Volume 7 Chapter 430: The Gathering Of The Old And New Demon Kings On The Haydn Resort Rooftop

The coastal city of the Aldridge Empire, Oldrango. Last night’s riot at the Cape of Lost Souls hadn’t attracted too much attention. The Saviors had run back to the army. The System-type Saviors lost a fair bit of manpower in the battle and were defeated by the Demon Kings’ people, so their operation ended in failure. Bella and the three new Demon Kings, as well as the two members of the Twelve Old Demon Kings, closed the portal to the Cursed Land.

However, there was more than one entrance to the Cursed Land. In this area of Oldrango City alone were several unknown entrances, waiting to be discovered. The Cursed Land was the location where the Saviors sealed demonic beings. Later on, the Savior Camp lost control, resulting in such serious consequences.

According to certain documents obtained from the Savior’s system, Bella roughly learned about the situation in the Cursed Land. It wasn’t created by the twelve Fates but the legendary thirteenth Fate. However, since the thirteenth Fate was unrecognized by the Saviors, there were no records of her.

The Cursed Land was managed by the thirteenth Fate. When the Fate disappeared, the Cursed Land was unmanned. On the surface, the other twelve Fates claimed they hadn’t the time nor the energy to clean up the mess left by her, so they left it as it was. In fact, the real reason was that their strength couldn’t compare to the thirteenth Fate’s. Apparently, the latter could easily slaughter all twelve of them in a confrontation.

None of the twelve Fates could single-handedly suppress the Cursed Land. It required the cooperation of at least three Fates. However, the arrogant Fates couldn’t work together. Therefore, they were forced to put aside the matter of the Cursed Land.

Bella wouldn’t have set foot in the Cursed Land if it weren’t to save Ocean Demon King Victoria. The Saviors’ mess should be cleaned by their own people. The World Destructors had once wanted to explore the Cursed Land. At the time, the seventh and ninth World Destructors—a Demon God and the other an Evil God—urgently retreated from the center of the Cursed Land.

It wasn’t because they were afraid of death but because there were no restrictions, as if dealing with an unlocked door. If they were entangled with the cursed objects inside, they would affect their original plane world. Wasn’t it clear the Saviors wanted to leave such a problem to the other camps? The World Destructors certainly wouldn’t involve themselves in such a disadvantageous matter.

The rooftop of the Haydn Resort had been reserved by the Rose Society. The entire floor was covered with a layer of black fog. Since it was a moonless night, the black fog wasn’t obvious in the dark. After escaping from the Cursed Land, Bella invited the two rescued members of the old Twelve Demon Kings, which could be considered the first peaceful contact between the old and new Demon Kings.

The balcony had been transformed into the style of the Demon King’s palace. The floors were now covered in obsidian tiles, and the chairs were replaced by the ones commonly used by the Demon King. The table was made purely of obsidian and the chairs carved from black jade. This was the location for Bella’s secret Demon King gathering.

The Demon Kings attending the gathering included Blood Demon King Eleanor and Sky Demon King Dolores, who had decided to stay for a few more days after dropping by to support Bella, Dark Night Demon King Aggy, whose injuries prevented her from leaving, Ocean Demon King Victoria, and the host of the gathering, Demon King Bella. Bella originally wanted to invite Underworld Demon King Cornice. Unfortunately, a Demon King had to be stationed in the Hall of Pandemonium, so Demon King Cornice couldn’t “skip work.”

There was an open-air bath on the platform. The clear bathwater had been replaced with spring water from the River Styx that could only be used by Demon Kings and those above them. Wearing matching crimson lingerie with cut-out rose patterns, Blood Demon King Eleanor sat on the edge of the swimming pool, quietly enjoying a glass of wine. Though the transparent glass in her hand was filled with red wine that resembled human blood, it was really just a sort of Demon King wine.

Sky Demon King Dolores was leaning on the other side of the bath in her dark purple, cut-out bird of paradise patterned lingerie. Dolores didn’t drink. Stretching lazily, she lay on her back while gazing at the night sky, as if counting the stars. However, there were no stars in the sky tonight. Bella figured she was just slacking off.

In fact, it was more comfortable to get naked in the bath. However, the other two old Demon Kings who attended the gathering weren’t necessarily in the same camp as Bella and the new Demon Kings. Due to lack of trust, Blood Demon King Eleanor and the Sky Demon King Dolores went down in sexy lingerie. After all, they weren’t sure about the other two, so they couldn’t completely open up.

