Volume 7 Chapter 435: The Dark Confrontation In the Captain’s Room of The Kerklav Academy Warship

Aldridge Empire’s holiday spot, the coastal area of Oldrango, on route to Alan Island. The confrontation between Bella’s combined fleet and the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts had reached the climax. The A-class Deep Sea White Shark and the S-class Deep Sea Killer Whale had been defeated by Bella as they retreated back to the deep sea. Currently, Bella was fighting the SS+ class underwater Warcraft Overlord Squid.


Bella was fighting on Kerklav Academy’s ship, relying on one of the summoned Abyss Demonic King, Disaster of the Seas, Krakent. The see-through, mutant Overlord Squid had half of its tentacles caught by Krakent. Like an infection, they were soon dyed black. These black tentacles attacked the white ones, as the entire deck had evolved into a melee between tentacles.

The transparent Overlord Squid was being controlled by someone. If that weren’t the case, Krakent would have completely controlled it by now. Taking advantage of the tentacle war on the deck, Bella went to the captain’s room. According to the rescued Vice President of the Student Union, Miss Emily, all the senior members of the student union were held there.

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Vice President Emily was temporarily in charge of operations on the deck while President Kliveny organized a meeting in the captain’s room. On the day before Emily’s defeat, she couldn’t reach Kliveny for support. Thus, she had no choice but to contact Bella for help.

As Bella carried Vice President Emily, she pulled out bathing towels from her storage ring and handed them to the girls on the deck. Except for Emily, the other Kerklav Academy girls were grateful for the bathing towels that they used to wrap their naked bodies. The white tentacles had previously removed all their clothing. Bella’s timely response with the towels helped them avoid embarrassment.

Emily knew that Bella had clothes in her storage ring. In her wicked interest, she gave the girls bathing towels instead. Bella certainly didn’t want the girls to put on their clothes so quickly. Even if she knew, Emily couldn’t stop Bella. She had already surrendered to Bella. Under Bella’s gaze, Emily obediently put on the transparent white bathing towel.

“Bella, can’t you… can’t you give us some clothes?”

“No, Emily. If you keep talking, I won’t even give you a bath towel.”

“I give up, Bella. Quickly save our student president!”

“You little vixen, come to my room tonight, then I’ll discuss studies with you.”

Bella gently squeezed Emily’s pink cheeks as she headed to the cabin below the deck to rescue others. Emily could only protest with a look of helplessness. To avoid Bella’s trick of pinching her other sensitive spots, Emily chose to protest silently.

The aisle of the cabin was enveloped with a strange fog. Bella wasn’t sure if the fog was poisonous, but it certainly blurred her vision. She could also sense the power of an evil curse within the fog. Although Bella was immune to curses, if she directly entered, she would expose her position. According to the information obtained from Krakent, the source controlling the transparent Overlord Squid seemed to be hidden under the deck.

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These wooden boats were remodeled and sponsored by Bella, who left secret doors during the rebuilding. The exit of the secret door was set in the captain’s room. Those secret doors that were originally left in preparation for sneaking an attack on the presidents of the Twelve Academies had now become Bella’s shortcut to rescue them. She found a hidden corner, which she used to launch a short-distance teleportation array to teleport herself to the captain’s room.

Bella had designated the bathroom in the captain’s room as the exit of the secret door. To avoid encountering someone as soon as she appeared, Bella deliberately designed a secret compartment on the ceiling of the bathroom when refitting the ship. It was no surprise when Bella appeared in this dark place this time.

As soon as Bella appeared, she realized that someone was using the bathroom as the water vapor had escaped through the hidden observation port of the secret compartment. Wasn’t Princess Kliveny in danger? How could she have the time for a bath? While being confused, Bella secretly leaned into the observation port to observe the situation in the bathroom.

In this spacious bathroom were several beautiful girls being held captive. They were the vice presidents of Kerklav Academy’s Student Union. According to Emily, there were eight vice presidents aside from her. They were collectively known as the “Nine Swords of the Academy.” Hence, the eight beautiful swordsmen imprisoned on the bathroom wall must be the vice presidents.

These beautiful Student Union Vice Presidents had lost the chivalrous demeanor that a noble swordsman possessed. They had been stripped off of all their clothes and imprisoned. Their arms and legs were held apart, wrists and ankles pinned to the wall by strange black nails.

