Chapter 1473: Having Many Crushes On Men

What happened?


Xia Jinyuan stopped in front of Ye Jian and stared intensely at her. His right hand that originally patted her shoulder slowly dropped. Undercover of the night, his slender fingers touched her fingertips. The touch was so cold that he wanted to hold her hands directly.


Suppressing the doubt, warmth and support came from a soft, low voice as he spoke, “Now is not the time to worry about private matters; no matter how big things are, they have to be temporarily ignored.” Holding her hands tightly, the two walked side by side to the car, “We have a new member in the car, besides K7. He is also an Elite Platoon comrade, code-named “Crane”.”


“We received an order from the military and a call from the Guilin police, so we need to rush to Huzhou tonight to take the plane to Guilin at 6:17 tomorrow morning.” His hands, palms, and fingertips were warm, warming Ye Jian’s cold fingers, “So, you have to temporarily forget about personal matters.”


“We are soldiers. When order arrives, we have to carry out our mission. Personal affairs are insignificant compared to national affairs. You don’t need to explain to me anything about it, I understand.”


“Hide your sadness, force your tears back into your eyes, Ye Jian, lift your chin up, and remember your identity.”


It is impossible to hear comforting words when they are doing their tasks.


Ye Jian, whose eyes were reddened, took a deep breath. Thanks to the night and the cold breeze, they made her less gloomy. Feeling the support from him, Ye Jian lightly closed her eyes and nodded.


When she opened her eyes again, her eyes were clear; there were no tears at all and no sadness. She only had a soldier’s cold temperament, wise, and calmness.


Crane was already standing in front of the car door. When Ye Jian came over, he immediately shook hands with her and introduced, “Hello, Ye Jian, I am Crane. I have heard a lot about you from my comrades. Finally, I get to meet you today. The look of your eyes shook me.”


Now that he mentioned, Ye Jian only realized that he was the one who walked out of the hotel and the person watching her. It was Crane all along.


“Hello, Crane, I’m Ye Jian. Sorry about just now, I was a little fussed.” When Ye Jian returned the handshake, she had already examined Crane, and a thought suddenly popped into her mind.


Why are the special soldiers of the Elite Platoon like beauty pageants? They are all so handsome, why are they so handsome!


Each one is not only good-looking but also in its best shape. They are tall and straight like green pine, but also slender like green bamboo. They have wide shoulders, narrow waist, and long legs, very attractive.


Suddenly, Ye Jian was fortunate that she was determined, she didn’t have many pursuits in having many men, and she didn’t have crushes easily. Otherwise, facing such a group of handsome and physique male soldiers, she would really just fall in love every day.


After looking at him, Ye Jian withdrew her gaze indifferently, not at all attracted by Crane’s handsome face, and how he was standing as tall as a green pine, with an inviolable military majesty.


Crane, who was stared at until he felt his heart skip a beat, suddenly had a more favorable impression of Ye Jian. He was very happy that his comrade was an outstanding female soldier.


Xia Jinyuan, who was standing next to him, pulled the car door and said to Ye Jian, “Let’s talk in the car.”


Crane gave Ye Jian a slight smile without a sense of distance and got in the car first. At the same time, he did not forget to quickly say to K7: “Really not bad!”

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