Chapter 1494 Encounter

Lee Er didn’t bring Ye Jian to see Chen Jiafu, she came here for urgent business, and Ye Jian was someone she had snatched with her along the way. When they entered the village, she immediately arranged for Ye Jian to visit another family in the village.

This was a tiny mountain village with less than thirty families in and outside of the mountain, and they used to represent the poor, backward, and old with no support.

But now, it had turned into a mountain village where all families lived decently, especially Chen Jiafu’s sisters and relatives. Each and every one of them built homes that were two stories high and were living the good days they had in mind.

Someone who harnessed and produced all types of rumors, spreading fallacy and heresy, and using these means to cheat and bewitch their members and develop their members in the name of saving humanity and applying the doctrine of their religion. They chose to earn money by any and all means. For this illegal organization that endangers the peace of society to survive in this tiny mountain village, it can’t be left unsaid that Chen Jiafu had the brains.

He was very clear on how to unite the villagers and understood even better the ways of seeking protection.

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The villagers in the village had turned into his shield, and also his eyes and ears, wherever that had a little bit of trouble. Chen Jiafu would know about it immediately, through the villagers’ communication, Lee Er’s plan-making, in less than half a day, the several deceased police officers were brutally murdered by them.

Walking on the mountain village’s dirt path in the pitch-black darkness, Ye Jian followed along the villager’s footsteps. There were also two local middle-aged women following behind her, under the name of ‘escort’ duty.

Lee Er didn’t follow, as she was already on her way to find Chen Jiafu.

When she walked up a slope, she couldn’t help herself to raise her head and look towards a place that was around 300 meters away from her. That was the direction where Lee Er had gone to; a villager was behind her and illuminating the road ahead of them while she walked in front and towards a centennial maple tree, which even the dark night had trouble hiding its lush foliage.

Chen Jiafu was staying near the centennial maple.

Ye Jian didn’t stop; she glanced for a moment then followed the fast-walking villager.

“Big sis Lee,… where is she going.” After taking a few steps, Ye Jian purposely stopped and asked.

The two villagers behind her exchanged glances, then one of the women answered: “She’s going to her in-laws, we don’t have much light left, and we still have to go home after delivering you; let’s go.”

They don’t want to say more than they need to with Ye Jian; their vigilance is really high.

Ye Jian also didn’t keep asking. If she asked more, then it would make them dislike her and be wary of her. Besides, all she needed to make sure was the location Lee Er was going to was indeed where Chen Jiafu is staying.

However, she’ll still have to ask several more people to be certain.

The only thing she didn’t expect was, Lee Er actually arranged for her to stay in Fu Hui’s home!

Fu Hui, the only girl in the village who had attended high school, was also the only girl who had a decent education! If it wasn’t for her report, the Guilin police department would have a hard time figuring out the ‘Church of God’  ‘s place of origin.

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As to Fu Hui’s parents, they seemed like honest folk, and it was really hard to imagine they actually stained their hands with sin.

The one male, two female escorts that brought Ye Jian over pulled Fu Hui’s parents aside and mumbled, “She’s someone big sis Lee brought over and is going to bring her back to Yuyang in a few days. Your family better watch her closely, and also make your daughter watch it.”

“Leave that to me, big sis Lee’s affairs are our affairs as well.”

Fu Hui, on the other hand, was extremely anxious; she pulled Ye Jian into her room, “Where did you come from? How did you come here with big sis Lee? Do you know what place this is? What is your family’s phone number? Hurry up and tell me!”

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