Chapter 1492 Luring The Enemy Alone

Lee Er walked out and spotted Ye Jian, who was sitting well-behaved, and immediately hung a smile on her face, “Come come come, little sis, have a bowl of hot noodles, then rest well after you’re full.”

Of course, she needed to eat full; she’ll only have the strength to work after eating, preserving her strength and stamina, both of which were things Ye Jian needed to do right now.

A small accident happened while she was eating her noodles. The phone that was placed on the table was dropped to the ground after Lee Er touched it; when she picked it up and tried to return it, it was dropped into the soup. Ye Jian calmly watched as she and Wang Gui were acting together, as they took away the phone drenched in the soup.

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At 8:30 p.m., Lee Er brought Ye Jian into a room on the second floor to rest while saying that she hadn’t seen Wang Gui for quite a while, and there were things they wanted to talk about.

She didn’t want to chat; she probably wanted to discern whether or not Wang Gui had told others that the Commissioner wanted to go overseas.


Seems like Wang Gui’s going to be in much trouble, as she had sensed killing intent from Lee Er’s face.

Ye Jian laid on her bed, listening to the roaring engines and horns from the passing trucks on the road; her heart was calm.

Even if Wang Gui was in trouble, she wouldn’t step in to help the woman after helping the wicked perpetuate wicked deeds. She more than deserves death.

After living for two lifetimes, Ye Jian had already experienced so many things in her past life. While she was arming herself, she had also managed to pay less importance to other things.

She had a strong sense of responsibility; if someone wanted her to help someone who deserves death, she wouldn’t be able to do it even if she put on her military uniform.

Unless her superiors give the order, otherwise, she wouldn’t step in.


Knowing right and wrong, Ye Jian would never abuse her benevolence; she could discern good and evil, and also beauty and ugliness. Wang Gui, who belonged to the ‘evil’ side, wouldn’t be on her list to protect.

Downstairs, Lee Er asked with a frosty expression, “You know a lot of people, and now we’re in dire times, you better watch your mouth and don’t cause trouble for the Commissioner. Something like going overseas is basically impossible! If the Commissioner leaves, then who would lead our ‘Church of God’? Who would manage our so many followers?”


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“Wang Gui, if you dare to blurt out things that shouldn’t be said outside, then the Commissioner wouldn’t let you off the hook so easily!”

“Lee Er, watch your foul f*cking mouth! If you want to cast foul water on me, no can do! I’m also a cadre of the Church; how would I not understand what you’ve just said?” Wang Gui leapt on her feet and smacked the table; she had been looking forward to a fight with this woman, now that she’s serving herself up on a platter, there’s no need to be polite and courteous!

The old son of a b*tch, trying to monopolize the Commissioner to get herself all the benefits, heh, don’t even think!

“Are you trying to startle the goods upstairs? Do you know why am I personally stepping in? The number of followers in the Church is increasing, and the Commissioner wanted to help them! If I don’t work hard to earn money, what would the Commissioner take to help them? And how can he make the followers believe in us, and do things for us?” Lee Er noticed she doesn’t seem to be lying and let out a sigh of relief in her heart.

If Wang Gui was truly someone that didn’t know what matters from what doesn’t, then the Commissioner also wouldn’t groom her as a cadre.

There’s a benefit to having a cadre. If there’s any trouble, they could be pushed out to bear the burden of the trouble.


After being informed that Wang Gui didn’t tell anyone else, she immediately called the Commissioner and asked him how to handle this.

“The Commissioner” — Chen Jiafu — never initiated contact with his cadre underlings, even if Lee Er was the one looking for him, she’d have to go through the cadre left inside the village.

“The more people know, the more risk to us; Charlie is still processing our passports for us, eliminating her will have to wait.” From the phone came Chen Jiafu’s rugged voice.

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