Chapter 1493 Into The Net

This was a middle-aged man who had only finished primary school, he was sent overseas as a labor export, and he established this ‘Church of God’ when he returned and was active for as long as four years!

Lee Er finally relaxed, “You’re right, Wang Gui knows too much about us; if we don’t eliminate her, then you won’t feel relieved even after going overseas. The capital…”

She still wanted to continue, but Chen Jiafu, who was more vigilant than anyone else, immediately stopped her, “Alright, if there’s anything, tell me when you arrive in the village. As to the goods in your hands, if she’s really that amazing, first bring her into the village.”

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There are too many things to spend money on in the outside world, and the government is being strict nowadays, and he has no way to go out and earn money. For now, he could only wait to see when Charlie would finish his task so that he could leave this place safely.

Eliminating several policemen had exposed him… that was something he truly didn’t expect!

From Charlie’s analysis, there’s likely a whistleblower in the village and reported him to the outside world.

If there’s a whistleblower, even if he had decided to go overseas, he’ll have to search them out. They’ve already taken away so many lives, he wouldn’t mind bearing another one or two.

Then asked about the girl’s history, whether or not there were others beside her when she left, her family situation, her personality, etcetera; Lee Er answered everything honestly, without hiding anything.

Chen Jiafu had always trusted her. After asking a few more questions, he hung up the call.

Both sides received information, and Lee Er, who just made a decision, finally felt relieved. Even the Commissioner said to eliminate Wang Gui, then she doesn’t have anything to worry about.    

By the time Lee Er returned, it was already past 11 p.m. Ye Jian woke up and heard her unlock the locked door, and then tip-toed into the room.

A breeze blew in; Ye Jian didn’t smell the whiff of blood from her; from the looks of it, Wang Gui is still alive. 

After entering the room, Lee Er didn’t turn on the lights; she switched on the flashlight in her eyes and saw the girl she had brought over here was sleeping cluelessly on the bed. She gently picked up the little backpack Ye Jian had been carrying around and walked out the room.

Five minutes later, Lee Er picked up the backpack she had searched thoroughly and returned to the room; she undressed her clothes and then laid down.

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Two in the morning, the preoccupied Lee Er had yet to fall into slumber. Ye Jian, who had woken up once more, gently closed her eyes, remaining in her current posture, and fell asleep not long after.  

When the sun is up, a hard battle will begin.

At five in the morning, before the sky is even lit, Ye Jian and Lee Er, who hadn’t slept the entire night, got on an agricultural-use four-wheel pickup truck. She sat in the middle, the driver sat on the left, and Lee Er sat on the right.     

“There’s quite a long way to the mountains, little sis; if you didn’t sleep enough, you can lie against Big Sis Lee’s shoulder and sleep for a little while.” Lee Er yawned as she started talking with Ye Jian while chatting, she was the one who fell asleep first.    

Before leaving Yuyang, the Yuyang police had told her, to reach the mountain village from the county town, they needed to drive for four hours, then she’ll have to sit on motorbikes, and that wasn’t the end, as they needed to walk more than thirty kilometers to reach the place.

Transportation was inconvenient, surrounded by mountains, getting in was hard, getting out was harder.   

Rumor has it this wasn’t considered too far and could be considered having better transportation. There are some mountain villages that need you to walk for the entire day to reach it!

After getting off the pickup truck, they got on a battered motorbike; after riding it for nearly three hours, they arrived at a poor and backward village; two men claiming to be relatives led the way as they started to climb over the mountains.

To reach the Commissioner’s —  Chen Jiafu’s — hiding place, Ye Jian had spent a total of a day’s time.

Leaving at five in the morning, until seven in the evening, they finally walked into the sparsely lit village.

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