Chapter 1475 Too Shocking

If he didn’t know who was sitting behind him, he would definitely think he was succumbed to evil!


Similar, it’s too similar, no, similar is not the right word, I should say precisely the same! Ye Jian sounds exactly the same as Charlie!


How can she imitate so well!

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Ventriloquism is a unique skill, no one can be better than her, and no one can learn as good as her!


Ye Jian shocked Crane in one shot and made him understand why the military department valued her so much, and let her show herself first after all the necessary arrangement.


Her skill was really too shocking!


Such talent is an asset to the army, even if other aspects of her are mediocre. What’s more, Ye Jian is an all-rounded talent. If the army did not notice her talent, then it would be the army’s loss!


For a while, Crane couldn’t calm himself down. He had already been conquered by Ye Jian at their first meeting.


Later, Xia Jinyuan made some corrections, “Speak faster, speak up a little bit more, with a little arrogance. Also, Charlie likes to command. He speaks very strongly. Don’t be too gentle when dealing with the main criminal.”


“Okay, I’ll try again.” Ye Jian nodded. She stopped repeating what Charlie said in the recorder and started chatting.


At this moment, let alone Crane, who was feeling sweat on his back, even K7’s hands that were holding the steering wheel were wet. K7 had never heard of Ye Jian’s ability to imitate others.


Upon hearing Ye Jian’s imitation, the two people in the front row were stunned for a moment. If they had not seen it with their own eyes, they would never believe that Ye Jian was speaking. It was like hearing another person’s voice from a familiar face. Now even seeing her imitating, they felt incredibly mind blown!


Xia Jinyuan’s language talent was not weaker than Ye Jian’s. With little change in his expression, he pointed out a few words halfway through their conversation. After about ten minutes, he nodded, “You’re close. There won’t be any problem when you talk through the phone.”


Then he asked Crane, “Any suggestions?”


“No, no! Not at all.” Crane quickly replied, and turned around, facing Ye Jian, giving a thumbs up, “I salute you!”


This skill absolutely incredible!


Xia Jinyuan knew what his comrade was thinking; he was as shocked as him last time.


Back then, when he suddenly heard the voice of a man popping out from this fragile-looking girl next to him, which was exactly the same as the voice of the criminals they subdued, he was so surprised.


Fortunately, he was hiding in the dark at that time and did not let her see the gaffe on his face.


Ye Jian pursed her mouth and smiled, “My voice is wider than others, so it’s easier for me to learn this.” Except for the elderly and children, she had no problem imitating other people’s voices.


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In her last life, this was one of her tricks for escape. She could play several roles in a room, repeatedly bluffing the people sent by Ye Ying and Ye Zhifan back.


“I want to learn from you…” Crane subconsciously answered when he heard her speak. After speaking for a while, he realized that he needed to think about it first, so he paused for a few seconds before continuing: “It is not an easy thing to learn. I think there are not many people in the country who can do it!”


Ye Jian thought about it and agreed.


She learned this skill by accident in her last life, and when she accidentally discovered that she had this talent, she was actually quite shocked as well.

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