Bella and the two Demon Kings sat on the other side of the bath instead of enjoying the feast. Although the banquet table was filled with sumptuous delicacies, there were still matters gnawing at their minds. They could always enjoy the food later. Bella and the others were currently sitting on chairs that resembled double deck chairs. 

Double deck chairs were the standard beach holiday setting. There was a small table between the two chairs, which held several cold beverages. Behind the chairs was a big umbrella that covered the chairs. Except for looking good, the umbrella had no practical use at all. There wasn’t any moonlight, much less the need for shelter from the sun.

Ocean Demon King Victoria wore a matching set of dark blue lingerie with blue flowers. At the moment, she was reclining on the chair with an expression of vigilance. Her dark blue eyes turned to the other side with the intention of probing. The cold drink in front of Victoria hadn’t been touched at all. Having just regained consciousness, she had yet to adapt to the present situation.

Bella and Dark Night Demon King Aggy sat on the deck chairs. Bella wore a matching set of gold lingerie with lilies, while Aggy wore black, cut-out rose-patterned ones. Bella had originally set aside a set for Cornice, but unfortunately, she couldn’t join them.

Bella lay on her back, taking advantage of Aggy, who sat astride her. Aggy’s most sensitive part was only covered with a layer of gauze. This sexy lingerie was very thin, almost transparent. Aggy’s face was flushed as she carefully held the cold drink in her hand. Even the straw in her drink was a special couple’s straw. Bella reached out and caressed Aggy’s smooth back while sipping the icy drink together.

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“Aggy, come closer. We’re all Demon Kings. What are you afraid of? Why don’t I call Victoria over instead?”

“Bella, can’t you… can’t you speak in a way that won’t be misunderstood?”

“What’s the misunderstanding? We’ve already seen each other. What are you shy about?”

In desperation, Aggy leaned in, pressing herself gently towards Bella’s plump chest. The softness evoked a strange comfort in her heart. This feeling made Aggy rather shy. Although she had never liked any man for more than 10,000 years, she assumed she was a normal girl. But in front of Bella, those strange feelings grew stronger.

Was what Bella said true? Did she really like girls? Bella was well aware of the changes in Aggy’s body, especially her most sensitive parts that were pressed tightly on her skin. How could an expert like Bella not realize the changes? This gathering had been requested by Bella, who claimed this was to make up for Aggy’s promise. The pure Dark Night Demon King easily agreed. 

Aggy truly regretted agreeing to Bella’s request now. She had assumed Bella wouldn’t do anything to her if she wasn’t in the bedroom. Who would have thought that the venue wasn’t an issue for a kinky girl like Bella? In fact, playing outdoors was more exciting. If it weren’t for Ocean Demon King Victoria’s presence, perhaps Bella would have bullied Aggy until she was completely submissive.

Under Victoria’s eyes, Bella had to restrain herself. Demon Kings had strong combat powers. If they were to fight, Bella had a good chance of winning three against two. However, powerhouses at the level of the twelve Demon Kings could choose to self-destruct before Bella had the chance to turn into her Demon God form. In the end, all Bella would have were two cold bodies. Thus, she preferred to strengthen the friendship between both sides by flirting with the two. And once they were closer, Aggy and Victoria would surely jump to her side of the fence.

At present, Ocean Demon King Victoria didn’t dare make a move. The two Demon Kings on their side were injured. Against Bella’s three healthy Demon Kings, the dominance in numbers, let alone their state, meant she and Aggy were on the losing end. The only thing Victoria couldn’t figure out now was how Bella knew the exact size and measurements of the both of them? Bella had only seen her once, so why did the lingerie prepared for them seem as if they were made-to-measure?

Bella gently kissed Aggy’s cheek and placed her on the chair. Then, turning to Victoria, she carried the latter and pushed her onto Aggy. While Dark Night Demon King Aggy struggled to get up, she inadvertently pinned Victoria under her own body.

“W-what are you doing? Aren’t you with Aggy? Why bring me in?”

“Bella, don’t we have an agreement? You said you wouldn’t bully Victoria.”

“I’m not bullying you. Didn’t the two of you move on your own? Hold on, I’ll remove that last bit of fabric on you!”

In the face of Bella’s shameless threat, the two Demon Kings could do little about it. Since they were all Demon Kings, Aggy and Victoria regarded the exchange between both sides as communication at the same level. They wouldn’t go to war unless they had to. What a bargain it was for Bella. In a sense, Bella had her way with the Twelve Demon Kings desired by countless brave men who had no chance with them now.

Victoria and Aggy seemed to have forgotten their identity before Bella; they were now two noble ladies being bullied by a pervert. Bella pressed Victoria’s smooth back, pinning Aggy with her body. Bella had complete control over the two Demon Kings. All that was left was the final step.

