Chapter 1495 Be Opportunistic

To check whether or not the other person was being genuine, you’ll find the answer in their eyes.

Without a doubt, Fu Hui’s concern towards Ye Jian was genuine. She was really, really concerned about Ye Jian and was also very, very worried about her situation.

At the gate, the adults were still mumbling amongst themselves, and they occasionally tossed their gaze inside the house. After they chatted for a little while longer, the three villagers that escorted Ye Jian over here left with the darkness under their feet. 

“Make our lass, Fu Hui, watch that girl closer. Big sis Lee already promised if we managed to get this done without a hiccup, then our son will have enough money to get married.” Fu Hui’s father couldn’t hold in the excitement in his heart and whispered to his wife: “When the time comes, we can take out the savings we have, then we can buy our son a house in the city.”

Nowadays, the villagers in the mountain village were doing their best to go to the city. Each and every one of them wanted to buy a house in the city, and naturally, they were going to buy one for their son, for their support for the latter half of their life.

It was not something they had ever considered; Fu Hui’s parents were similar.

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Fu Hui was previously attending high school in the town, but because of something Lee Er had said, she had caused this couple to make Fu Hui drop out of school, return home, and stay home without doing anything.   

Lee Er was afraid the well-educated Fu Hui would turn ambitious after attending university. Her world-view would expand, and when the time comes, it was probable that she’ll bring outsiders to deal with the village, and it was also possible that she’ll report against the Commissioner.   

Taking precautions against trouble, she reasoned Fu Hui’s parents could leave their daughter at home to earn money so that their son could get married. That convinced them, then made Fu Hui, who had good grades drop out and return to the village.

In the deep mountains of Guilin, girls dropping out of school was a very common happening. Girls who were smart as Fu Hui dropping out were an extremely normal thing; that’s why Fu Hui dropping out didn’t catch the teachers’ attention, neither did the school pay attention to it.

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Coincidentally, it was also something like this that made Fu Hui, who hadn’t known about everything, find out that her parents had committed crimes. After a week-long of deliberation, Fu Hui left the village with the excuse that she needed to pick up her textbooks from the school and made a report about what was happening in the village.   

But the timing for her report was too fortunate; coincidentally, the Guilin police department was investigating this matter, afraid of alarming the Great Hall, the police acted rashly before they obtained criminal evidence and strength of the ‘Church of God’, and that was how their brothers had fallen.

Fu Hui, as the only student in the village who dared to stand and do battle against evil, her bravery had already made Ye Jian admire her. 

Though the young girl in front of her wasn’t pretty, she had a kind heart and a pair of eyes filled with sincerity.  

Seeing this girl anxiously asking her so many questions, being so concerned about her, also being so worried about her, it felt like a warm stream was flowing across her heart as Ye Jian quietly said: “Thanks for your concern, I’m good.”

Footsteps came from outside; it was Fu Hui’s parents coming.

Ye Jian, who didn’t even reveal her identity to Fu Hui, stood at the side with the reservedness towards an unfamiliar environment and a shyness towards strangers. 

Fu Hui’s parents were already in their late middle-age, the wind and frost had left a mark on their faces, and the joints in their hands were also quite big. Those were the signs left behind after toiling laboriously for countless years.

Ye Jian’s gaze that was looking at them was quite indifferent. Not only did their ignorance and stupidity destroy this family, but they had also sacrificed their daughter, Fu Hui’s future.

Yet their reasoning was so ridiculous, all of this so their son could get married and be able to buy a house in the city.

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