These frightening nails were called Soul Binding Nails. Legend had it that they were taboo artifacts used to seal certain heinous demons. How much hatred would one have to possess to use this on humans! These swordsmen had painful expressions on their beautiful, enchanting faces. The Soul Binding Nail was inserted into their joints so they couldn’t move. If they moved, their limbs would be paralyzed entirely.

Every girl had a black cloth strip on their eyes. Aside from this blindfold, their mouths were covered with black masks to prevent them from speaking. It seemed that Bella had been a step late. The Nine Swords of the Kerklav Academy had been completely ravished before she arrived.

Bella noticed the Kerklav Academy’s Student Union President, Princess Kliveny of the Gabriel Empire. Kliveny had long blond hair and sharp ears similar to elves. The combination of the elves’ natural beauty and a royal princess’s elegant temperament made her rather extraordinary.

Kliveny had rare heterochromatic eyes. Her left eye was a blue common to the Human Race, while the right was emerald green, symbolizing the elves’ natural spirit. She was one of the few heterochromatic beauties in this Other World who wasn’t a Demon God or Evil God from the World Destructors Camp. As soon as Bella caught sight of those beautiful eyes, she knew what to do. It was best for Kliveny to stay by her side.

Kliveny was defeated. Like the Student Union’s vice presidents, she was stripped of all her equipment and imprisoned in the bathroom. Bella used this opportunity to appreciate Kliveny’s entire body. Her beautiful figure was no surprise – the slender figure often found in elven girls. Her fair skin exuded a charming luster under the illumination of light. The most seductive part was her breasts, which were much softer than most elves. Bella had never seen such voluptuous curves on another elven girl except for the dark elves.

Fortunately, Kliveny was a half-elf. If she were born in the Elven Race, she might be regarded as a “heresy” and ostracized by the other elven girls. Kliveny wasn’t blindfolded or fitted with other props except for the ring that was forcing her mouth open. Imprisoned within the walls of the bathroom, Kliveny was made to pose with her arms and legs wide open. At the joints of her hands and feet were the Soul Binding Nails.

Perhaps due to Kliveny’s strength, on top of the Soul Binding Nail, her fingers, toes, thighs, waist and neck were fixed to the wall with special metal rings. At this point, Princess Kliveny’s elegance had faded. She was sweating like a pig. The Soul Binding Nail did great harm to humans. Once used, a person would be completely crippled if not removed within a day. Even a God couldn’t do anything about that.

However, Kliveny’s eyes still shone with resistance, which Bella appreciated very much. Of course, she would like to see Kliveny look at her with obedient and submissive eyes. But after seeing Princess Kliveny’s present situation, Bella was unavoidably annoyed. The princess was considered her own relative, especially since she had a good relationship with Kriss, Kliveny’s sister. Daring to do this to Princess Kliveny was going against her.

As Bella considered how to dismember the culprit, she saw the person’s true face as that idea instantly faded. Bella’s anger suddenly turned into doubt and curiosity. She hadn’t expected the person behind the scenes to also be a girl, which was rather interesting.

In front of Princess Kliveny stood the mastermind behind the Deep Sea Demonic Beasts’ attack on the joint fleet. Bella knew she was the mastermind after taking a glance at the white Conch of Doom hanging around her waist. According to legend, the Conch of Doom could summon all sorts of Deep Sea Demonic Beasts. If a blood sacrifice were made from living beings, there was a high probability of summoning the souls and corpses of all those who died in the deep sea.

The behind-the-scenes mastermind was also a very beautiful girl. Next to Kliveny, her beauty was almost comparable to the half-elf princess. This beautiful girl wasn’t human. To be precise, she was once human. Her long silver hair and pale, bloodless skin raised suspicions about her identity.

Bella quietly scanned the bathroom with a magical detection array known as Dark Surveillance, commonly used by Demon Kings to detect stealth assassins. She found that the beautiful girl didn’t have a heartbeat, which proved that she might not be one of the living, but an Undead, who used some secret method to remain in this world.

Judging by the style of the gray robe she wore, Bella thought she resembled other necromancers. The girl’s pupil was pure white and seemed to be able to see through others’ hearts. There was not a trace of blood on her lips, which made Bella wonder if she had any blood at all.

