main ship. I will go provide support for Kerklav Academy.”


“Bella, please be careful. Don’t push yourself too hard. I have cast some flying magic on you. You should be able to fly anywhere you want for the rest of the night and you will not need to use your own magical powers.”


“Bella, are you actually thinking about… my royal Older Sister Kilveny is very conservative and is only interested in furthering her own skills as a Swordsman. Are you planning to guide her towards newer interests?”


Kriss and Ariel did not try to talk Bella out of her plans and merely asked her a few questions out of concern before returning to Olsylvia Academy’s main ship. As girls, many of them had an innate psychological fear of things like tentacles. Bella was one of the rare few who were immune to it. This meant that they had no choice but to leave the difficult mission of providing reinforcements for Kerklav Academy’s main ship to Bella. 


Kriss, who knew Bella a lot better, had a vague feeling that the reason Bella was providing support was mainly because of the First Princess Kilveny of the Swordsman empire. As a half-elf, Princess Kilveny would definitely be one of the top three beauties of the empire. The only reasons why she would not rank above Princess Khalifa was because she did not like to dress up and did not make many public appearances. She was extremely low key, which meant that Princess Kilveny was not as well-known as the other princesses.


In the end, Kriss did not try to stop Bella either. She felt that her royal Older Sister, Princess Kilveny, might be too lonely. She was always practicing her swordsmanship on her own and it might be good for her to interact with some other girls. Subconsciously, Kriss had already begun to feel that it was perfectly reasonable for Bella to lead other pretty girls “astray”.


Making use of the flight magic that Ariel had given her, Bella flew towards the Kerklav Academy’s main ship. Actually, the ships carrying students from the other three academies were being attacked as well. However, they were only being attacked by the regular SS+ Grade Overlord Squids. On the other hand, the Kerklav Academy’s ship was being attacked by the transparent Overlord Squid.


In such a virtual state, it would be extremely difficult to deal with. As Bella got nearer, she noticed that the Overlord Squid gave off a familiar cursed aura. There was a possibility that the mutation was related to the cursed land. Furthermore, it was as though this particular Overlord Squid was using a cheat. No matter what type of attacks were thrown at it, both physical and magical, they were completely ineffective against it. 


As the girls from the Kerklav Academy were all Swordsmen by profession, they were at a complete disadvantage against this mutated Overlord Squid due to its attributes. The only thing that could possibly cause any damage to it was light type magic. When the Overlord Squids noticed that Bella was flying over, they quickly abandoned their attempts at attacking those ships as they knew that she had the powers of the Thunder Dragon Queen Geleman. They then swiftly began to make their way to the other fleets further back which had been observing the situation.

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Most of the Overlord Squids knew how dangerous Bella was. With just a few bolts of thunder and lightning, they would likely end up just like the Deep Sea White Sharks and Deep Sea Killer Whales, which had been electrocuted to death. The only one that remained was the phantom-like Overlord Squid. It completely disregarded Bella’s presence and continued to attack the Kerklav Academy’s ship. 


On the deck of the “Kerklav”, Bella could see that the beautiful female swordsmen of the Kerklav Academy were practically wrapped up in the Overlord Squid’s clear tentacles and their swords had already fallen to the ground. Other than all sorts of precious swords, the deck was covered in shreds of fabric as well. 


Those beautiful female swordsmen had been stripped naked and suspended in the air by the transparent tentacles in various humiliating positions. Their faces were frozen in fear. No matter how composed a beauty was, it was always uncomfortable to be in such a situation for the first time. Among the sea of “bountiful curves”, Bella finally spotted Vice-President Emily.


Just like the other girls, Emily had been stripped naked by the transparent tentacles. Her hands and legs were restrained by individual tentacles and were left spread eagled in the air. Fortunately, the tentacles were not physical and looked transparent. Otherwise, that image would definitely look like a CG image taken right out of an 18+ adult erotic game. 


Out of all the girls on the deck, Emily was the calmest. Previously, Bella had bound and restrained her in all sorts of humiliating positions as she bullied her. Therefore, she was quite familiar with how those tentacles worked, which alleviated some of her fears. When she saw Bella approach, she finally heaved a sigh of relief. Since Bella was here, it would make everything so much easier. In her heart, nothing she could ever encounter would be more terrifying than the Demon King Bella. 


Bella was a little puzzled. That mutated Overlord Squid was completely transparent. If it did not have a physical body, how did it manage to strip the girls from the Kerklav Academy of all their clothes and position their bodies into humiliating positions? Could it be that all those squid-like sea demonic beasts were the reincarnations of doms on Earth and all these erotic things were self taught?


“Bella, you’re finally here. Can you get me down soon?


“Emily, based on that expression on your face, it looked as though you were enjoying it. I think you need to remain this way a little longer.”


“Bella, don’t be like this. I was wrong. Please get me down.”


Bella landed on the deck of the Kerklav Academy’s ship and moved cautiously towards Vice-President Emily. While she was on alert for those white translucent tentacles, at the same time, Bella was also admiring the beautiful figures of the girls from the Kerklav Academy. Since she was also female, the ignorant female swordsmen did not realise that she was ogling them. In fact, they looked at Bella with gratitude in their eyes.  


When Bella was approaching Emily, a few exceptionally bold tentacles finally reached towards Bella. She was wearing a black suit of Knight’s armor. Based on her equipment, the tentacles assumed that Bella was just like Emily and the other girls – an easy target.


Instead of avoiding it, Bella swiftly reached out and grabbed hold of one of those tentacles and gave it a strong tug. Normal Humans would never be able to grab on to any of these virtual tentacles and were usually the ones being grabbed by the tentacles. As Bella was a hidden Demon King, she was able to hold on to the tentacles with ease. The phantom Overlord Squid was shocked that Bella could actually grab its tentacles and froze for a moment. 


That single moment of distraction caused the tides to turn. Bella unleashed her powers and injected the powers of one of the Abyss Demonic Kings – Krakent, the Disaster of the Seas. Krakent was also a giant monster with tentacles. Soon enough, many of the Overlord Squid’s tentacles began to mutate. Although they were still transparent, a layer of black color began to rapidly spread through it like an infection.


Krakent was currently unleashing its own power and was trying to gain control over the phantom Overlord Squid. Those tentacles which had been tainted black were indications that it was gaining control over it. The white transparent tentacles, which had a “stronghold” over the deck earlier on, were now surrounded by infected black tentacles which were attacking the remaining white ones. 


Those girls who had been restrained by the white phantom tentacles were now saved. Once the white tentacles were attacked by the black tentacles, they did not care about their beautiful prey anymore. Bella walked over and caught Emily in her arms just as she was falling. Embarrassed, Emily burrowed her face into Bella’s chest. After all, she was the Vice-President of the student union. It would be extremely awkward for the other girls to see the bashful expression on her face as she was in another girl’s arms. 


“Bella, thank you… your hands… hey, watch your hands. Annoying! Didn’t you have enough the last time?”

“Emily, you’ve become much perkier here. Annoying… it does not exist. In fact, I think I want you to find me even more annoying!”


“Don’t… There are so many girls around now. Later… when there’s no one else, you can do whatever you want.”

“By the way, Kilveny is inside the captain’s room. Go save her! The other vice-presidents are there too.”

Based on the intelligence that she had gathered, Bella found out that Princess Kilveny was currently trapped inside the captain’s room. Right now, the path leading to the captain’s room was being blocked by a thick layer of fog. However, as Bella was the one who sponsored these ships, she had already made some personal modifications beforehand. 




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