Chapter 1491 Wishful Thinking

If the police catch wind of the Commissioner attempting to leave the country, then it would be hard for her to leave as well!

It hadn’t been this serious in the past, but since eliminating those policemen, the cult was having trouble living it’s days.    

She had already received several phone calls tipping her off, telling her that those above had started to secretly investigate into the red light district of Yuyang city.

We mustn’t complicate matters anymore! Wang Gui cannot be left alive!

With a rising intent to kill, Lee Er’s face turned cold.

Unfortunately, Wang Gui’s back was towards her, and she didn’t notice anything; she was also making plans of her own. Lee Er was the most trusted woman of the Commissioner; the news she revealed would definitely be authentic!

Her eyes rolled in thought because her heart still felt anxious; she could only wear a smile and inquire cautiously: “Did you not hear any news from the city? From what I heard of the Commissioner’s tone, the situation really isn’t good. Seems like he wants to go overseas.”

Lee Er was capable of becoming the most trusted woman beside the Commissioner, so how can she be a simple person?  

Hearing that, she rolled her eyes and mocked intentionally: “Wang Gui ah Wang Gui, what tricks are you planning again? Even I didn’t know the Commissioner was going abroad, and you managed to overhear that?” She said in a disbelieving tone.

Could it be that Lee Er didn’t even know about it? The Commissioner also didn’t plan to bring her out?

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The abacus in her heart was clicking loudly as she planned. Going abroad, she hadn’t thought about it, as she only wanted to get rich through the Commissioner’s contacts, then proceed with her uneventful life.

However, she did not know that precisely because of what she said, she had brought death unto herself.

She personally heard the Commissioner said he was going overseas. Also, She mentioned a ‘Mister Charlie,’ that was obviously a foreigner’s name, but Lee Er said she did not know the Commissioner wanted to go overseas.

Lying to her? Or Lee Er truly doesn’t know about it?

The skeptical Wang Gui absent-mindedly pulled out the done noodles into the bowl with her chopsticks; Lee Er, who was standing aside noticed that, and snatched away the chopsticks in her hands, “Serve less noodles, are you really thinking of feeding her fully? Wang Gui, even if you have something against me, you should still know the limits!”    

“What do I have against you? If you think you can do it, then go ahead!” Twisting her hips away, Wang Gui decided to not bother outright, but when she noticed there were only five mouthfuls of noodles in the bowl left, Wang Gui puckered her lips and mumbled quietly, “A woman’s heart is the most venomous.”   

The always cautious Lee Er didn’t even want to deal with her; how would she feed a girl that hadn’t completely fallen under her control to fullness? Even if she had brought them and locked them in her store, she wouldn’t let them eat their fill.   

The reason was simple, people, after they had their fill, they become good at causing trouble, and she was someone who disliked trouble the most.

“You really don’t know the Commissioner wants to go overseas? Lee Er, let’s have a heart-to-heart, the Commissioner is going overseas, and the things he left behind is more than enough to make us suffer.” When Lee Er was about to walk out with the bowl in hand, Wang Gui, who was unwilling to give up, suddenly blurted out her question.

“Dunno.” Carrying the hot noodles, a fierce glint flashed under Lee Er’s eyes as she coldly replied, this Wang Gui cannot be left alive any longer; she had even started talking about the things the Commissioner had done, if they really wanted to take care of her, she’ll have to call the Commissioner before acting.

After taking two more steps, she stopped and turned around towards Wang Gui, who was making faces at her, “There’s a phone in her hands; try to figure out a way to take it from her.”

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“I know, I know, I’m not going to be happy if you left her here; you can bring her to the mountains if you want to, then I’ll be much happier.” She wasn’t embarrassed even after being caught red-handed. Wang Gui folded her arms and pucked her lips, putting on an unwilling face. 

Ye Jian, who had listened in on the entire conversation, was already seated properly, quietly waiting to see how Lee Er and co would try to take her phone away. Well, she had never intended on keeping this phone anyway.

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