Chapter 1, Requille the king

The man sitting on the stone had long ice blue hair and eyes. Not too tall, even shorter than Master En at 5’7” well built, and a handsome face. A well-pointed nose and well-defined jawline helped to accentuate the sharpness in his eyes. The most eye catching of all was that giant wizard’s hat that didn’t seem to fit his other clothes. Due to him keeping a fit body his muscles he didn’t look like a scrawny mage. His strict yet fancy blue and silver military gear and cape along with the longsword at his side made him look like a swordsman. If it wasn’t for the hat and hefty magic tome on his side one would have a hard time discerning that he was a wizard. This was the king of Iceborn and 5th stage Wizard Require. 

“Haa?- The great 5th stage wizard needs my help?”

En was smiling no matter what happened, as long as he was able to mess with his old friend he was content.

“Shut up En, just hold up the tower, the ice isn’t something you can handle. That’s a 28th circle spell that’s being held together with a magic generator.” The king said smiling, pointing at the skyscraper of an iceberg that seemed to be gaining height as they spoke.

“ 28TH! You know how dangerous doing experiments on such high-level spells are, why didn’t you do it somewhere else?” There was an unofficial rule that spread throughout the years. That stated that every warrior and spell caster had a trial every five circles. This was a bonafide 5th stage spell that could kill hundreds if not thousands if something went wrong.

“It’s fine I limited the mana flow and weakened the spell so it will eventually destroy itself. Now it’s only about the 3rd stage in power. I want to make sure it doesn’t damage any barriers though, otherwise it would stop itself.”

While loking at En quickly surrround the building with mana to support it Requille felt something tugging at his pants. He already knew who it was as he calmly he looked down and saw his son. The small tears in his eyes portrayed how worried he was.

Patting his head Requille spoke to him, “It’ll be fine El, this will actually be a good demonstration, now look.”

Waving his hands Requille made a small magic circle, then attached it with two others. Afterwards he started supplying it magic as one of his earrings started to glow. After making a few more hand signs the magic circles glowed. Finally he brought his hands forward as if grasping for the edges of the iceberg and began to bring them closer. Suddenly Els’ vision started to shake as the iceberg that had now reached 5 stories tall started to crack. The shaking began with earnest now. if the one before could be described as a tremor than this was a full on earthquake.

“Wh-what!” El grabbed onto his fathers leg as if hanging to dear life. Then he saw it, the humongous piece of ice started to be compressed form the botton and the top. As his father brought his hands closer and closer the more it shook and cracked. Finally it snapped and his fathers hands that seemed to be repelling each other slammed shut. The ice shattered and dispersed into a storm of snow. “This is going to be a hassle to clean up”, without another word Requille waved his hands and made another crushing motion bringing his hands together. Before any of the snow could even touch the ground it was abruptly pulled into a giant mass of ice and compressed before falling with a loud thud on the ground.

“What was it that you were researching to create something like that Requille? Even I couldn’t make such a large mess.”

“Ah, I was experimenting if I could make a spell trap utilizing mana wells/generators. This would make it so that previously one time use traps will keep on wrecking havoc for as long as possible. However as you can see, it’s not even close to finished, I need to focus on finding a way to stop it for now.” 

“Yeah I can bet it’ll be hard research, however this is something I never really put time towards. plus I’m not fighting in this war so it ain’t my problem. Well see ya I’m talking a nap.”

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With a loud sigh and a defeated smile on his face the king shook his head. “ You never change. Take El with you, he seems to have fainted due to the shakes, he needs some sleep.”

Turning back to look at the remains of the destroyed tower he sighed, “Hah, Elena’s going to be mad if I don’t repair this quickly.”

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By the time the small prince woke up it was already 8pm and sitting next to his bed dead asleep was En.

Is this my room? Looking around he quickly recognised it, however the door suddenly opening startled him.

“Oh, you’re a wake?” 

“Yeah, uh can we do the magic practice now, I don’t want to end the day without it. Plus I can’t sleep anyways since I just woke up.”

“Hoh, I like it, come follow me, we’ll head to the lab.”

 Picking himself up and putting on his slippers he followed his father. Not without his note book of course.

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