Rigged 9

Time passed, but none of them could bring anything wise in their heads. Eduwardo complained they could have covered a good distance if they had been walking for the last hour- which had gone in vain while brainstorming.
“You can stay here as long as you want.” Eduwardo said, “We are going around this s***.”
Behind him, Roderick saw dust rising from horizon.
“Storm?” Roderick stood up.
Few seconds later a vehicle with no control over its pace appeared from there.It was coming towards where Roderick and Eduwardo were.
They spotted Mitchell and his gang members in the jeep when they almost run over Roderick. The jeep went past terrified Roderick and crashed on the electrical fence. Roderick got sure that malfunctioning brakes were to be blamed for the accident.
Unlike the lizard, the jeep broke its way through the barrier with little to no shock since the jeep was well insulated for night time.
Same insulation saved Mitchell from getting electrocuted.
The jeep stopped after covering some distance inside the restricted area. But they did not get any time to cherish for their survival. 

Multiple vehicles colored in camouflage came towards the trespassing vehicle from all directions. Military men came out of their jeeps and arrested Mitchell along with his men.
“Mitchell is alive.” Roderick was surprised.
“Let’s go around this.” Eduwardo didn’t want to stay near to the barred territory.
“No.” Roderick disappointed him again.
“So you will carry us to this place’s end?”
You guys don’t understand. If I don’t fulfill his wish, then everything is over for me. But Roderick couldn’t say it. Explaining his condition could cause Eduwardo to not trust him.
“We can’t leave them here.” Roderick chose the wise answer.
“Then you go and rescue them. We have no problem in leaving you here.” Eduwardo said.
“INTRUDERS.” somebody spoke in microphone from the barred area, “FREEZE THERE. YOUR PEOPLE HAVE CONFIRMED YOU AS YOUR ASSOCIATES.”
Eduwardo had an angry stare for Roderick. But he did not have obedience to the commands they were getting from the military territory.
“We will go around this place.” Eduwardo told his men.
Few steps later, a wave of bullets charged at their direction.
Even though they had some firearms to fire back, none of them dared to use them. Not a single bullet had harmed anyone. </div>

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They were meant for warning, after all.
“DROP YOUR WEAPONS AND GET IN HERE!” the loud announcement came once more. In this occasion, it sounded more like a warning.
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