As she interrogated Princess Kliveny, the girl grabbed the latter’s left breast with one hand and a sharp Soul Binding Nail with the other. Bella realized she was playing a game of torture. Out of her professional ethics as a “teacher,” Bella decided to observe and learn how she trained others before deciding to intervene.

“You won’t submit to me? Kliveny, I never imagined that you’d have such firm resolve that even the spiritual magic meant to brainwash is useless on you. If you don’t cooperate with me, I will hand over all your subordinates to slave traders in the continent!”

“I refuse. Although I’m not a knight, I have the dignity of a swordsman. I don’t know what you have experienced, but you shouldn’t stay here any longer.”

“You… you’re so stubborn, you piss me off. Don’t blame me if the pain kills you!”

Enraged, the girl held Princess Kliveny’s “pink cherry,” as the Soul Binding Nail in her other hand about to sink in. No matter how strong Princess Kliveny was, such a scene was inevitably frightening. Kliveny closed her eyes so the other party couldn’t see the fear within her.

However, after a while, Princess Kliveny felt no pain. When she opened her eyes, she saw a beautiful blonde girl in a black knight’s armor in the bathroom. The mastermind left Kliveny to confront the newcomer. It was so sudden that the thought of how the blonde girl entered the captain’s room slipped Kliveny’s mind.

Naturally, the newcomer was Bella. When she saw that the mastermind was about to go hardcore, she quickly interrupted the girl’s “criminal” moves. Such an erotic project was better left to a professional like Bella. Moreover, judging from Bella’s rich experience, Princess Kliveny was close to collapsing, which was the best time to show up and save the day.

“Who are you?”

“I’m just a passerby. Your methods are too rough. Girls are meant to be loved. This approach is terrible!”

“Are you a bearer of justice? I’ll fulfill your wish then!”

“Well, don’t rush to begin! We can still talk about it.”

The girl held out her palm towards Bella. A strange white magic array appeared on that pale, bloodless hand. In that instant, Bella seemed to see the ‘Door to Hell’ open right in front of her. Countless spirits poured out from this door as their horrible, distorted faces descended upon Bella as if wishing to chew her up.

This was a sort of Soul Attack, as the Soul Magic had long been lost. It was said that the Necromancers, Death Wizards, Death Sorcerers, and Death Worshippers had merely learned a little about Soul Magic but its true essence had been lost for many years. Much like Princess Aslan’s Spiritual Warfare, Soul Magic was also taboo.

In fact, Soul Magic was far more frightening than Spiritual Warfare because practitioners could easily be possessed and killed to gain more powerful souls. Nine out of ten Soul Mages were horrible, while the rest had strange personalities. The Soul Attack that the mastermind unleashed would have confused an ordinary human with its soul-suppressing effects. Kliveny and the others were defeated and captured due to this.

Bella was soon surrounded by a horde of departed spirits. From a distance, a vague figure remained visible, surrounded by rings of grey shadows. Kliveny watched the battle nervously. She hoped Bella would emerge victoriously. Her sixth sense told her that this was the only chance for rescue. If Bella were defeated, she would be stabbed in the chest too. Her previous show of strength was fake. Kliveny knew better than anyone else that if she were to be really stabbed, she would have to surrender.

Hmph, how can you be a bearer of justice with your strength? You might as well become rations for the departed spirits and die here…”

“Beautiful, have you made a mistake? When did I say I’m a bearer of justice? These departed spirits are so hideous!”

“Why is this happening? What the hell are you… Damn it…”

The departed spirits surrounding Bella were suddenly blown away by a powerful force. Only God knew what sort of power Bella used to disperse the departed spirits. Before the girl could react, Bella immediately leaned in, stretched out her right hand, and gently squeezed her chest. At that moment, the girl felt strange energy fluctuations originating from Bella’s hands.

“Aren’t you a knight? How do you know magic…”

“Well, that’s a secret. You’re very impressive yourself. This touch… I’m not a good person, so don’t be nervous!”

Princess Kliveny watched Bella stick close to the beautiful girl as she whispered something in her ear. After that, the girl behind the scenes was blown away by a powerful force as she hit the bathroom wall. Despite that, she was still alive as her body soon faded, gradually becoming transparent before disappearing completely.

Bella didn’t go after her as she turned to save Kliveny instead. Having seen through the girl’s secret method, invisibility was useless against her.

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