Chapter 1479: Abuse Happily

When they arrived at Ye Zhixiang’s room, Ye Ying knocked on the door first, “Auntie, this is Ye Ying. We’re here to see you.”


The locked hotel room door opened immediately.


Wearing black clothes, Ye Zhixiang stood in front of the family with a gloomy face. Ever since she confirmed that the person standing in the tower was Ye Jian, she couldn’t relax at all.


Looking at Ye Zhifan, her lips trembled, “Brother, terrible news.”


Her face was so ugly that Sun Dongqing, who had wanted to nag her, couldn’t help feeling surprised. What happened? What made her panic?


The room was full of cigarette smell. Sun Yaozu, who had smoked half a pack of cigarettes while waiting for their arrival, stood up. His expression was also bad, but his fierce energy did not change when he spoke. “Something tricky happened, brother; we have to discuss how to solve it. You can look at the TV. Let’s start from here.”


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Sun Dongqing glanced at the TV and then withdrew her gaze, rolled her eyes, and said in a weird manner, “Weren’t you guys having a holiday in Beijing? Do you still need to show off to us? Do you think I haven’t been there?”


She didn’t look carefully, but Ye Ying spotted the problem.


Her originally smiling face turned pale, and her fingers tremblingly as she pointed at the figure she was most familiar with, and the figure she hated the most, “Dad, Ye Jian, you see, up there, it’s Ye Jian!”


Ye Zhifan saw it only a few seconds later than his daughter, his eyes squinted tightly, and then he looked furious, staring at the figure.


“…This, this…” After hearing her daughter, Sun Dongqing finally saw Ye Jian. She looked at the TV screen in disbelief, and she stammered, “This, this, this… Isn’t this the tower?… How did she, why was she… why was she standing with the leaders?”


Everyone wanted to know that! Everyone wanted to know how Ye Jian stood with the national leaders!


Ye Ying, who was leaning on the side of the bed, suddenly fell onto the bed. The image had still left her a little stupefied, and she kept muttering: “How is it possible? How is it possible, no, no, no!”


Sun Yaozu cursed the mother and daughter when he saw them looking at the TV screen in disbelief, and the fact that they still couldn’t accept reality. 


Darned it, I didn’t ask you to come over and tell me all this crap! 


“Niece Ying, your aunt used her DV camera to record it, you don’t believe it? Do you think we are doing this just to scare you?” He pointed to the DV camera resting on the coffee table and glanced at Ye Ying. Ye Zhifan spoke, “The second brother, please handle this matter however you like.”


“This godforsaken freaking girl actually accompanied the national leaders to attend the big celebration and even stood beside them! Mom asked you to raise her up badly, but you see what good job you’ve done; you have personally sent her up there to accompany the national leader!”


“The second brother, if you don’t give me a good explanation about this, I will never let you go off easily.”


Sun Dongqing didn’t think about how to deal with the follow-up matters. She rushed over and picked up the DV machine placed on the coffee table, shaking her hand and pressing it indiscriminately, “How do you turn this on? How do you turn it on! I want to watch the video, I want to watch the video!”


Panicked, panicked, she really panicked!

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Ye Ying got up from the bed and stumbled to her mom, constantly trembling, “Mom, show me, show me, I want to see! I want to see!”

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