Chapter 1478 Looking Forward

Through the rearview mirror, Crane looked at Ye Jian with his kind eyes, and when he saw Ye Jian smiling back at him, he couldn’t help but smile too.


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He thought to himself that he, like K7 and the others, looked forward to her arrival and expected her to become their comrade-in-arms.


He also finally understood why the comrades who had fought with Ye Jian would look forward to fighting in battles with her again.


In her eyes, in her expression, and in her conversation, you will feel safe, so safe that you can trust your safety to her without a worry in battlefields.


The time to travel to Huzhou was a bit long. Although the four were in a relaxed mood, they did not continue to chat; they needed to maintain a certain amount of energy to deal with the dangers they would face next.


Four of them took turns driving, so each person only needed to drive for three hours.

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Xia Jinyuan and the others did not mention that Ye Jian could just continue to rest without driving. They were comrades; they fought together and shared the joys and hardships together. Since driving for three hours was their duty, it also meant that she wouldn’t need to be treated differently.


The night darkened. Ye Jian, who was in charge of driving early in the morning, had already fallen asleep, breathing long, her delicate eyebrows relaxed, and a sweet smile rested on her face, and she fell asleep completely relaxed.

Crane in the front row was also asleep. When Major Xia, who was waiting for his girlfriend to sleep first, saw the car driving into a tunnel, he quietly raised his hand and by the time the car came out of the tunnel, Ye Jian, who was sleeping by the window initially, was now asleep on his shoulders.


After finishing this little trick, Major Xia closed his eyes with satisfaction.


The three of them entered their dreamland. Someone far away hurried into an elevator with the cool breeze of the night, pressing the number of the floor that he should be at; Ye Zhifan’s face was so gloomy.


“What is so urgent that you have to rush me over here? Can’t we talk about it tomorrow? What urgent matter would Ye Zhixiang and his wife have! I’m 90 sure that it must be related to the old woman!” Sun Dongqing never stopped complaining from their house to the hotel, “Listen to me, if she wants me to take care of that old woman, my answer is no!”


“You better be more alert. Don’t just agree to her because she cries or makes noise! You treat her as your younger sister, but does she ever treat you as a brother? Never!”


“When we were young, she had always looked forward to us getting into trouble. Don’t you remember that she even tried to instigate our divorce? Haven’t you accused me enough? Me and her, we will never get along, not in this life!”


She was still complaining reluctantly that she didn’t even notice the sullen color in Ye Zhifan’s gloomy face. But Ye Ying saw it, and her heartbeat even faster suddenly.


She pulled her mother secretly and whispered, “Mom, are you not tired of talking for so long? You have never stopped since we came out of home until arriving here at the hotel. We’re already here, do you really want us to go back now? Dad knows what he is doing. Can you please stop talking?”

Her voice became softer and softener, “Have you not seen that Dad is in a bad mood now? You should be considerate of Dad, please.”


Sun Dongqing had always been able to listen to her daughter. Upon hearing her words, she gave a slight “hmph” and then stopped nagging.


Ye Zhifan also didn’t want to talk with his wife anymore. It was useless to talk to her because what other things could she do except for making noise and causing trouble?

Occasionally, she was smart, but then she would do stupid things afterward.

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