Chapter 1471 Things Are More Complicated Now

“Sorry to have made you worry. I have always lived in Shui Kou Village. I have never left that place. May I know when you came to the village?”


“In the third year after your mother’s sacrifice, our batch retired at the end of that year. We wrote a letter to the town in September and received a reply in early October. At the end of December, a retired comrade purposely went to ask about it again before returning home. But when he came to tell us the same thing, we completely believed that you really “died.””


Director Cai sighed long, “Now, I don’t understand what’s going on anymore. You’re obviously still alive. Why did we receive a reply saying otherwise, and our comrade also said the same thing.”


Ye Jian silently counted the years; she happened to be bullied very badly at that time. As the village official, Ye Zhifan had close contacts with the Fujun Township government. It made sense for him to receive a letter and intentionally gave a false response.


What’s weird is why her mother’s comrade also said the same.


“If the letter you wrote fell into Ye Zhifan’s hands, then it makes sense that he replied saying that I died drowning. I’m not going to lie, sometimes, even I think it’s a miracle that I survived.”


Ye Jian was talking half-jokingly, half-seriously, but as soon as she spoke, Director Cai’s face suddenly darkened, and he asked in a low voice, “Why, did anyone come to you?”


At that moment, Ye Jian’s heart fell fiercely, Director Cai’s expression and his words… Something’s wrong!


Her assumption hadn’t been wrong; she really hadn’t guessed wrongly!


Her mother’s sacrifice is indeed, suspicious!


“No one came, just…” Ye Jian hesitated, lowered her head, and thought. She was thinking about whether to directly ask Director Cai for verification, but can she believe him?


This was the first time they met. Could she ask such personal questions?


Director Cai also lowered his eyes. Therefore, he also didn’t see the contemplation on Ye Jian’s face. He was about to speak when suddenly Ye Jian’s phone buzzed.


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It was Xia Jinyuan.

Looking at the caller number, Ye Jian got up immediately, “Director Cai, thank you for telling me something about my mother. I still have things on my side, so I won’t disturb you anymore.”

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“There are many more things about your mother, you…” Director Cai, who stood up with her, was intensely concentrating on the daughter of his old friend. He saw her eyebrows look firm, and her eyes were sharper than her mother’s. After pausing for a few seconds, he said again: “If you want to know more about your mother, you can contact me at any time.”


Obviously, Director Cai had hesitated when he said this sentence, but after hesitating, he spoke with deep and firm eyes.


Ye Jian, who had been suspicious of her mother’s sacrifice this whole time, only felt a moment of weight in her heart. She thought to herself, she would definitely contact Director Cai, because he knew about her mother.


“Okay, maybe I will really come to bother you someday.” After receiving the phone number that Director Cai wrote in her notebook, Ye Jian looked down and memorized the number.


She bowed slightly before leaving.


The young female soldier left without looking back, just like her mother that day. She knew that things would be dangerous; she knew that it was very likely that she would never come back, but she took the task without asking a word, packed her equipment, and left without looking back.


Ye Jian only knew that when her mother came back from the sacrifice, the willows were green and the peach blossoms were dying, but she didn’t know that when Red Plum was gone, the snow was white, the heavens and the earth were decorated with silver, only for Red Plum.

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