“Bella, have you… have you ever pretended to be a Siren guard?”

“Mmm, it looks like you have a good memory and still remember me. But there are more interesting matters I’d rather discuss with you.”

“Bella, you want our intel, don’t you? Stop bullying Aggy; I’ll tell you.”

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At the mention of intelligence, Bella paused for a moment. Victoria was different from Aggy. Her dark blue eyes remained calm even when Bella pinned her onto Aggy, without any obvious emotions. Bella could tell Victoria was still “straight.” If she pushed too hard, the risk of rebound was high.

Unexpectedly, Victoria posed a tough challenge. Bella retreated in order to progress. Noticing her change, Dark Night Demon King Aggy turned away from Bella, who was seriously discussing information. She focused on the cold drink instead.

Despite being bullied, Aggy rather enjoyed the strange sensations. However, Bella had suddenly stopped at a critical moment, and Aggy was too shy to ask her to continue. What would Victoria think of her? Strange thoughts flashed through Aggy’s head as she chided Bella for stopping so abruptly. But at the same time, she wished Bella would bully Victoria, so she could openly ask Bella to “torture” her instead.

With the intelligence obtained by the Twelve Demon Kings, Bella found out the reason why the Aldridge Empire had closed off the teleportation array. Aside from the fact the Cursed Gate had appeared in Oldrango, it was also related to the frequent aggravation from the Oceanic Race. Despite having little contact with the Humans, the Oceanic Race had recently attacked the coastal fishing villages of the Aldridge Empire, causing a large number of casualties.

The mages of the Aldridge Empire were desperate to maintain a dignified facade in order to prevent the news from leaking. If the other empires learned about this, it would damage the prestige of the Aldridge Empire. Thus, they simply ordered the temporary closure of the magic teleportation arrays in the entire country, permitting only the military and official personnel to use them while the general public had no access.

Facing the crisis of the Cursed Gate and the invasion of the Oceanic Race, the Aldridge Empire obviously had trouble dealing with both problems at the same time. Additionally, they were hosting the tournament between the Twelve Ivies this year. This tournament was equivalent to the earth’s Olympic Games. Its great influence meant canceling or postponing was impossible. Therefore, the Aldridge Empire actually had three major events to handle concurrently, and a shortage of manpower was inevitable.

The Human navy of the Other World was useless. They had no artillery, making do with bows and arrows. Their landing warships couldn’t even compare to large merchant ships. The Aldridge Empire, the only empire that could produce magic cannons, advocated coastline defense instead of installing magic cannons on their warships.

The Manasvir Empire, which had both technological and financial resources, possessed the lofty ideal of building a powerful navy to explore other continents. Unfortunately, they were located in the center of the continent and had no coastal port. On top of refusing to develop their own navies, the other four empires weren’t willing to rent their ports to the Manasvir Empire. This act of mutual sabotage eventually led to the underdevelopment of the Human navy for thousands of years.

Against the Oceanic Race who had been entrenched at sea for a long time, the Human navy was no match at all. Most of the time, they couldn’t even get out of the port. They were often annihilated and died cowardly. As for the Twelve Demon Kings’ purpose, Ocean Demon King Victoria didn’t conceal much, now that she and Aggy were “controlled” by Bella.

The purpose of the ancient Twelve Demon Kings was simple: draw out the evil spirits from the Cursed Land, which would cause great panic. They also possessed a copy of the key to the locked door in the Cursed Land. However, she couldn’t reveal who gave the key to them.

“That’s all we know. Bella, can we…”

“Victoria, why the rush? Your task hasn’t been completed yet, has it? Stay with me and relax for a few days. We’re all Demon Kings. I’ll help arrange an identity for you!”

“Um… Aggy, what do you think?”

“I-I don’t mind, Victoria. Aren’t you injured? Just stay and recuperate. After all, they didn’t specify a time limit for our mission.”

Ocean Demon King Victoria looked incomprehensibly at Aggy. The latter had probably seen Bella several times at most. But why did she sense betrayal? As far as her injury was concerned, Victoria had merely been knocked unconscious. In fact, she had no serious injuries at all. Aggy was the one who suffered more severe injuries.

“Then I shall also… Bella, what are you…”

“Nothing. Just relax!”

Using her demonic powers, Bella brought Aggy and Victoria to the bath. Before they could react, Blood Demon King Eleanor and Sky Demon King Dolores took control. No one knew what these Demon Kings did on the roof all night.

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