Chapter 1472 The Role Of A Boyfriend

The door of the room slowly closed, and the young figure ultimately walked out of sight. Director Cai slowly sat back in the chair, his expression gradually gathered together, did that comrade with who he had gone through life and death experience with lied?


Red Plum’s daughter is obviously alive; why did he lie?


What if the comrade really lied?


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Director Cai randomly placed his hands on the armrests, his hands gradually tightened, and then clenched into fists.


Red Plum’s daughter is very smart. She should have known something; that’s why she chose her words carefully. If she really knew a little bit, then who told her?


The next question is, what will she do? When will she call me?


Ye Jian knew that she would definitely call Director Cai. She hadn’t noticed the suspiciousness of her mother’s sacrifice during her last life. Since she came back in this life, she would definitely find out! She would find out the truth!

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Ye Jian, whose thoughts were tumbling in her heart, as she walked step by step, very steady, without any panic, the more panicked she was, the calmer she looked, the more people could not see what she was thinking.

She would definitely call, but not now.


“She’s out.” Inside the car, K7 retracted his military binoculars and said to Q King, who had his eyes closed, he continued calmly: “You don’t plan to go down and welcome her?”


The car was parked on the side of the road where they could see the hotel’s revolving door at a glance. Xia Jinyuan didn’t need to use a telescope. His dark sight passed through the cold night and through the dim light. The girl who saw him holding up her head with an undetectable sadness on her face, she stood tall and walked calmly.


Xia Jinyuan unlocked the car door and pushed the car door open, and got down, although he had no intention of getting out of the car at first.


Crane, in the co-pilot seat, was still watching with his telescope. He adjusted the focus, and he could clearly see the girl’s face when she walked out. Just as he was about to look more closely, the girl, who was looking ahead, suddenly moved her eyes like a sword and looked straight at him.


Shocked, Crane put down the telescope quickly and turned his head to K7 in amazement: “Her acuity is quite high; I adjusted the focus and was immediately discovered.”


“Crane, why did the major general cultivate her like this, how she can make the big leaders remember her name, why the military has opened their door to her? You will know the answers to these questions when you get along with her.” K7 didn’t explain. Clearly, he just asked a series of questions, then started the car and waited for his comrades to return.


Crane’s thoughtful eyes kept looking outside; why? Well, naturally, because she is unique, she has abilities that no one can surpass.


He hadn’t met her yet, but he was already frightened by her sensitivity.


There was silence in the car. Outside the car, Ye Jian looked at Xia Jinyuan, who was walking towards her. She sped up her pace and greeted him.


“I’m sorry, I made you guys wait a long time.” She paused, and then she continued, “Something came up, a personal matter.” She explained in a more serious tone.


Xia Jinyuan raised his hand and patted her shoulder gently, “It’s okay, get in the car first.”

She had already said that the delay was due to personal matters… Based on his understanding, he knew that she would tell him later on; she wouldn’t hide it from him.


If she really wanted to hide it, his little fox wouldn’t even mention it.


The hotel’s green belt was equipped with pale street lamps, and ground spotlights were installed against the shrubs’ roots. Although Ye Jian was standing in the shadows, her bright face still looked dark, Xia Jinyuan could see her expression clearly… It had sadness, and it was also throbbing.

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