Chapter 1474: Really Not Easy

“Not bad,”? That’s it? K7 glanced at Crane. When he heard the door closed behind him, K7 released the brakes, stepped on the accelerator, and the car drove out several meters.


The matter at the Tongzhou International Hotel has been resolved, and the following important task has to be performed carefully.


After getting in the car, Ye Jian first contacted Pigeon, reported her safety to the director, and then discussed the next task with Xia Jinyuan and the others.


“Your task is to find those sacrificed police officers first so that they can come back completely.” Xia Jinyuan discussed Ye Jian’s personal task first because she would be the first to sneak into the village. “There is a village girl called Fu Hui. She will secretly help you. At night, you can stay at her home.”


Fu Hui, the only high school student in the mountain village, whose parents used, to be honest farmers, but then they later joined the cult organization and did several bad things that made her conscience condemned. So to bring her parents on to the right track, Fu Hui chose to report.


When her report came, it came too abruptly. The police in Yuyang City, Guilin, also knew the location of the secret base camp that was also investigating this cult organization, so they secretly sent someone to find out.


Who knew that the people who were sent out never returned.


It alarmed the Great Hall and the top leaders, the organization commissioner, and the appointment of the chief person in charge of the Ministry of Civil Affairs. The country launched an action against the cult organization.

In the past few months, the number of people captured was counted in “hundreds.” However, at the director’s celebration, where he used himself as bait, had let the police capture another group of criminals with individual status working in the cult in less than two days.


Among them, the foreigner “Mr. Charlie” was the most important suspect.


Through Mr. Charlie’s confession, they found out that the “Chairman” deliberately planned to abscond from the country because of the local situation. Charlie was responsible for his going abroad matters.


That was why Xia Jinyuan and the others were driving overnight to Huzhou to a certain mountain village in Yuyang, Guilin, to arrest the “Chairman.”


“This is Charlie’s cell phone, and his voice, you listen.” Xia Jinyuan handed over a cell phone and a recording to Ye Jian. “These few days, you need to contact the Chairman using Charlie’s voice, after confirming his location in the village, ask him to stay there, and tell him that the abroad matters are being handled at the moment.”


Crane looked at Ye Jian from the central rearview mirror,… Ye Jian, she knows ventriloquism, and she can imitate anyone’s voice!


Excellent, I can’t believe it.


Ventriloquism originated in ancient times, imitating animal sounds to deceive prey to obtain food. During the Warring States period, the story of “Meng Chang Broke Through Hangu Gate,” “Chiming Birds and Dog Pirates,” was the earliest popular application of ventriloquists in the military.


But most of them imitated animals’ sounds, rarely a human’s voice.


From the mirror, he saw Ye Jian turning on the recorder, and Charlie’s voice sounded. Ye Jian frowned as she listened attentively. Her lips were also moving, and her movements were swift and small; one wouldn’t notice it if not careful.


After listening to the recorder twice, Ye Jian turned it off and said, “I’m going to give it a try now; you guys help me to listen if it’s similar or not.”


“No, no, no, I don’t know much about this. Besides, I’m not from your country; you don’t have the right to arrest me. Darned it, let me go! Where’s my lawyer! I want to see my lawyer!” Ye Jian spoke, and Crane, sitting in front, suddenly froze.

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