Chapter 1, Magic Elements

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As we were heading down the stairs of the back door dad had already started to tell me somethings about magic. Mainly about how magical elements and aptitudes worked..

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“Now, since you’re already learning magic theory at a level of spell casting, you should already know about the base elements. Hopefully, you realized that your attributes aren’t part of the base elements, fire, water, earth, air, dark, light, and life.”

“I thought it was weird that shadow or frost wasn’t on the table.”

“That is because there is a list beyond that of different elements and attributes people can have. Past the base is special elements like lightning that are higher versions of attributes. With lightning, it is fire, ice for water, gravity for earth, and control also known as flow for air. Darkness, light, and life don’t have higher versions but do have hybrids or combinations. People who are born with base attributes can train to learn these higher attributes and hybrids. However, people born with aptitudes towards these higher versions can’t train the base versions. This seems like a weakness till you realize that they can use this special magic better than those who trained up to use it and it is more powerful as well.”

“You keep using aptitude, why? Shouldn’t you just say they use this element or attribute?”


“Well, everything is about aptitude, their body is just better at storing one magic than others. Some have the talent and their bodies have the aptitude for all elements. Some people can only handle one type of energy and some are just different. You are just that, you have access to unique magic”


“Yup, what this means is that your body can only use an element in a specified way. You have shadow and frost, two unique magics. Both of which seem to just be a higher version of the base elements. What makes them unique is that the mana you generate when casting spells is inherently different and the way you use them is different. Let’s take shadow, for example, you’d think that it would fall under dark magic. Dark magic users are known to have spells that affect and utilize shadows. Shadow magic however is unique in that it almost isn’t considered magic, your body and mind are connected to the shadows directly. However, by feeding them mana and using special spell circles you can enhance them and control them at a much deeper level.”

As they were talking they finally neared the old tower. This tower was rough but majestic, it had gone through many things over the years but still held together. Under the moonlight, the tower gave a feeling of serenity and sadness. As the light cast a cold shine on the white stone that it was made of. This was the kings’ laboratory, an old wizard tower that had been used for generations by the royal family. This was where they uncovered and documented the ways and use of the unique magic element frost.

“It’s cold….”

“What would you expect El? This is called the tower of ice for a reason.”

Opening his hand Requille summoned a small flame to light the way and warm his son up. Although it wasn’t needed much as the tower seemed to come alive. The small crystals lined up along the wall started to light up giving off a cold light. Walking forward, El looked around the first floor, it had a few tables covered in books and candles. On the far wall were a few bookshelves that seemed to contain history books and maps along with a set of stairs going up. Continuing with the conversation Requille started to speak, “ Most people with unique magics are very powerful as while the element might out limitations on its use it is many times more powerful than normal. however, holders of such magics don’t have a school to follow. They have to learn and research on their own, leaving them lost. Now, frost is different, as every single descendant of the iceberg royal family was born with frost. Over the 5000 years we have held this power, we have continued to build up our knowledge. You have over a thousand books to help you learn this magic.”

“I thought unique magic was supposed to be different for everyone?”

“Oh, you’re quite smart.” With a smile, Requille started to go up the stairs.

“Even though our elements are the same, our utilization of it is different. As well our magics differentiate depending on the blessings granted upon us during our trials. You can also have people with unique elemental hybrids. Your grandfather had a hybrid called frost storm, a mixture of frost and wind. You might be like that as well and if so you’d be even more special since you have two unique elements.”

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