Chapter 1476: Work Is Not Tired With Men And Women Together

“It’s really a bit difficult, but if everyone knows it, then you won’t need me anymore.” She said jokingly, her brows crooked, and her black eyes were slightly smiling.


Her words made the three of them laugh. K7 said indifferently: “I know that your marksmanship is accurate, but I really didn’t know that you can even imitate people so well.”


It seems that when K7 was with Ye Jian, he always talked a bit more.


Xia Jinyuan was used to it, but Crane, who didn’t know this, was still a little surprised, “K7, did something good happen to you today? Within half an hour, you actually spoke more than ten sentences, each of which is more than five words.”


“He will act like a gentleman in front of Ye Jian.” Xia Jinyuan replied for his comrades and continued: “Not only him, but also G3. As long as they are with Ye Jian, they will talk a lot.”

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The car had left Tongzhou City and would enter the high-speed expressway heading to Huzhou. K7, who did not require a GPS, seemed to be familiar with the road to Tongzhou and quickly accelerated the car.


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As he entered the high-speed expressway, he faintly replied, “What else can a group of men say? Don’t you know that the same poles repulse and opposites poles attract?”


“It seems that I have to talk to the political commissar, tell him that our K7 is feeling a little empty, and he needs more female soldiers to communicate with.” Xia Jinyuan raised his eyebrows and smiled lightly, “Our group of only men has let K7 suffer.”


K7 actually took the words seriously, “You can also ask the military to find more female soldiers who are as powerful as Ye Jian. Our work won’t be so tiring if both men and women work together.”


“Cool, you also understand this!” Crane became more surprised. Anyway, K7 is a man who is even more plain than a monk! Apart from training, entering the laboratory, and reading, he had no other hobbies in the army. In his life, he was as plain as a glass of boiled water.


In the team, there is a saying that describes K7; his coldness has frozen all the way into his soul. Q King was also cold, but his coldness was different from K7. K7 was colder.


Such a person can even make a joke? He even joked that “same-sex repels, and opposite-sex attracts”.


Crane has been his comrade for six years, and this was the first time he heard K7 say such a sentence.


“With a few more comrades like Ye Jian, I think everyone will be happy.” K7 didn’t take his comrades’ surprise to heart. He just spoke whatever was on his mind.


He spoke only the truth.


Xia Jinyuan, who had always been open-minded and had always been a bit yuppie, also thought K7 made sense, but if they were to take his little fox as a standard,…Xia Jinyuan felt that this suggestion would be too hard for the military.


His slender body leaned forward slightly, and a low, magnetic voice sounded soft, “I can send you to the cultural troupe, but want me to find a few more female soldiers like Ye Jian? I think we better not trouble the army.”


K7 laughed. He didn’t often laugh, so his laughter actually caused others to be a little cautious; it was quite mysterious.


Sitting beside him, Crane also laughed. He had already seen a thing or two about Ye Jian’s abilities, and only those little things had already opened his mind about her a lot.

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